Because Puppies Become Dogs…




I would do almost anything for my kids — and they know it.

This past weekend, we met some puppies at the park that were so adorable, my kids were convinced that they could sweet talk me into expanding our family.

They begged. They pleaded. They promised me the moon.

But, before you think I am heartless — I mean who could deny their children of such cute puppies??? — they have a puppy at home!

Four years ago, I did give in. Four years ago, we brought home an 11 week old puppy who might just be the sweetest rescue puppy the world has seen.

And yes, my kids adore their dog. They even help with feeding and walking… a bit.

But kids are busy. They have TV to watch, video games to play, friends to see — oh and homework to avoid.

We parents know who really looks after the dog.

So, my dear children, I do wish I could indulge you with another sweet puppy. I know puppies are heartbreakingly adorable.


But I know that puppies become dogs. And, my dear children, honestly my life is full of all the sweetness and promises it can handle.

But don’t worry.

One day your children will beg you for a puppy who is just as cute and you won’t be able to resist either. And then you will learn that puppies become dogs and kids are much too busy to look after dogs. But parents? Well, parents of course have plenty of extra time.

Now, please excuse me, I have a dog to walk…

Written by Janice Croze, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom


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    Really, Children are very innocent and pet loving. My younger brother also insistence for the puppy and then I also purchased a puppy for him. Now he is so happy and both play together. I purchased a puppy because it will be a long time friend for him and they can easily come close to each other.

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    Dogs have a good impact on the lives of the children and families involved. I think it’s very important to raise your child around pets as much as possible.

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