Target is a Girl’s Best Back to School Friend – $300 #Giveaway

This is Janice here, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom. I was given a Target Gift Card to facilitate this review/giveaway post. But, gosh darn it, if you know me at all, you know I adore Target and get giddy every time I enter those magical red doors…


I asked for it.

I prayed for a daughter — a sweet, pink-loving girl to dress up and photograph. I dreamed she would be full of giggles and spunk, with a personality all her own.

And wow did I get her! My Olivia is a hoot and a holler.

Target back-to-school haul

She came into this world looking for fun — and she finds it in every hour of every day.

She is happy, confident, and determined to do things her way — even down to what she wears and how she wears it.

But when I was dreaming about all those wonderful days of shopping and dressing my precious baby girl in all shades of pink, I didn’t realize something:

The great thing about being a growing girl is every six months you need a new wardrobe.

The brutal thing about having a growing girl is every six months she needs a new wardrobe.

Yes, this shopping thing is an ongoing and very expensive blessing.

Enter our best friend: Target


Yes, Olivia and I both adore our bestie Target.

Olivia gets all kinds of sparkle and spunk and I can keep my daughter dressed without going broke.


Olivia and I spent over four hours trying on almost all of Target’s new Back to School fashions. Olivia would kick me out of the dressing room, put together an ensemble, and then come out to surprise me.

She did great — and I can’t even admit to you HOW MUCH we bought! But I couldn’t resist. The prices are so reasonable and the clothes are so fabulous.

Our Favorite Looks this Back to School Season

I can always count on finding our favorite basics at Target, but it is also fun to try out some of the new style trends each season.

This year, for boys the “Varsity Sport” looks is showing up with collegiate graphics, knit tops with football details, pull over sweatshirts, and knit joggers. As well, Target has the “Factory Made” look with denim, woven shirts, industrial inspired graphics, and knit bomber jackets.

For girls, the two big trends at Target are “Neo Traditional” with preppy kitsch, collegiate colors, classic plaids and stripes, and pins and patches, and “Vintage Romance” with Victorian influences, rich tones, cosmetic pastels, painterly florals, feminine fabrics and lace.


As I said, Olivia took full control of her styling during our Target haul. Here are a few of our favorite looks Olivia came up with for her second grade wardrobe…

Cowgirl – Pull on those Plaids and Don’t Forget Some Cowboy Boots!

Olivia spotted the red cowboy boots immediately and they were the first item in our cart. (I actually love them as much as she does – I wish they had them in my size.)


Olivia is obsessed with horses and the Canadian TV show, Heartland. So she had a blast putting together a cowgirl look for herself. The knotted plaid shirt is a ton of fun and the fabric is soft and comfy.

We added a white tank under the shirt and a pair of skinny jeans with plenty of stretch to keep Olivia comfortable for the long days in the saddle school desk.

A Little Lace is Always Lovely…

Olivia loves dresses. Her top goal for our shopping session was a new dress. She ended up buying a couple — but this black lace dress is both of our favorite.

The dress is actually a super comfy knit with a soft black lace overlay. It fits Olivia perfectly and feels as good as it looks.


The red cowboy boots work just as well with the jeans as with the dress. In fact — I think I love them even more paired up with the black lace dress. I need to find myself some red cowboy boots!

Get Jumping with Jeggings, Tees, and S Sport by Skechers

Every kid needs a great pair of running shoes. I regularly buy Skechers for Olivia because they have nice support and can stand up to Olivia’s very active lifestyle.

The new Girl’s S Sport Designed by Skechers™ is fantastic – super light, with good support. I also appreciate that they have a S Sport in white so I can use them for Olivia’s cheerleading uniform!


Olivia lives in leggings and jeggings. Under dresses, she always wears leggings or shorts so she can cartwheel and play on the playground. When she wears t-shirts, Olivia usually chooses jeggings so she can get the look of jeans with the comfort of leggings.

Last But Not Least, a Maxi Skirt…

Livvie choose this striped pink maxi skirt and paired it with a sparkly tank top and a flowing, open cardigan. (The cardigan isn’t in the picture below.)


Yes, Olivia and I had a terrific time during our Target back to school shopping trip — and thanks to Target’s prices, we were able to get so many awesome outfits.

So, thank you Target — going back to school would be so hard without you!

Do You Want to Win a $300 Target Gift Card?!?

We have a $300 Target Gift Card for one of YOU!

So — enter now and we really, really hope you win..

Please note that the Target Gift Card can only be used in US stores. (So if you’re Canadian like us but live close enough to the border to shop in the US, go ahead and enter.)


Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom
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  1. Cindy Brooks says

    We’re moving our grandson to a bigger bedroom so he can have an extra bed for sleepovers. I’ll be needing to buy some new sheets!

  2. LaraS. says

    Lots of clothes for the kiddos, maybe a few groceries (boring, I know), random clearance finds, & hopefully I’d have time to go through the racks of clothes for Mom too!

  3. Carly Fowler says

    I would spend it on my children for back to school supplies, clothes, and maybe include a few Christmas items to get my shopping started early! Happy fall, y’all!

  4. says

    I have a son who just started 6th grade. We still need some school supplies and some clothing plus shoes. I also have a daughter starting college on the 25th so I would help her buy some of the items she needs.

  5. Carol Solar says

    I would use it to get a fee more back to school outfits form my daughter and a tv and blu ray player for her bedroom as birthday gifts.

  6. Kelly O says

    I think this will be to the winner! I love Target (and that little video is spot on!) and would be so appreciative of this gift card to buy back-to-school clothes for my three boys!

  7. Jeanna says

    I would buy my kids their uniform shorts, skirts and pants for back to school along with a new pair of shoes for me!

  8. Courtney says

    I would use a $300 gift card to Target on Fall clothes for my two boys and on organizational supplies…I’m ready to cut clutter and organize my life :)

  9. Margot C says

    Oh gosh, that would make such an impressive dent in the much needed column; like shoes, boots (slippers!), back packs and jackets.

  10. Erika W. says

    I would use it to buy fall clothes for my kids. It’s still so hot here so we wear shorts and tees until October. I will get them long sleeve shirts, new jackets and jeans!

  11. Tracey says

    I would spend the money on clothes and shoes for my kids, but I’d have to throw in something cute for myself, too!
    Also, I like to get my kids’ lunchbox snacks from Target as well, so I’d stock up on those, as well.

  12. Heather B says

    I have 3 children who seem to have all at once grown out of their clothes! so I would put this towards new clothes for all 3! Especially jeans!

  13. Mary Hampton says

    I don’t know exactly what I’d spend it on, but I shop regularly at Target (more than any other store), so I wouldn’t have trouble coming up with something.

  14. Felicia says

    My daughter had always wished for a shopping spree. Where’s the magical fairy dust I need a little magic sent our way!

  15. says

    Honestly we have all the back to school stuff we need and then some, so I would probably use this to fill up several shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child.

  16. Holli G. says

    I would use it on my two kids. Buying clothes and school supplies. I would buy my bonus child what she wanted for clothes too.

  17. Terra Heck says

    I’d use it to purchase athletic pants and socks for my teen son, and some jeans for my step-daughter. Thanks.

  18. says

    Our grandkids started school a few weeks ago and we did do our shopping contribution at Target. I I am lucky enough to win this giveaway I would start my Christmas shopping.

  19. Amanda Bacon says

    I would buy red cowboy boots for my girls for sure!!! There are so many cute things for back to school!!!

  20. Sarah says

    We’d do some serious back-to-school shopping …and I’m kinda hoping I could find that pink maxi skirt in my size!

  21. Janet W. says

    I’d probably spend this on fall/winter clothing for my grandsons, like long-sleeve tees, pants, new jackets, etc!

  22. says

    We just moved into a new house so I would definitely buy house stuff! Ok that and of course something for my two girls!!! You can never go into Target to JUST buy what it is your list! lol

  23. says

    My kids are growing so fast that I’m constantly needing to buy them new clothes and shoes, so I would use this gift card to buy them more clothes and shoes!

  24. says

    Well, my second child seems to be going through a growth spurt and he’s about to catch up to his brother in sizing so I might save it for a couple months in case I have to buy a whole new wardrobe for him!!! Eek!
    Of course I might throw in a few new fall decor items for the home too!

  25. Anna Tran says

    With $300, I would definitely buy food and snacks for my teenage girls. They may be girls, but when the snacks come home, the food is gone just like that! *snaps*

  26. Beth Cole says

    I would get socks and blue jeans for the kids. And back to school supplies, too. Maybe Mama would need a treat, too!! :)

  27. says

    I have 3 children and another on the way, so i could definitely use this helping buy new baby items…due Christmas Eve!…and getting my other girls some new clothes, too. It’s amazing what happens when they have growth spurts!

  28. says

    With 5 of the 7 in school this year it would be on all the “extras” – the lists they came home with the first week from their teachers: notebooks, binders, folders, markers etc, etc, etc!

  29. Cari Bilbee says

    I would use half the money for my two granddaughters and the other half to try to make my husband and I’s room look nicer. I’ve looked at Target so many times, but just dreamed about an oasis for us, as I have not been well for so long, but now I believe the time has come! :)

  30. Stefanie Gladden says

    I would love to buy some new workout clothes, new tennis shoes, and some new bedding for my bedroom!

  31. Lacey Burd says

    I would get my daughter some clothes and get her some birthday presents for her upcoming birthday. I would also start my Christmas shopping!

  32. Theresa Jenkins says

    with me being grandma nanny for FREE and grandpa going back to school and on unemployment >>>Use Christmas club for Health Ins. and this for Christmas

  33. Mary DeLong says

    I would use the giftcard to decorate my house. I have been very down lately and recently discovered getting my house in order has provided a HUGE pick me up! My walls are still barren and I would love to make my house feel like a home. To let me kids feel like they have a place they like to come home to!

  34. Stephanie H says

    I’d spend the $300 on much needed clothes and shoes for my family! If there’s any money left over I may use it on stockings for x-mas this year!

  35. jenn giannetto says

    i would start by getting some early christmas shopping done, i would get my sons some warm winter coats and some new shoes and then get some household necessities like laundry soap and toilet paper

  36. Jacob says

    Lots of things – mostly we need clothes for back to school, especially those largely neglected items like socks and underwear

  37. Alexandria Jasmin says

    I would help my mother and he friend from work. They work so hard and really deserve the help. I would buy school supplies for her friend’s 2 girls and buy food so my mother would not have to worry about that.

  38. Kerrie Mayans says

    Since I am done with back to school shopping, I think I would get new bedding for my son’s room since he is 8 and just informed me that he is too big for the Thomas the Tank Engine bedroom that he has had since he was one.

  39. Fiona N says

    I would spend this awesome gift card on clothes, school supplies, food and gifts!!
    Thank You for the great giveaway

  40. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says

    We are moving to Gatlinburg in the next few weeks so, there are a lot of items we will need for our new home. I will spend the card on stuff for the new house.

  41. Jen says

    We’re expecting a baby so we would use the gift card towards the many baby things we will be needing in the next few months! We’re also registered on target :-) We love target!

  42. Jill Myrick says

    I would use the gift card for winter back to school items such as coats, gloves, scarfs and boots.


  43. Sarah B. says

    We have never owned a couch! Can you believe that? So I’d get their Templeton sofa bed, and still have $100 left for TP, kitty litter, seventh generation household products, and all the other stuff we always buy at Target :)

  44. Bailey Dexter says

    If I win the the gift card I would love to pick up a few things each for the grandkids for the extra back to school items and the “cool” accessories as they say. LOL

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