Tackle it Tuesday- Tackling My First Blog Conference

Tackle It Tuesday

Hey all! Jennifer here —

This past week I tackled my very first blog conference! I went to the Type-A Parenting Conference, which in my opinion, if you are getting your feet wet and attending your very first conference — this is the one to do it at.

The day I arrived, I was SO nervous, because I did not know anyone there — that was until I ran into this lovely lady right here.

Me and LolliPhoto Credit: Lolli @ Better in Bulk

Being at a blog conference for the first time can seem intimidating and scary because it is a new environment for you. But you know what the secret is to getting over your fears? Get in there and participate!

Over the course of the weekend, I met so many new people just by going up and introducing myself to them. I partied and danced with some of my favorite bloggers, who by the way, I have been reading their blogs FOREVER. It was so cool to finally meet them in person and just listen to them talk about their knowledge of our industry.

The highlight of my whole weekend though? Meeting Susan for the first time!

Me and Susan Type A

Yes! We have worked together for 2 years now, and we have skyped a million times to chat, but this was our first meeting in real life. It honestly didn’t feel like it though, because I have spent so much time chatting with her on the phone or video. We felt like old friends.

What about you? How was your experience the first time you attended a blogging conference?

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    Well Emily — all I can tell you is just go up and introduce yourself and don’t be starstruck! They are just bloggers just like you and love to chat about everything. :) You will walk away making tons of new friends.

  2. says

    Jennifer, I felt the SAME way about meeting you (and meeting Susan and Janice ages ago, too)…once you’ve skyped and phone-chatted as much as we have, meeting face to face hardly even fazes. It was still so much fun!

  3. says

    How fun that you finally got to meet! Sounds like you had a great experience. I have never been to a blog conference of any kind but would love to, someday. I think I would be very nervous, though. I would want to find a blogging buddy to go with me.

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