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by Teresa B

Teresa from Tiaras & Tantrums, a 5 Minutes for Mom contributor, shares her views on Coffee Blenders in this sponsored post.  Our writers are compensated, but all opinions remain their own.

Coffee Blenders 5MFM

I love this time of year because the warm weather inspires me to get in shape. If you are anything like me, a mom with three little ones keeping her extremely busy, getting in shape is not always at the top of the list of priorities. These days, if I can get in one work out a week, it is sheer joy for me.

I need a boost in my metabolism and some fat burning help to get me in shape this summer! When I was given the opportunity to sample coffee promoted weight loss, I feel in love before I even tasted it. Coffee Blenders is a vitamin coffee currently available to promote weight loss. I love coffee and drink it morning to night. Hot, cold, iced, frothed; coffee any way is my favorite!

Coffee Blenders offers high quality coffee with added health benefits, in addition to promoting weight loss. They use 100% Arabica beans and create unique blends that appeal to various coffee drinkers. Coffee Blenders offers a Lean, Focus and Escape coffee blends that are Keurig-compatible. Each coffee blend has its own health benefit for your body or mind.

Coffee Blenders 5MFM

Coffee Blenders Lean is the blend I was most excited to sample. The Lean blend has a daily dose of Svetol in each K-Cup. Svetol is a non-roasted green coffee extract that preserves the crucial health benefits of coffee. Svetol enhances metabolism and boosts body fat reduction. The Lean coffee flavor is very tasty and I would love to try some more of this coffee on a daily basis.

I was only able to try one cup of Coffee Blenders Lean, but I am excited to slim down with some coffee. My husband enjoyed the Focus blend K-Cup that has a daily dose of Cereboost, which improves focus, concentration and memory. After a busy day, I drank a cup of the Escape Blend which has a daily dose of L-Tea Active; which is a safe, all-natural ingredient proven to reduce anxiety levels. I was relaxed and enjoyed this cup as well.

I would love to see all three blends in one K-Cup! As a busy mom I need to boost my metabolism, regain my memory and reduce my anxiety levels. With a Keurig coffee machine, you can be sure Coffee Blenders K-cups will appeal to anyone who likes a delicious cup of functional coffee.

Coffee Blenders 5MFM

If you would like to sample vitamin coffee Coffee Blenders, just visit their site and you can submit to receive the Free Sampler like I received. The Free Sampler includes Lean, Escape, Focus  (3 servings) FREE + $1.99 s/h.

Enter to win!

You can enter to win A bundle of ONE (1) box each of Lean, Focus and Escape. Use the entry form below:



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