What is the Worst Smell You’ve Ever Dealt With?

About a year ago I had three dogs living in my home. I honestly did not think that they were that stinky, that was until we went away on vacation for a week and then came home. I had someone house sit for us while we were gone so I wouldn’t have to board my puppies, so when we came home, I was sickened by what I was smelling — wet dog and other not so fresh smelling scents. It was obvious that my dogs were bringing in the aroma from the country every evening after being outside playing.

Thankfully there are products like Frebreze Stick and Refresh to remove those smells from my home!

Febreze has created a product that makes even the stinkiest of smells to smell like sunshine and roses! As I watched the videos, I was amazed at the outcome. Some people were stuck in an area where their nose was right over the garbage can — and they couldn’t smell it. Check it out here.

I love the Febreze brand and have always used it for years, so I was pretty excited to see these new Stick and Refresh air fresheners. I love to hide things in my home so that no one knows I have them out. These fresheners can be placed just about anywhere and do an amazing job of eliminating orders.

Now– here’s a quiz for you! How many brands can you think of that have this type of freshener? It takes just seconds to answer below and you can see if you got the correct choice.

Which brand did you choose?

Febreze is a brand that I know and can trust. The new Stick and Refresh comes in three wonderful smelling scents — Clean Zest, Fresh Meadow, and Pure Refreshment. Which one would you choose to remove smells from your home?

So tell me — what is the worst smell you have ever had in your home?

This post is part of a promotional campaign with Febreze. All opinions listed are my own.


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    The time we left a couple chicken breasts on the grill after a patio party. We didn’t notice them with the lid closed but after a few warm days, it was an ugly scene out back – you could smell it in the house when the breeze was right.

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    Well this is gross and we actually shared it on Reddit for pug shaming- but- our 4 yr old pug x got into the litter box, had a “snack” and then barfed it on the couch and then must have eaten that and then shortly thereafter pooped everywhere. (We were at work but the sequence of events based on “droppings” made it pretty clear what happened)).

    Worst smell ever.

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