Magic Marker Monday — What have your kids been drawing?

Magic Marker Monday

Julia drew this picture a couple of months ago while doodling with her Daddy.

It is a picture of her favorite TV characters, Chirp, Quack and Peep from the show “Peep and the Big Wide World”. Julia is absolutely addicted to this sweet and clever little show.

Her Daddy labeled the characters, but Julia drew the pictures herself. She was about 3 years and 10 months old at the time.

Play along with us! Just take a photo of something your child has drawn, painted or otherwise crafted and link up at Magic Marker Monday.

It is hosted at 5 Minutes for Special Needs but it is for children of ALL abilities.


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    Thank you so much for posting this. We had Parker in the ER all day yesterday. The H1N1 panel was negative, but he does have a rip-roaring case of the flu and his lung x-rays look terrible.

    Such is life, eh? sigh..

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    You should keep this. It is amazing to watch how children’s drawings become more detailed over time. My daughter and I were just looking at some drawings she did at the beginning of the school year. Even she could not believe how much they have changed!

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    What a clever little artist you have on your hands there! She’s brilliant! 😀 That’s a lot of detail for three years old — Keep up the fabulous work, Julia, and thanks for joining in with MMM this week! 😉

    ~Michelle @ 5MFSN

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