How Rushed are You?

It is getting down to the crunch. I must say, before we had toy stores, I never knew the meaning of Christmas Rush! It has been c-r-a-z-y!

So I must apologize again that I am so behind on my blog visiting. I haven’t even got to all the Tours yet, nor the tacklers, not to mention all the WWs that dropped by today! I am trying to get to some more tonight – but I won’t be able to get to everyone tonight, or even tomorrow. But I am trying! :) Please have mercy on a poor little elf! (Who knew that Santa’s elves were this overextended!)

How are you doing? Are your presents purchased, wrapped and ready for the big day? Or are you scrambling to get some shopping done?

I have bought most of my presents – I still need to get some gift certificates and some presents for my Mother-in-law’s stocking, (on Christmas Eve at their house Santa has something for the grown ups too,) but I haven’t wrapped a thing.

But if you are still searching, here are a couple quick links for you:

A reader emailed us and asked us to try out their site called You can send friends or family an email song for a fun, quick gift. (A great idea for kids who are far away and you missed the UPS deadline!) You choose a song type, add personal details and then listen to a preview to decide if you want to get it. Jackson and I had a fun time with it tonight – he loved the two songs I made for him and we even sent one from him to Julia.

Phillips asked us if we would let you know about their new easy-to-use holiday shopping online gift tool. If you are stuck for ideas and running out of time, hop on over and give this fun website a try. One of the ideas might turn out to be perfect for that last person on your list.

Good luck – and I hope the rush isn’t taking the joy out of your Christmas season. :)


  1. says

    Luckily I am all done with my shopping. My hubby however loves to leave his shopping to the last possible second, and so we haven’t purchased for his mother yet. Otherwise, I am all ready to sit back and enjoy the festivities! :) Hope that you get your stuff done soon so you can sit back and enjoy too.

  2. says

    I almost wrote the same thing on my last post…crunch time! I’ve only barely started my wrapping, but at least I’m pretty much done with shopping. Need to do my cards tonight…so I also never completely finished the Christmas tour of homes!
    Busy week for all of us, I think!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. Susan says

    As Janice said, it is crazy busy over here. I have done hardly any Christmas shopping… what I did do, I did online. Janice got most of the kids shopping done for us both as I frantically work with my mom on getting orders processed in our online toy stores.

    I send out an enormous apology to anyone who has submitted their site to be listed or sent in comments and emails in the last couple of weeks. I have never been so behind before. I haven’t even been able to check my email and reply for the last couple of weeks.

    I am so sorry!

    We will take Christmas day off to enjoy the holiday, but we will still be working on the stores pretty much up until then.

    It’s wonderful to have such business going on in our sites, but it is pretty darn exhausting too!

    Anyway, I hope you all forgive Janice and I for our lack of blog visiting and email responding. We’ll try to catch up soon.

  4. says

    I think I’m almost done shopping — I need to sit down and take stock this morning. I hope everything I ordered online comes in in time. I have LOVED online shopping!!

    I’ve missed the Tuesday Tackles — not just that I have missed being here doing them, but I’m sad I haven’t been able to do them. I love them and thank you for hosting that. There is certainly plenty to tackle, though we’re all doing Christmas-related tackling now. I am hoping to get back into it after the holidays, or maybe after everyone goes back to work and school.

    I’ve missed the Wordless Wednesdays for a couple of weeks, Thursday Thirteen this week, and a couple of Friday Feasts. I love them, but I got way behind on things and had to just put aside some blog-related things to get things done at home.

  5. says

    Holiday ‘plans’ begin today as we had our last birthday celebration last night! You’re worried that we won’t be ready? Don’t be – couple of years back I read an ‘American Classic?’ called ‘Unplug the Christmas Machine,’ it really helps you focus on what is important to you and your family. For us we don’t won’t to ‘skip’ the four birthdays in December as we’re to too much of a rush to get to Christmas – I’d highly recommend it, especially if you’re frazzled, tired and bewildered.
    BEst wishes from a ‘not really ready and probably never will be,’ family

  6. says

    I think all my presents are bought, though there are a couple that still need to be wrapped. I desperately need to buy food, but we’re not having anyone over for the holidays, so that’s at least one less thing I have to worry about.

    It’s so sad though, all this rushing around. It makes it really hard to enjoy the holidays until they’re upon you and then there’s only a week until things start back up again.

  7. says

    To be honest with you — I haven’t had any rushes this week. I knew what I needed to get and I did…The one thing I didn’t do in time is order some flowers for my Mom – she will get them after Christmas…I don’t know – this year was someone different for me…

    Don’t rush yourself – all will get done. And if it doesn’t – well there is always next year :razz:.

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