Celebrating 40 Years of Sunny Days!


This month Sesame Street is celebrating forty years! Forty years of dancing, singing, monsters, and mayhem. Forty years of education and entertainment!

My siblings and I grew up watching Sesame Street and now my kids are watching those very same lovable monsters! Of course I have no problem sitting down and watching it with them!

And now, with Sesame Street’s dvd celebratory release of Sesame Street: Forty Years of Sunny Days, my kids and I can share our favorite muppet memories of the past or present! Sesame Street: Forty Years of Sunny Days is a double disc dvd set packed with over 5 hours of scenes and skits from the past forty seasons.


This special dvd set also includes some amazing never-seen-before footage and a Limited Edition Commemorative Book with some unbelievable facts. Did you know that the man behind Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, Carol Spinney, is one of only three original cast members still on the show?

I love watching Sesame Street: Forty Years of Sunny Days with my daughters. It is has definitely been their dvd of choice lately! I actually wasn’t sure what they would think of the earlier episodes. After all, the clothes and hair styles were quite a bit different! But my girls love them!!! My 3 year-old was a little confused as to why Oscar wasn’t green at first but then she loved seeing the “new” skits and learning the “new” songs. She’s still singing “Put Down the Ducky”!


In the past four decades the characters of Sesame Street have dealt with everything from birth to death, marriage to hurricanes. They have talked about self-confidence, fear, family, and friendship. Journalists, actors and musicians from every genre have made their way to the most famous street in the world to wear fairy wings, interview monsters, and sing with chickens. However, no matter how things may change on Sesame Street they are still holding true to the principles it was originally founded on in 1969 — Children’s Entertainment and Education!

Some of my favorite memories from Sesame Street years past are Bert & Ernie fishing (“heeeere fishy, fishy, fishy”), the Alligator King & His 7 Sons, and that crazy painter who would go around painting the Number of the Day in random places. My daughter absolutely loves the old episode of Kermit the Frog reporting on Sleeping Beauty. She cracks up every time when Prince Charming kisses her and falls asleep, too!

early_elmoI’m so glad that Sesame Workshop and Vivendi Entertainment have put together the Sesame Street: Forty Years of Sunny Days dvd pack. It is an amazing way to relive those old Sesame Street memories with your children and to make a few new ones!

This celebration dvd is available for purchase at most retailers and on SesameStreet.org. And don’t forget to head over to SesameStreet.org for more 40 Years of FUN!!!

Again, Congratulations on 40 years Sesame Street and here’s to 40 more!!!

As moms we obviously love Sesame Street here at 5 Minutes for Mom and are so excited to be giving away a copy of Sesame Street: Forty Years of Sunny Days as part of our Christmas Giveaway!

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* We did receive a complimentary copy of Sesame Street: Forty Years of Sunny Days for this review. Sesame Workshop and Vivendi Entertaiment are also providing one copy for this contest AND another for our Under the Tree Program.

Written by 5 Minutes for Mom Contributing Editor: Stacey Lynn


  1. says

    I love Sesame Street! One of my favorite episodes is with Bert and Ernie when they’re fishing. Ernie says “here fishy fishy” and a fish jumps into the boat lol. So cute!

  2. Ivy says

    Would LOVE to win this for our little one. I may just have to buy it, just to show her there is more to Sesame Street than Elmo and Cookie Monster! 😀

  3. Adrienne! says

    OMGosh, I am almost crying I would love this so much. What wonderful memories Sesame Street holds for me. I literally grew up with it.

  4. says

    I love Sesame Street! I always liked Kermit’s Sesame Street News segments, and I was just singing “C is for Cookie” the other day when my daughter’s preschool class was doing the letter C.

  5. says

    I love this!!!!! I remember watching Seaseme Street with my mom when i was little and i loved Cookie Monster! Now my kids watch it and it just warms my heart to know they get to share in that joy!

  6. Tracey says

    I grew up with Sesame Street and love that my daughter now watches it too. This would be an awesome prize to win. I think I’d like it more than my daughter would!!

  7. etirv says

    I watched Sesame Street growing up in another country and my child watched it and Sesame Street was the theme of the cake for her 1st birthday!

  8. says

    I have a 3 year old that would love this! My favorite part of Sesame Street was the “live scenes” on the actual street – not so much the extra cartoony parts.

  9. Linda Kish says

    I used to enjoy watching Sesame Street with my son on my days off. He loved Ernie but my favorite was always Oscar.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  10. Tammy C says

    A lot of memories come to mind when I think of Sesame Street. I would really like to have this for my grandchildren. Thank you.

  11. judy brittle says

    I love this! Who hasn’t enjoyed Sesame Street. My kids would sit and be quiet for that one glorious hour a day. Thank you!

  12. says

    I watched Sesame street when I was younger and it is good to see great programs still around so my kids can watch it.


  13. Shari says

    “Sesame Street” debuted the month I was born, so it has always been a part of my life! Would love to win this giveaway. When I was little, my favorite characters were Bert and Ernie, especially when Ernie sang the rubber ducky song. 😉

  14. Emily says

    I would love to be able to share some of the ‘old school’ sesame street with my daughter. Before I was born my brother wanted to name me “Mr. Hooper” after his favorite Sesame Street character. 😀 Thankfully, my parents went with Emily instead. lol!

  15. Jessica says

    I grew up watching Seaseme Street and enjoy sitting and watching it with my daughter. When she was about 1 1/2 when the theme song would come on, she would throw her hands in the air and start dacing and turning circles.

  16. Aimee Wade says

    I loved the Sesame Street Christmas movie when Big Bird is worried because Santa won’t be able to fit down the chimney!

  17. Abby says

    When I was little I was hospitalized for two months for an illness. I remember at 3:00 when Sesame Street came on each day it was the highlight of my day!

  18. Vicky H. says

    Sesame Street always has some of the best songs from my childhood. I loved “I Got A New Way to Walk”, Kermit’s moon song, “Above it All”, and so much more~

  19. says

    I remember sitting on my grandma’s couch watching Sesame Street and singing along with all the songs. I loved Grover best of all!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  20. Lacey says

    I loved watching sesame street as a kid, but my favorite sesame street moment is watching my daughters face light up every morning when she sees Elmo and Big Bird!!

  21. Victoria says

    I’d love to see this dvd! I have a lot of memories from sesame street. I distinctly remember asking my mom if I could learn spanish based on the christmas special where all of the characters were ice skating and singing feliz navidad. That’s what kind of show it is… it inspires kids to learn!

  22. Shawna O'Brien says

    I grew up on watching Sesame Street, so it is a good thing because it is very educational. My favorite thing about sesame street has always been that they always included and represented special needs children in their episodes. Sesame Street was ahead of it’s times in that respect and I appreciate that.

  23. says

    This is a great dvd set! Sesame Street is a true classic. Me, my teen, and my preschooler can all enjoy it together. Very few t.v. shows can offer that. This would be great for the family!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  24. Anissa says

    I grew up on “the Street” and can’t believe how now the classic episodes are deemed not appropriate for kids…*sigh*

  25. says

    We love Bert and Ernie and Abby and Elmo. My favorite memory is that I went to elementary school with one of Mr. Hooper’s grandsons – we thought we had the coolest grade school on the planet!

  26. Sarah Pacilio says

    My sister and I watched this when we were little and my daughter loves it too! This would be a great stocking stuffer. Sign me up!

  27. Jen VG says

    I bet it is neat to see the changes over the years. I’ve always had a secret love for cookie monster. lol

    Jen VG

  28. Chalyn Coleman says

    I watched Sesame Street when I was a kid, I watched with my now 8 year old when he was a toddler and now my 7 mont h old is in love with the show. Sesame Street forever!

  29. Rosey says

    My favorite Sesame Street memory is playing with a Sesame Street house I had when I was a kid. I just loved that toy.

  30. Sidni Hamilton says

    My husband & I both grew up with Sesame Street in our lives so this would be a great family movie to get together & watch!

  31. brooke b says

    I would love my little son to see this dvd, as I being 27 now grew up on Sesame Street, the newer ones dont capture the same essence as these. I remember the Count the most and of course the grouch.

  32. Kathy S says

    Forty years already? Sesame Street was a staple in our household (2x daily)since 1974 when my first child was born. She loved the characters, starting when she was 8 months old! I now have two granddaughters who love it too and are lucky enough to live 30 minutes from Sesame Place, where they spend a lot of time in the summer. Wonderful funny, warm and educational show!

  33. says

    Would love to win this!
    Went to buy it at Target, sold out…
    Asked for a rain check…
    LONG STORY………..
    But, I never got it…
    Now, I will NOT BUY IT from TARGET!

  34. Christine Kasnick says

    Oh my…has it been that long? 40 Years….my how time has flown by. Our kids were raised on the Muppets and our youngest still likes to watch them (he’s in his twenties). We have the full length movies and our favorites were (Super) Grover and the Cookie Monster. Our son used to have a sweater with the Cookie Monster on it and he had a picture taken with it on. This would be great to show at a family gathering….sure would bring back some memories and create some interesting conversation. Thanks for the opportunity to win such a great Christmas Giveaway. Happy Holidays Everyone!

  35. Jessica Kaufman says

    I remember waking up early to catch Sesame Street on PBS. If I woke up too late I would be upset that Sesame Street had ended. I loved that show and still do.

  36. Eileen says

    I remember one of my daughters being so afraid of Oscar the Grouch…One day she went up to the TV and just yelled at him. YOU need to learn how to be NICE!!! Cracked me up!!! THen one day while shopping a discount store, she wanted to win a toy out of a grabber machine and we said she could only have one try and there was NO way she would win…Guess who she won? OSCAR. and she has had him for over 10 years!!!

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  37. Brian E. says

    Thanks for the giveaway… We have great memories of our now “tween” daughters singing along to the theme song… This would be a great gift for one of my young nieces & nephews.

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  38. Jessica says

    I never watched Sesame Street as a child, but my son loves it now. Especially Elmo, actually he’s watching a ABC elmo movie right now!


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