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  1. katie absher
    Dec 04 - 10:15 am

    I disagree with this review. This curriculum is confusing and hurts higher grades when suddenly immersed in its concept. Parental assistance is difficult as it is nothing like our generation was taught. They do not explain it the way we know and it confuses the child. This has been one tough year for my fourth grader with hours per night of frustration and tears. Big thumbs down!

  2. Tom
    Jun 01 - 11:43 pm

    I don’t understand a book that requires you to get another book.

  3. Josh
    Oct 16 - 10:55 am

    This program is, quite frankly, crap. I have a kid that needs special help in reading but is quite good with arithmetic and problems. If his test in MATH were on actual calculations, he would do quite well, but instead he fails because he has reading issues which are separate from his mathematical abilities. 100% of the tests are word problems so he’s pretty much out of luck.

    Plus, many of these problems on the test are worded in a crazy fashion so even with a 4th grade reading level I do not know how we would do it. His twin brother has no issues with reading but does not do a whole lot better. I have a PhD in engineering and 14 years of schooling after 12th grade and I still have to think about the wording of some of these problems. This is crazy.

    Kids do not need cryptic embedding of math inside of essays. I have not read the literature but I would like a few minutes alone with whomever thought this was a good idea.

  4. denise
    Oct 29 - 3:26 am

    There is nothing cool about this math it has stress my son out so bad his grade has dropped from a A to C or a D this math makes no sense it’s hurting children who are good in math my son has lost his confidence when it comes to math even his math tutor agree something must be done about this math I hate it no child should spend 6 hours on math alone or homework period and believe me I have a straight A student who never miss a day of school so when I see him suffering from anxiety attacks from this math it’s time for me to speak up for my son if I can stand up for him concerning the PSSA Test why not stand up for him concerning the math from hell😈 like it or leave it this is about my son and other children who are stressed out over this math God help our children

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