Give the Gift of a Movie Anytime of Year with Sony Pictures Movie E Wrap

I love movies. If you were to ever visit me at home, you would find an assortment of all kinds of movies covering my shelf, as well as a Netflix account, Hulu, account, and an Amazon Instant video on Demand account.

There is just something about watching movies with your family, or even by yourself that just kind of gives you a relaxing feeling. If you love movies like I do, you can now share that love in the form of a gift thanks to Sony Pictures and their Movie E Wrap website.

I found the ease of using this movie gifting service super quick and fun. I browsed the titles they had available (there are tons there to choose from), found the one I wanted to send to a friend and then purchased it. After purchasing it, I got to wrap it online, include a message and choose a date and time I wanted it sent. Very easy to do!

You can use the Movie E Wrap service for any time you want to send a movie gift to someone. It is delivered right to their inbox — and they get to keep the digital movie forever. This would also come in handy for long road trips when the kids need something to watch to occupy their time.

It’s easy to send a digital movie, complete with a fun, virtual unwrapping experience.  Free immediate delivery and giftwrap! Check it out here:

Which movie would you choose?

I was given a code to redeem a movie. All opinions listed are my own.


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