Wordless Wednesday — Toddler Chasing Cat


The cat didn’t stand a chance against my Olivia.

Thanks to Uisce for creating Wordless Wednesday.

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Now it’s your turn…

Written by Janice.

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    Great action shot! Our son torments our Goldens. He loves to chase them, hang on them, stick his hands in their mouths, etc. Best friends. Happy WW and take care.

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    Cute! Kids sure love cats. My kids don’t see cats very often as the only people that have one are my parents (450 miles away) BUT when they do see that cat ~~~ whoa! Look out Kitty and the chase is ON………

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    Oh I love the stop-action on this – you can tell she’s truly in chase mode! So cute. :)

    Mine’s up (very, very) late, but I’m so proud of Abby for finally learning how to ride her bike without training wheels!


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