Creative Ways to Start Conversations at the Dinner Table (plus giveaway)

Jennifer here with a fun and exciting way to start conversations at the dinner table. I was sent product to review and we were compensated to write this post, however all opinions remain our own.

My family and I are always eating dinner at the table. For me, this has long been the best way for me to chat with my kids and my husband about how their day went. Many families though, struggle in this department. That is where products like Conversational Cooking and the Raclette come in handy.

Conversational Cooking is targeted to bringing family and friends together around food and helping families cook together in a healthy way.

 There is no doubt that busy schedules and technology have cut into family time.  Not only time on the weekends to enjoy time together, but the family dinner has also suffered.  Conversational Cooking is designed to revamp the dinner hour and bring it back to family conversations.   

 Think back to the days of fondue, when family and friends sat around the table, cooked food and talked for hours.  Conversational Cooking is geared to bringing that experience back, but instead of dipping food into cheese, oil or chocolate, you cook the meals with simple tea candles. 

 Using a tabletop tool called the Raclette, families and friends can laugh, talk, cook and interact together around the table.  This trend of Conversational Cooking has been around for decades in Europe but is just hitting the States.

The meals you cook can be healthy – we’ve made chicken and vegetable stir fry, baked apples, etc.  And, because the raclettes are small, even more fun snacks like chocolate covered bananas are cooked and served in small portions.

Anne Lawrence, the author of Conversational Cooking, has made an amazing cookbook full of raclette recipes to help bring you and your family/friends around the table to bring more conversation and special conversation time. Anne, and her three kids, have experimented in so many fun ways to bring you a practical cookbook that has recipes for every meal of the day, and also recipes for parties/snacks, which would definitely be the start of any conversation.

“I wrote Conversational Cooking so that you and your family can experience some of the joy we have found together around the raclette. Whether you’re creating a fun family meal or having guests over for something a little different, you’ll find plenty of great ideas in this book. What I’ve discovered is this; cooking can be a conversation. When you’re cooking together, you’re not just feeding the people you love, you’re bringing them together”.    -Anne

My daughter loves the Raclette. She and I sat around the table while she experimented with meats like bacon served with creamy cheese on a piece of toasted bread — all done on the Raclette. She had so much fun playing around with this and the recipes in the book are fantastic as well.

A raclette is a tabletop cooking device. Cooking with raclettes has been a cherished tradition in Europe for at least 700 years, and it is just now becoming a trend in the US. Raclettes are safe and easy to use.

You can go HERE to pre-order today for a Raclette & Conversational Cookbook!

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So — what food would you experiment with?


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