The Balancing Act and the Bliss Factor

Genny is a mom, author, speaker and coffee lover. Stop by her blog and share a cup!

Who knew that being a mom could be such a balancing act?

Especially this time of year–when we’re juggling already busy schedules to find time to buy presents and plan menus and wrap gifts and host parties… especially now, parenting can be stressful, and bliss may seem far off.

We want to be organized, but we feel like we’re not.

We want to be productive, but we can’t seem to get it all done.

We want to be consistent, but sometimes we’re exhausted.

(I could keep going, right?)

Parenting is amazing, fulfilling, and rewarding… but it can be exhausting and challenging too. We love our kids—we do… more than we can put into words. But we’re human. And in spite of our love, we get impatient, stressed, worried, frustrated, or just plain tired.

And, honestly, we could use a little bliss.

Which is why I want to give you this:

Free Gift from Finding Mommy Bliss

Download Finding Mommy Bliss for free on your iPad or iPhone and find a few words of encouragement, a few tips on parenting, a few true stories, and a few videos and photos that I hope will inspire, encourage, and refresh you, right where you are. Simply:

  1. Click on the image above or here to go to the iTunes app store on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Download the Snippet app for free.
  3. Tap on the Finding Mommy Bliss cover image, then Open to download it for free, and enjoy!

Because there is bliss in parenting. Sometimes we just need a little help finding it.

Merry Christmas, from one mom to another,


Genny is a mom, author, speaker and coffee lover. Stop by her blog and share a cup!


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