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Please share some tips for parents when traveling abroad with children.

~ Tranishia, Upper Marlboro, MD

Traveling Abroad with Kids

Traveling with kids is a lot of work whether traveling domestically or internationally. Of course, if your kids are older, it is a bit easier than traveling with little ones. Here are some of my top tips for hitting the roads internationally.


Make sure everyone has their passports, including infants. When traveling from the US, everyone needs a US passport, including babies. So if traveling internationally is on your mind, apply for everyone’s passports now and don’t get stuck paying rush fees.

Also, make copies of everyone’s passports and them in a safe location in your home. That way, if your passport gets lost or stolen, someone back at your residence can always have a copy, just in case. I recommend that you take this a step further and also keep copies of everyone’s passports with you just in case of emergency. Keep in mind that most international hotels will probably make a copy of your passport to keep on file.


Dress everyone comfortably and keep 1-2 changes of clothes in a carry-on with you. You never know if there will be a delay, one of your kids will have an accident, or you will discover that your daughter has a food allergy at 10,000 feet and then throws up all over her clothes. Don’t ask. Remember, international travel often involves long flights, so keep the children in loose, comfortable clothing.

Bring Distractions/Conveniences

Toys, books, stuffed animals, neck pillows, blankets, pacifiers, tablets and games are a great idea when traveling with kids. You don’t want to over pack but, the kids should have at least a few age-appropriate options to keep them busy throughout the flight. Having the kids fall asleep during the flight is not guaranteed, trust me on this.

Maximize space by taking a trip to your neighborhood dollar store and purchasing a few items. Keep a plastic baggie for each small child (labeled with their name) and reveal something new every hour or whenever boredom kicks in. You can even gift wrap the items to keep things exciting.

Pack Snacks

Depending on where you are traveling to, chances are you will not be able to find all of your child’s favorite snacks or foods. So go ahead and pack some snacks to take with you. Double check with the airlines to make sure that the items that you want to travel with are a “go”. If you are traveling with an infant, you may want to bring any formula or cereals that your baby is eating. To keep things light, remove the cereal and snacks from outer packaging and boxes, before placing them into tightly sealed plastic baggies.

The transportation administration (TSA) allows liquids such as breast milk, medically required liquids, formula and juice on board for young children in reasonable quantities. Avoid delays by alerting TSA agents that you are traveling with these liquids prior to your screening.

Lastly make sure to pack baby wipes. They can be used for everything from stinky butts, to sticky hands. Relax as much as possible. Don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy!

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    Thanks, Lisa! Pinned for future reference! I like the idea of keeping passport copies in a couple of locations, including one copy with you.

    I HOPE someday we get to take our kids abroad! Pinned for future reference. :)

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    We have to take more care when we are traveling with our kids. In this blog you discussed a good and useful thing. We have to make sure of our passports before traveling and after that clothes and it’s better to pack some snacks. Thanks a lot for sharing your ideas with us.

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