Laugh Your “Non-Mom Jeaned” Butt Off

Today at A Dose Of Humor, you will laugh and learn, as Rachel shares her valuable tips on finding the right pair of jeans while avoiding the dreaded “long butt”.

Enlisting help from a friend, Rachel hits the mall for some jeans shopping and shows us, and I mean SHOWS US, what to look for and what to avoid.

Treat yourself to a little break and enjoy this week’s Dose Of Humor. Just be prepared to laugh and possibly cry.


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    I have purchased 2 pairs of jeans since reading Rachel’s post on this very important subject! They’re such an improvement over my earlier style choices (and trust me…What Not to Wear would totally have a project on their hands with me). I never understood how jeans should fit before this post. Thanks Rachel!!!

    Now if someone would just explain the rest of the art of wearing stylish clothing to me….

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