The Importance of the Business Card at Blogging Conferences

Jennifer here…

I am going to be attending my very first ever blogging conference this year. I’m really excited, but nervous because I have never been to one. I’ve been doing quite a bit of research for newbies, and the one thing that I keep seeing repeated over and over again is the importance of your business card. Honestly, I have not even thought that far, but that is SO true! Your business card is what people will see and remember you by.

Why should I take a business card with me to a blogging conference?

I am always telling Janice when I talk to her on the phone, “Yes my site is so much smaller and I am always interested in growing it and really doing what I want to do.” First off, regardless of the size of your site, stop speaking about it as if it is not important. It’s your site and your place of business so, be proud of what you have accomplished. You are big enough and important enough to make business cards to pass out. I mean, you are going all that way to a conference, so treat yourself as if you and your site are as big as the ones that receive ungodly amounts of traffic. Speak life into your blogging!

Your business card is your resume, so handing it out to potential clients or other bloggers that you would like to work with is a way to keep your name in front of their face. Make sure that you take plenty with you so that you do not run out.

What should my business card look like?

There are many printing companies that can help you create a beautiful and professional looking business card. I like creating business cards online because I can design the card myself, and even upload a gorgeous logo if  I want.

Make sure your business card includes the following:

  • Your headshot (try to make it look as professional as possible)
  • Your logo (if you have one)
  • Your name (this is very important)
  • Your website name and URL
  • Your email address (so that they know how to contact you)
  • A couple of your highlights since it is like a mini resume (any awards or features would be great
  • If there is room for your Twitter and FB link, you can add them also but don’t clutter

Be sure and leave the back of your card blank so that if the person you are handing it to wants to make a note about you, they have space to do so. Also be sure and choose a light colored card, and go with a regular sized business card that will fit in one of those little business card pouches. Many potential clients will throw away odd sized cards that don’t fit in their carrying pouch (that is what I have been told).

So now that you have a few tips on personalizing business cards, which blogging conference will you be passing yours out at this year?



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    If you’re able to include a QR code for your website, it’s advisable because they can save that to their smartphone instead of keeping your card. Or, they may just need quick access to your site to contact you!

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    I have heard from folks in other industries (e.g., Realtors) that biz cards with QR codes are very important at conferences. I don’t have a QR code yet. But I am not sure if headshots are important on biz cards or not.

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    Not related to business cards but I loved when you said we need to quit saying our blog is small as if that means it doesn’t have value. Thanks for that! I definitely need to stop doing that.

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