This is getting serious!

It was bad enough that his fifth birthday is breathing down on me, threatening to officially turn my baby into a full fledged boy, but then this happened…



Yes, my still four-year-old lost his first baby tooth!!! Pick me up off the floor – this is a bona fide rite of passage and I am not ready!

It had never bothered me before. Every new age and stage I greeted happily, cherishing the new wonders of it. I am blessed that my boy is and always has been a snuggler – I am always getting a nice dose of cuddles – so the growing up is pretty painless. In fact, I have enjoyed the new steps of independence and most of all, getting to know him better as his own person.

But a few weeks ago, I started to feel the weight of this “turning five” thing. I mean five is pretty old. I remember being five! I remember feeling quite grown up. It is startling to think that Jackson is almost five.

And now my little boy is already finished with one of his baby teeth! “Thanks tooth, it has been nice – but I am moving on to bigger and better things.” And I worry deep inside, “One day will he be finished with me?” One day he will be finished with cuddles and kisses. One day, he will read himself to sleep. One day, he won’t even be falling asleep under my roof.

So, as I try to deal with this tooth trauma, my little man throws me another curve ball: at the dentist today, he went in all by himself! He had an exam, cleaning, fluoride treatment and x-rays, without a fuss, without a mommy standing close to calm his fears. I sat in the waiting room!!!

Yes, I was proud – so proud of him! I remember being seven and still crying for my mom to stay in the room with me at the dentist. So yes – I am relieved and so proud of my little man. But it sure feels strange to see my little boy growing up so fast.

Fortunately it isn’t all over. He still wants tons of snuggles and stories. He still wears cute hockey pajamas and bounces around like Tigger. But it is happening – yes it is – whether or not I am ready.


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    Oh Janice, this made me smile. Five is NOT old. LOL

    I so remember almost fainting with excitement when my oldest daughter’s first tooth appeared and then almost fainting with mortification when she lost that first tooth.

    These rites of passage remind us that time is going by but my goodness, he’s five and still loves to cuddle. You have lots and lots of time to enjoy his childhood.

    And let me tell you, you are in for a wonderful treat when your GROWN child hugs you and wants to cuddle. Life is good, Janice, every single stage of it.

    You just make me smile, you express these mommy feelings so well. I understand completely how the first lost tooth moved you.

    Merry Christmas to you and your sweet sister and your family. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas. You have no idea how much I enjoy 5 Minute For Mom. It’s a blessing to me.

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    My daughter Emily turned 5 Sept. 11th. And she lost 2 teeth in two days, a couple of weeks ago. I too was shocked. And they came out within 24 hours of being loose, and back to back. I wonder is this a sign of how fast she is going to grow up!
    Oh well, I must resign to the fact that my girl is not a baby anymore. :)
    Merry Christmas!

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    Ack!! I have my own 4yo getting ready to turn five, whom I have done nothing for and his birthday is on the first awwwwwwww!, okay i feel better now……. at least it is the oldest who has loose tooth and not him….

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    This means that YOU have done a great job it helping to shape a confident, poised, well balanced young man. It also means that you’ll always be proud of him and your relationship is on a sound footing so that when he really doesn’t ‘need’ you any more, he’ll come back of his own free will. Well done.

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    Hunter just lost his first tooth and he was almost 6. Monte was 5, a couple days before he started kindergarten it came out. But 4!!!! I feel for you. That’s early, and we are never ready for them to grow up completely!

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    I don’t know if it is the pms or the time of year, but your post really made me tear up. I can totally relate to what your saying! My kids are 5 and 6 and that fifth birthday was a major one. I just felt like it was the end of their baby/toddler stage and there was no going back. I’m enjoying this new stage tremendously, though.

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    Wow, that’s pretty early for that tooth. I know what you’re saying. I’m still reeling that my “baby” is going to be only 1 year away from teenagerhood!

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    I’m reading this and freaking out and my girl is only going to be 2 next month!! The paradox of motherhood – we long for them to grow up and be independent because that is our goal, yet we long for them to stay little and cuddly and need us! Sigh.

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    ahhhhh!!!!! soooo funny. my baby is in opposite mode. she’s now up to 3 teeth. :)

    merry christmas janice! (and susan!)

    Shalom to your families.

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    Janice – I know it is hard to look at our children growing up. That also means that we are getting older :grin:.

    Our son is now 21, but still living at home…So, you have some years to go, girl.:)

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    Oh boy!!!!! 5 is sounding big. Big enought to go to kindergarten, big enought to loose a tooth, big enough to go into the dentist all by himself. Time really does fly. Boys do seem to reach independence really quickly, but not to worry because boys seem to grow up with a huge place in their hearts just for mama.

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    I remember when my son turned “one whole hand!” It is a hard birthday for moms! A few months ago he turned “TWO whole hands” and that wasn’t any easier!!

    They grow up so fast! Fleeting or not, what a gift we have in them!

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    Oh my goodness, isn’t it crazy how fast they grow up! My oldest lost both her front bottom teeth before her fifth birthday (which was in August of this year) and she’s got four more loose! Sheesh! We moms just can’t catch a break, can we?! 😉

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    I guess I am behind on blogs. This one was timed just right. Last night my son announced a wiggly tooth, so it is on it’s way out. He is so excited! I mean VERY excited, giggles galore. It is a rite of passage he is looking forward to. 5 years old and nearly toothless. Yes our boys are growing up on us.

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    Awww, how heart breaking. Rachel is three and I can’t imagine her losing a tooth in the next few years (can’t imagine the drama either . . . LOL). I wasn’t expecting teeth to fall out until she was six or so . . . I hope it holds off. I’m not ready for any sign of adulthood yet, even if it’s only an adult tooth. ;0)

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    Your post made me tear up, silly I know, but I too have been feeling the “pangs” of growing up TO FAST! Aubrey’s going to be 8 – WOW 8 – in April – Her teeth have been falling out for years now (though she hates it when they do so does not “help them” at all), she’s talking about boys, talking about “clicks” in school – has learned to read, so our “night time cuddles” are just not the same – she’s reading to ME! She’s never been one to “cuddle” so I sit in a chair, while she reads in bed – some nights she does not even want me there to listen!

    It’s such a blessing that they are growing up, happy (mostly), healthy, strong, brave, and full of wonder – but it saddens me too, she’s starting to loose the “I believe in fairies, and I believe in Santa” stuff – which to me is just devistating!

    It’s not so much she’s not “believing” but childhood is such a magical time, and to loose that sense of wonder to early, is sad, I mean you can’t get it back right?

    It’s sad, it’s happy, it’s an extreamly proud moment – but it’s heart wrenching too!

    God will show us the path, I am sure of it, and right now I am putting my hope, wishes and prayers in His hands – I want her to grow up and be exactly who she is – a strong, beautiful, fun little girl (soon to be young woman) – but it would be nice to keep just a “tad” of that “magic!”

    WOW – to powerful for 12 at night LOL –

  17. jamie says

    My four year old was complaining that his bottom tooth hurt. Oh my goodness, it’s two loose bottom teeth. Thanks for this web site. I wasn’t
    even thinking that he could be loosing his BABY teeth! OH !! My BABY!!
    Time is going too fast.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Jamie K.

  18. Jackie says

    Merry Christmas to you all. I found this site because I had to find a picture of another child who lost their tooth to let my son know that it is ok. My son turned 5 on December 1 and lost his first tooth today(Dec. 23) at minutes to 9 pm. He wasn’t too happy and wanted back his tooth which I had to hide… I told him that he is now a big boy who will be growing big kids teeth. He still was upset. I thought 5 was too early but I guess it is not so.


  19. kim says

    My son is turning 5 in a couple of months and the other night at dinner he handed me his tooth and said “see mommy, my tooth fell out” I went into shock! Today – a week later – he pointed out that another tooth is loose.

    I cherished each of his milestones, prayed for when he’d roll over, crawl, walk, talk, learn to read and now in the course of only a month he’s gotten glasses, lost a tooth, and is in the process of loosing another! I’m not ready for him to grow up and I’m glad to know I’m not the only mom that feels this way!

  20. Kristin says

    Ahhhh, I was just searching for information on the little ones losing their teeth and found your blog post – now I’m a weepy mess AND freaking out about my almost-five-year-old’s loose tooth! I am NOT ready for this particular milestone!!

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