Laboring on Labor Day Weekend…

Up in this neck of the Canadian woods, our kids don’t go back to school until after Labor Day, (or as we Canadians spell it, Labour Day.)

So for me, my Labor Day weekends are a mix of getting ready for the school year and trying to fit in my last few moments of summer vacation.

This Labor Day weekend marks the end of my early parenting days. My almost-five-year-old Olivia is starting Kindergarten on Tuesday. (Susan’s youngest daughter Sophia is also starting Kindergarten this year.)

Along with buying back to school outfits and checking off school supply lists, this past week and this weekend I am FINALLY painting Olivia’s room.


My poor, sweet, second child has been living in the room that was once her big brother’s nursery since she was born. Redecorating her room was on my to do list for the past five years, but somehow it just didn’t get done. And it has driven me crazy the entire time.

Good Bye Pooh collage

But I just couldn’t let my little girl head into kindergarten with her room still painted with the Winnie the Pooh mural that my friend painted a decade ago, a few weeks before my son Jackson was born. No — my Olivia needs a PINK room!

I have primed the walls, I had to do two coats, (as you see from the photo above one coat wasn’t enough,) and this weekend comes the pink. In fact, after I hit publish, I will be prying open the can of “Candy Tuft” and rolling on the first coat…

What Are You Doing This Labor Day Weekend?

What is on your weekend schedule?

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    OH we are suppose to move my little girl’s room around (by we I mean Hubs Ha) but that will be during the week this weekend my SIL will be getting married and my little girl is one of the flower girls and Hubby is in wedding party & I will be doing a reading so it will be one very busy weekend. Then come Tuesday my oldest son starts HS & then my 2 younger kids start on Wednesday w/ my little girl starting Kindergarten needless to say I am going to need a mini vacation by the end of the week :)

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