Are Bug Bites Ruining Your Sleep? {Win $150 Walmart Gift Card} #Canadian #Giveaway

Susan here with a fabulous giveaway for our Canadian readers… Many of our giveaways are limited to American residents, so this is a sweet treat for the Canadians amongst us. This post is sponsored by the makers of BENADRYL®. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

Are Bug Bites Ruining Your Sleep

My childhood memories include countless mosquito bites and frustrating nights of trying to fall asleep while being tormented by the itching.

We used to go camping and fishing continually throughout the spring and summer. Regardless of the amount of bug spray we wore, we came home with our legs and arms covered in mosquito bites.

And here’s a funny fact… my twin sister Janice would usually have about 10x as many bites as I would… I guess it wasn’t so funny for Janice, but we did entertain ourselves by counting all her bites.

Fortunately, those memories are in the past!

Benadryl Itch SprayThanks to BENADRYL® Itch Spray, my kids and I can find quick relief from the itching of bug bites and get a good night’s sleep!

For parents, the benefits of BENADRYL® Itch Spray are immeasurable because there’s nothing worse than a screaming child keeping you up at night.

BENADRYL® Itch Spray

Non-stinging BENADRYL® Itch Relief topical treatments provide fast, effective relief at the source from itchiness and pain caused by:

  • Allergic itches
  • Poison ivy rashes
  • Insect bites
  • Mild sunburn
  • Minor skin irritations

BENADRYL® Itch Relief has a topical antihistamine/analgesic and a skin protectant to give you triple action relief that relieves itch, soothes pain, and protects skin.

Remember the Dryl®.  BENADRYL®

Enter To Win

This one is for Canadians only…

Enter to win this “Sleep Well” prize – a $150 Walmart gift card for you to purchase BENADRYL® Itch Spray to relieve your allergy symptoms as well as a few other items so you can help everyone in your family get a good night’s sleep.

Leave a comment telling us where you get the most bug bites and what type they are. For instance, are you mostly troubled by mosquitoes while you’re camping? Or perhaps your biggest bug problem is the black flies in your backyard? After you leave a comment, please use the Giveaway Tools form below to enter to win.



Disclosure: This post is sponsored, but as always, our opinions are our own.
Written by Susan Carraretto, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom
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  1. Samantha Wagner says

    Oops I entered this before I saw it was for Canadians only. Please take mine out, sorry about that!!

  2. sarah jackson says

    well seeing as benadryl is offering such a nice prize my first stop would be to get some Benadryl products for my whole family who all have one allergy or another , then maybe some tissue for the runny noses lol

  3. Alex Sandra Oliphant says

    I would spend the winnings on essential household products, because I am moving from my home of 30 years. My new place will be out of the province.

  4. Heidi says

    I usually get mosquito bites. I don’t even have to go outside – I can get them in my living room! Also, whenever I open the door to let the dogs in or out, there always seems to be at least one deerfly that flies in.

  5. Mike Bunn says

    I’d give it to my daughter who’s off to school in Ottawa – when she practises outdoors she’s exposed to mosquitoes much more than I ever am.

  6. Cal N says

    I’d use it to purchase this spray for sure for my 4 year old daughter, who absolutely refuses to use any type of lotion to reduce itching from mosquito bites and also absolutely refuses to take benadryl medication when she breaks out in itchy hives from an allergic reaction from something she’s come in contact with outside.

  7. Deborah Robbins says

    I get the most bites from an unknown bug that resides in my fiddlehead ferns. Whenever I am tending to these plants I get dozens of itchy red bites even though I have learned to wear long sleeves, a jacket and pants to tend this area of the garden. Tenacious little bugs find their way to my skin anyway.

  8. Deborah Robbins says

    I would use the money to purchase a good blender to make my own healthy smoothies as well as a variety of specific frozen fruits for the smoothies. This prize money would allow me to make my own special blend of healthy smoothies for about five weeks!

  9. Lynn D says

    I would for sure stock up on Benadryl Spray this has been the worse year for bites…. they love my blood…. and back to school stuff also… my skin is a mess and the itching I had 2 hours sleep again last night… I’ve tried everything!!!

  10. Tracy M. says

    I’d buy Benadryl spray for my kids feet…those are where they get the most bites. The rest would be clothes for school!

  11. Sharon R says

    Black flies or “noseeums” as they’re commonly called where I come from, are by far the worst offender for me! They seem to be EVERYWHERE and they’ve usually already enjoyed their little feast by the time you realize they’ve “chosen” you!

  12. Geraldine D. says

    Mosquitos are the worst. I seem to be like your twin sister Janice and get bit more than everyone else. Benadryl spray has been a lifesaver for me. I would spend the Walmart card on necessary household items and a new pair of running shoes

  13. Bailey Dexter says

    I alway keep Benadryl in the house all year round, If I won the gift card I would love to pick up a few more school clothes as well as snacks for the lunches!

  14. Jack McCullough says

    Walmart? Please…
    The Walton clan whose company is guilty of slave wages, so that a good number of their employees are forced to rely on food stamps in the USA, will never get this Canadian’s hard-earned dollars.

  15. Pat Steeves says

    I find mosquitoes are the worst right after you mow the lawn. I could use a little benadryl then! We also keep the liquid on hand for our dogs. One of them is allergic to some kind of bug and gets little bumps all over her head!

  16. Carol says

    I get mosquito bites all summer long. It doesn’t matter where I am they find me. They particularly like to bite my arms and legs :(

  17. Gay Bolton says

    I would help my daughter get school clothes for her 6 and 8 year old as she is recently separated and is receiving $ 0 from her husband and has been a stay at home Mom the last eight years – it has been tough. Thankfully they can stay with us (Mom and Dad) until things get sorted out.

  18. June Castro says

    I would use the credit for my 3 wonderful cats, Charlie, Annie & Blue Eyes. I would buy lots of wet and dry ca tfood, as well as corn kitty litter ($19/bag) and a new litter box!

  19. Randi saville says

    My daughter has really itchy feet and it looks like she is starting to scratch the skin right off them. I would use the money to treat the skin irritation on her feet and make sure the tissue remains healthy.

  20. Elizabeth Hudson says

    Interesting…$150 gift certificate and yet the question is “What would I spend $100 on” having said that – $100 is not much money, a $100 dollars which would include taxes will buy me a few items, a set of sheets, shampoo, soap, vitamins.

    I thought I was being asked to Leave a comment telling us where you get the most bug bites and what type they are. For instance, are you mostly troubled by mosquitoes while you’re camping? Or perhaps your biggest bug problem is the black flies in your backyard?

    So this website is a frigging gimmick to suck people in…

  21. Catherine Daisley says

    I am being bitten by bed bugs about 100 times a night. I sometimes even get bitten in my chair by the computer. I would spend the money on a lot of bed bug treatment options. I have had a heart attack from the stress these bugs cause

  22. michelle says

    I would stock up on Benadryl spray and then the liquid allergy medication for my son. Its the only stuff he will take. Then I would by a nice new bath robe and enjoy a warm tub.

  23. says

    I would buy a futon because a few months ago someone on the second floor of my apartment building had bugs and I had to throw everything out ;Sofa , coffee pot, dishes, bedding, and more . I really could use this Walmart gift card .

    Thank you

    Charlene Wagner

  24. Laura J says

    Oh we seem to get the most bug bites at night taking our walks! They mosquitos just all like to come out and greet us along the way! But…Murphy loves his walks!

  25. says

    If I win, I would use some of the gift card to purchase the bed frame I’ve been wanting for my son. The rest, I would probably use on groceries!! It would be so helpful of course :)

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