Lithium Coin Battery Safety Tips for Children

Susan here to share an important safety reminder for parents and anyone looking after small children. This post is sponsored by Duracell.

When we were asked by Duracell to share this information, I was surprised (and a little embarrassed) that I’d never thought of this issue before.

Lithium Coin Battery Safety

As moms, when our children are young we’re always worried about keeping small and dangerous items out of reach to avoid ingestion.

One of these items are lithium coin batteries. (I’d never even thought of this!) Every year, thousands of cases of coin battery ingestions are reported, and swallowing batteries can lead to serious injury or death.

Duracell has taken steps to prevent battery ingestions by updating the packaging to be child resistant and placing warnings on the batteries themselves. But the root of the problem remains: there is a lack of awareness around which devices in the home have coin batteries and what other safety measures can be taken to prevent ingestion.

Duracell developed this infographic to help increase awareness and illustrate safety measures for parents. Take a look and please share it with your friends and let’s spread awareness about this public safety issue.

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