8 Ways To Get Rid of a Headache Without Taking Medicine

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Headaches are simply treacherous. A throbbing pain in the head can mean staying home from school, missing out on a work day, or having to skip on a day out with your best friends, leaving you home and feeling miserable. But why do headaches occur?

Headaches can be caused for a number of different reasons. However, the two main categories of headaches are primary headaches and secondary headaches.

The primary ones are not associated with any health factors and are caused by too little or too much blood flowing to the brain, thus causing a clutter headache or migraine. On the other hand, secondary headaches are caused by certain illnesses of the body, from the common cold to more severe ailments.

Luckily there are a number of different natural remedies to help reduce the pain of headaches and diminish the likelihood of re-occurrence. Reduce the onset of a headache without medicine by following these simple hints and tips below:

  • Get enough sleep: Getting enough sleep each night is imperative for a number of different reasons. This is the time in which the body repairs itself. If you have a headache and don’t get ample amounts of sleep, the body will not be able to repair itself of the pain and damage of the headache. Also, repetitive lack of sleep can cause illnesses which may provoke headaches.

  • Supply enough energy: If the body does not have enough energy, a headache is likely to occur. To ensure the body consistently has enough energy to promote good health and the unlikelihood of headaches it is important to combine ample amounts of sleep each night with a well-balanced diet. As a headache is almost obvious when a person does not eat, it is important to eat every time you’re hungry.

  • Drink herbal tea: There are several available herbal teas on the market specifically geared towards headaches. Associate which type of headache you are having with primary or secondary, and find the ideal herbal tea. Some will be made specifically for those suffering with a migraine, while others are made to reduce fevers and associated headaches. There are many flavor options and these valued teas are filled with necessary ingredients to relieve the brain of pain.

  • Meditate with music: A number one cause of headache is stress. One easy way to reduce the amount of stress in your life and a great way to ease the mind during stressful times is to meditate with music. This combination helps to relax the body and mind, thus soothing yourself and relieving the pains associated with headaches.

  •  Increase fitness: An active body that is healthy and fit can fight off infections which may cause headaches. Adding a decent amount of exercise into your daily routine may significantly reduce the onset of headaches.
  • Drink water: Without water, the head (along with the rest of the body) will surely suffer. Much like eating, it is important to get enough water to sustain the brain. As you would get a headache with lack of food and nutrients, you may also find headaches abrupt without enough water. Make sure you get 8 glasses of water each day.

  • Get massages: A massage is another ideal way of relaxing and reducing stress. Getting massages regularly may help with headaches, especially chronic migraines caused from tension and stress. The rest of your body and mind will benefit from massages as well.

  •  Smile: Of course, smiling and laughing is the best medicine. When you smile, you’re happy, and your body follows. Keeping a smile on your face and an upbeat attitude can surely keep your spirits high and reduce the onset of headaches.

What tips do you have for getting rid of headaches naturally?

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  1. says

    I have been suffering from frequent stress headaches for the past few weeks that also trigger my migraines. It begins by feeling like my head is in a vice and someone has their hands wrapped around my throat. I know it is work related as I just expanded my business by moving into a new retail shop space. I get so overwhelmed with everything I have to do between work and home that it is taking it’s toll on my nerves I guess. I am going to try meditation exercises and deep breathing to see if it helps.

  2. says

    Today has been especially bad for headaches. They keep coming and going. After a breakfast full of protein and fiber and 24 oz of water I felt like my gut and my head were being twisted into knots. Who knows what could be causing it. I’ve been exercising regularly every day, eating more often (spreading out what I need – BMR through the day) so I’m not hungry and trying to drink at least a gallon of water a day since dehydration can cause headaches too. I think part of my problem may be lack of sleep. I know I also preach getting enough rest but sometimes it’s hard to practice what I preach :(. I did take a nap this morning so I wouldn’t have to take any OTC drugs. After lunch and another 24 oz of water the headache has dissipated somewhat, but keeps occasionally throbbing forward. Thanks for the tips :) – I need to find someone to give me a massage.

  3. says

    You can also add the stretching. Headache-relieving stretches can get at muscle tension that contributes to pain. Add them to your workout or use them when a headache looms. If all else fails, NSAIDs can really help :)

  4. Yamin says

    Listen to QURAN and pray to allah Daily to relieve stress, headaches, boredom etc.. it is shifa (cure) to all diseases specially the heart..never miss this step

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