Theo & Julia Children’s Interactive Magazine (First Month Free!)

Susan here to take a look at a new interactive children’s magazine for the iPad and iPhone. This post is sponsored, but all opinions remain those of the writer.

theo and juliaMy girls love playing games on my iPad and iPhone. And I love it when those games are educational.

The new app called Theo & Julia that just launched today is a new monthly animated, digital, interactive children’s magazine for the iPad and iPhone designed for kids ages 3 to 8.

This unique magazine is designed to be enjoyed by a global audience.

Theo and Julia ipad game

It’s mission is to encourage children to learn about cultures from all over the world. Children will learn about global diversity as they read about amazing stories and adventures. They will also learn that despite differing languages and cultures, people from all over the world share a love of art and music as well as the same emotions, hopes and dreams.

theo and julia screens 1

This magazine allows children to have fun while they are learning and stimulating their curiosity.

Features of Theo & Julia Children’s Magazine:

  • Creativity Games that stimulate children’s creativity and imagination and help build the bridge between fantasy and reality
  • Building games that help children reach new levels on visual and spatial skills and abilities
  • Games to develop memory and observation skills while improving eye-hand coordination
  • Activities, games and puzzles to empower decision-making, problem solving skills and logical original thinking
  • First words in main languages to get in touch with the world around them
  • Fun videos
  • Short stories and Theo’s favorite books, emphasizing the importance of reading to get in touch with emotions
  • Theo’s favorite piece of art to open children’s minds to the beauty of art
  • Julia around the world: children will discover habits, costumes and places to travel around of the world
  • Save the planet: To teach respect for the earth and all the ecosystems
  • Letter of the month: To learn the alphabet and increase vocabulary
  • Play with numbers to improve math skills
  • Music Corner to learn new songs and melodies

theo and julia screens 2

Each monthly issue is thematic and will present 12-14 section including mazes, stickers, Sudoku, coloring pages, find the difference, patterns, logic story sequence, dots to dots, puzzles, quiz corner, naming animals, memory games, Tangram, collage, videos, art pictures, books’ descriptions, music corner, animated pages, pictures and video. Letter of the Month and Play With Numbers will be regular features of Theo & Julia.

I love the variety of games and activities that are included within each issue.

Find Theo&Julia on the iTunes app store.

The first monthly issue – which published today – is FREE. You can then purchase additional months within the app.

Note that when searching in the App Store, you need to NOT have spaces in the name… search for “Theo&Julia”.

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