I am conflicted…

Some of you know that I vow to not go near the post-Christmas sales. I spend way too much over Christmas to spend more now.

But today I did a foolish thing. I went to use up some gift certificates that I had at a store called Jacob and I ended up spending way more than the certificates were worth!!!

But ladies – I bought pants for 9.99 and shirts that ranged from 6.99 to 14.99! I had to buy a good supply – plus some for Susan too.

Then I went next door to Mexx Kids and spent even more! I know, I know! But 50% off everything in the store – can you blame me? And oh my word – the clothes I got for Julia are so cute! (I am sure they will be featured in an upcoming Wordless Wednesday.) I also bought Jackson four pairs of pants – but they are all for next winter. He doesn’t need anymore this year.

So, in two stores I did some serious damage to the bank account. But as I said – I am conflicted. I feel bad about spending more money – but the sale prices were so great! And Julia looks so cute in the adorable clothes. (Mexx Kids makes such cool stuff – but even at 50% off they are expensive!)

So how about you? Do you shop after-Christmas sales? Do you feel guilty about spending money, even if it was a great sale?


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    I didn’t hit our one “store” the day after Christmas, but we did go on the 27th. And, yes, we did spend money, but on new board games to play as a family.

    I will admit, I’ve got a bunch of emails saved to visit online sites for their sales, but with dial up internet, I quickly loose patience and sign off!

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    I did good. I followed my family around as they spent too much money, and I only bought one thing that I didn’t NEED but WANTED but it wasn’t outrageous at all. Oh, I did buy a pillow for the bed too, but again cheap. I think if you get it at an outrageous sale then it sort of helps you know? Because think about how much you would have had to spend if you got it all and it wasn’t on sale?!

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    Going to all the sales after Christmas used to be a ritual for me, Janice. I truly cannot resist the 50% and 75% sale signs. So I stopped. Like you, I always got great deals but I knew I was spending money I shouldn’t be spending.

    These days my one goal is to buy next year’s Christmas cards at 50% off the day after Christmas.

    But I do miss taking advantage of all the sales. So the solution for me to to save throughout the year and set that money aside strictly for after Christmas sales. That seems like a happy solution to me.

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    Never…that’s N!E!V!E!R! feel guilty about saving money! Just focus on the amount you could have spent….had the items not been on sale. Then you’ll feel less conflicted! Unless you spent the grocery money! Or the kids lunch money! Then we need to talk!!! 😉


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    I think that its GREAT when you can save $$ while shopping. We didnt get to go to the sales this year on the day after Christmas (but we did the day after Thanksgiving)! :)

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    Usually I am on those sales, but this year we received so much from Christmas that we’re actually GIVING away stuff out of our closets! I can’t even begin to buy more things for our drawers & closets!! But, if you need something, these sales are the best of the year. (I used to work retail.) Especially January clearance sales. That’s when everyone does their inventory and want to get rid of as much as possible beforehand!!

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    I returned a duplicate gift that my son got and bought a little more than the return was worth. Then I went to Eddie Bauer and bought a cute down quilted vest with faux fur around the collar. It was already marked down, but I saw that it was even cheaper on line! So I’m taking my receipt and the print out of the cheaper price into the store to get an adjustment. And today I’m going to get boots for the cross country skiis my husband got me for Christmas. He didn’t get the boots because he thought I would want to pick them out. So this is the first time I spent more money after Christmas.

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    I tend to avoid the stores right after Christmas because I can’t take the crowds. But wow, those bargains are great.

    What’s hard here is that after those after-Christmas sales, the stores have not much in them until spring and most do their inventory in Jan./Feb. We do have some gift cards we should go use before everything gets picked over.

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    I haven’t gone anywhere yet! I’m too tired! With 3 kids ages 3 and under, plus one on the way…I’m beat! Otherwise, I’d be out shopping too. Clearance & 50% off sales are hard to beat this time of year. I do have to go grocery shopping if I can…blizzard supposedly coming today. We’ll see!

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    I avoid the stores after Christmas like the plague. I just cannot force myself to go spend money I don’t have and the thought of all the crowds again I just can’t stomach. Sometimes I wait till after New Year’s. The sales are still on, sometimes even cheaper.

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    Thanks for visit my TT. I couldn’t find your TT, but I did enjoy reading your blog and especially your Wordless Wednesday pictures. You have beautiful children!

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    I usually go out and at least look. This year, I just enjoyed staying in. We got plenty. I am with Adventures in Babywearing – we are giving things away. We got home and cleaned out our closets and toys!!!

    It will feel great to be getting out those clothes that you bought for next year. I always love that feeling.

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    I really only shop when I need something. So, I try to do it at sale time so I can get a better deal. Like last night, we hit the sales to get hubby some ski clothes… I hate the cost, but we saved 50%, so it’s a good thing. :) I say, if you needed the stuff, good for you for finding awesome deals!

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    I usually stay away unless there’s something that I absolutely want to get and it’s on sale. Don’t feel bad. Just think of all the money you SAVED by buying them on sale!

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    I totally feel bad! But Target had such spectacular toy sales, I got an entire Weeble village for 8 bucks and a bunch of other toys (that I will store away as future presents). I spent way too much for Christmas but I know I’ll have to eventually buy the toys I got on sale, so I guess it was worth it. Or maybe I’m just trying to rationalize it? I’m not sure. Merry Christmas!

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    I shopped yesterday and today. I considered a lot of stuff but only bought $40 worth of it. The only purchase I’m not 100% comfortable with is a coat I bought for my rapidly growing teenage son today. His current coat is fine for the remainder of the winter and what if he completely outgrows the new coat before next year? On the other hand its only $18. I’m waiting to see what the husband thinks.

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    Fortunately I am completely immune to sales because I am allergic to shopping. I do occasionally venture forth with my list in my hot little hand, but if I can’t buy it in Albertson’s or Target, then that’s it – dash home to escape the crowds.
    That’s why on-line shopping was invented, just for people like me.

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    I think you should feel good about shopping…because it sounds like you did it for YOURSELF. We forget to think about ourselves sometimes! :) Enjoy your purchases!!!

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    Because of the ol’ knee surgery thing, I did most of my shopping online and via catalog this year. So, today I did all the necessary exchanges because who can really tell the quality, the color, the shoe size, etc., from a 2×3 photo, right? And I changed my mind on some things, substituting for things that were a little more money. And while I was at it, I just added this little item that I hadn’t seen while doing the shopping. And oh, that skirt is now on sale, so I’ll scoop that up while I’m at it. And nobody got me a coat to replace the one I lost last year, so toss in a leather jacket with faux fur collar and cuffs. And…

    Yeah. I don’t even have to leave the house to go where you went.

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    Nope – no after Christmas sales for me. I usually have to work anyway…And my hubby’s birthday is January 1st. So, I rather get him something great than spending it on myself.

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    Nope- I am not allowed out of the house without supervision for the first 2 weeks after christmas :)

    But it sounds like you found some great deals! I am all about the deals :)


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    I didn’t do any post Christmas shopping. Unless you count toilet paper at Wal-Mart. But…. I always feel guilty when I buy something that I don’t really need even if it is a great sale. I know I shouldn’t feel guilty, but I’m always trying to budget and save money (I don’t do very well at this), so guilt is my middle name.

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    First of all, let me wish you a happy new year.
    I am not afanatic of the post Christmas shoppong. However, there are some items such as basic kids’ clothing and shoes that it is rather foolish not to stock up on them for next winter during the sales. With God’s help, you are going to need them.
    What I found positive is that there is no mention of you using a credit card. So you should be able to spend less during next month on silly little things like sweets and sodas and some gourmet items. After all we all eat way too much during the festive season. Think getting back to shape instead. But no fancy gyms: just plain good walking!
    No guilt then. Just enjoy your family and kids.

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    No I dont go to the after Christmas sales
    I went one year with my parents and ended up fainting – the heat, the people it was all too much
    never been again

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