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Yup, I am weird too…

I am so excited – it is my first time – I have been TAGGED!
Thanks BooMama – I am honored!

But before I get to this tag business, I must point you all to BooMama’s brilliant line on her blog’s masthead. When I first saw her blog, I laughed out loud – I just love it!

It reads: “BooMama – Read by tens of people every day.”

Ok, now down to business.

Here are the rules of this tag:

  1. Go write weird facts/things/etc. about yourself in my comment box and on your blog, then tag six more people!
  2. Then leave a comment that says “You are tagged” in their comments telling them to read your blog. ENJOY!

Ok some weird things about myself… (BooMama, who was tagged by Lauren, was so inspired by this assignment she went on to list 11, no make that 12, “eccentric” points, which are hilarious – do yourself a favor and go check them out.)

  1. I avoid weekend “vacations.” My family owns a beautiful little condo in a nearby mountain resort and yet we rarely go because I hate all the “work” that goes into a weekend “vacation.” With all the packing, unpacking, packing, unpacking and cleaning, a two night get away is just not worth the work! I hate that exhausted feeling of arriving home at night, unloading the car and seeing the mountain of work sitting in my living room.

    (Now a kid free getaway would require less packing and be much less work, but up until this point in my son’s life, we haven’t yet done a vacation without him – I know we are crazy! Perhaps that is the weirdest thing about me – I have only been away from my son for two nights in his life and they were spread two years apart.)

  2. I sleep with a clean pillowcase on my pillow every night. I can’t bear to sleep on something that has been slept on the night before.
  3. I hate feet. I must wash my hands any time I touch my feet and the only other feet I will ever touch are my son’s or my baby niece’s.
  4. Ok – I am pretty OCD when it comes to hand washing – but who isn’t? Or should I say – shouldn’t we all be? I mean germs are gross – and they are everywhere! After I wash my hands in a public bathroom, I will not touch anything in that foul place. If my hand brushes the door handle (from behind the paper towel I am using to open the door), I must rewash my hands.
  5. I love buying picture frames. I buy a million picture frames, but I never get around to hanging them. I actually have frames with pictures in them that I haven’t put on the walls. (This drives me crazy!)
  6. My computer is as messy as my house. My laptop is clean on the outside of course, but when you boot up you will see tons of unused icons on my desktop, thousands of emails read, but never deleted, and thousands of photos that need to be saved onto CD’s and deleted cause they are sucking up all my space! (Although my house is cluttered and messy, it is usually not dirty – remember I hate germs! I clean our toilets pretty much daily.)

Ok let’s see if I can find some bloggers that haven’t been tagged…that is hard… so if you have already been tagged sorry. (I am just clicking on your blog to check if you have posted on this tag. If not, then I am assuming you haven’t yet been tagged.)

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