Win an HP Mini 1000

They say great things come in small packages. I don’t really know who “they” are, but “they” appear to be right. At least when talking about HP’s line of Mini PC’s, the HP Mini 1000.

Before I get to the technical stuff, let me just tell you – this computer is cute. It’s not just kind of cute, it’s give-it-a-name-and-treat-it-like-your-new-baby cute.

At less than an inch thick and weighing little more than 2 pounds, the HP Mini 1000 is perfect for mom bloggers on the go. And it’s easy to use, which is an added perk because who has time to decipher the configuration of PMP’s in the N276 sector of your control panel whilst three kids are screaming for your attention in the background? (If it isn’t obvious, my knowledge of computers ends slightly beyond the on/off switch. Ease in a PC? That’s music to my ears.)

The HP Mini 1000 is more than just cute, though. It’s also functional. It includes Genuine Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 3 for getting things done and staying connected in a protected environment, an Ethernet jack, two USB ports, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth wireless capabilities as well as a built in webcam and microphone. It also boasts a keyboard that is nearly full size at 92% of a regular keyboard.

All of these combine together to create the perfect station for storing photos, music and files while giving you access to the internet and to your family when you are on the go.

Mini PCs are geared toward information “snacking” and content enjoyment. “Staying connected to your world – however you define it – is increasingly important to people on the go,” said Ted Clark, senior vice president and general manager, Notebook Global Business Unit, Personal Systems Group, HP.

“That’s why HP is excited to address this new high-growth market with a portfolio of head-turning mini companion PCs that are fun and easy to use.”

For the busy mom on the go, it’s perfect. It can even fit in your purse or diaper bag. And have I mentioned that it’s cute?

The HP Mini 1000 XP edition retails starting at $299.99. But one lucky reader will have the chance to win her own (super cute) HP Mini 1000 XP Edition, retail value $469.99, in our Mother’s Day Giveaway contest. That’s right, one of you will get to take one home, name it, cradle it and love it as your own. Who’s excited?

To enter this giveaway:

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  1. Dawne Hartman says

    I could really use a new computer that is just for me. My kids are grown now but always come here and kick me off mine! LOL

  2. says

    I have been hearing lots of good things about this mini. I would love to win it. It would be perfect for working on the go.

  3. susan says

    I would love one of these for my mom. She’s just getting into using the computer and she needs one of her own so she can “see” her only grandchild a little bit more (via technology)! Thanks for a chance.

  4. Allie says

    Can I call it my 3rd child and love it that much? I have been begging the DH to get me one of these but so far our budget has been telling us NO.. thanks for entering me!

  5. Cee says

    I would love this for all those late nights between feedings, when my daughter’s asleep in her crib and I’m still wide awake. Thank you for this giveaway!

  6. says

    How wonderful! A HP so compact that I can easily travel with it! FINALLY, I can update my webstie from anywhere with convenience!

    I am going to twitter this from AustinDivagirl!!

  7. says

    well i know it would be mine if i win, since i’m sure DH couldn’t stand toting around a ‘cute’ computer LOL

  8. says

    Since my husband goes out of town for a week every summer for work, and takes BOTH our computers, this would be NICE.

  9. Meg says

    I am starting school in the fall, and this lil number would be great for taking to classes. Not to big to get in the way, and small enough to fit easily in my bag.

  10. says

    And you are on my sidebar! I’m so glad I found you. This netbook really is the newest hottest thing on the market. Thank you HP!

  11. says

    I’m excited!! Would love to carry this around in my diaper bag!! Thanks so much for offering this awesome giveaway!

    (Button is in my sidebar.)

  12. Rebecca says

    I have been jonesing for one of these, would be awesome for grad school (I’m halfway finished!)

  13. Lachelle says

    My laptop just died (which I used every day for my work at home jobs). This would be the best Mother’s Day present ever!

  14. says

    I would love to win this for my mother in Michigan. Here ‘puter is always on the fritz, making it difficult for us to keep in touch, as I am in Australia and she is in Michigan.


  15. Leilani says

    This would be great for when I program webpages. I could work on my code anywhere! Thanks!

  16. Taryn says

    I love this little computer. My hubby has one for business but I play with it every chance I get. Thanks for the fun giveaway!

  17. says

    hi! i subscribe through google reader. i have a button on my blog sidebar right up top :)

    i would love to get this!! i use my hubby’s laptop and he is always wanting it back :)

  18. says

    WOWZA… I LOVE THIS!!! I would so love to have this. My lap top is this OLD Buzzard! Mind you I am NOT complaining.. I’m just sayin’! I am Blessed to have what I have, but Boy would this be NICE!!!
    LOVE IT! Count me IN IN IN !!!!

  19. says

    Oh wow, that would be a totally awesome and perfect thing to win! We soooo need this, as our pc is quickly becoming a dinosaur. and we’ve been thinking that our next computer will be a laptop. sign me up for a win, please! :)

  20. Aura says

    My husband wont let my son use our computer until we get a laptop for important use. (He’s afraid our son will screw up the computer) My son is 5 and I would love for him to start playing some learning games. Really hope to win!

  21. Tiffany says

    I would love to have a HP mini! My husband and I won’t have to fight over the laptop anymore!

  22. Lori Barnes says

    I would love to have my own instead of sharing with my kids, this would make the perfect gift!!

  23. Abby says

    Would love to win this! My dh has to go to afghanistan for a year and has been thinking about getting one!

  24. Bailey McGlinchey says

    Hi, my name is bailey. i have a rare skin disease an my dad left me and my mom and now he is on drugs:-( my mom some times has to carry me if my scooter breaks down. and it hurts her cause she as a broken back. we might lose our house because we have no money, our computer is slow and we need it to make money because she is a car dealer and relies on the computer to advertise. I would really appreciate it if you guys gave us the the computer because if we can sell enoughcar we might be able to keep our hose. thank you for reading.

  25. says

    Our laptop (which is mine, as my husband uses the desktop for all his more techie stuff) is about to give up the ghost. It has a couple cracks, has battled a couple nasty viruses, and can’t hold a charge for more than a couple minutes!! We have talked about getting a new laptop, but our baby-on-the-way’s costs come first. Would love a chance to win this!!

  26. says

    Our laptop was stolen when our house was burglarized…this would be PERFECT as we haven’t replaced it yet!!!

  27. says

    As my son would say: “This is so cool!” Have been wanting a way to be more of a mobile blogger… this looks wonderful.

  28. Amy B. says

    This would be so great for when my kids are on my desktop. They are on it all the time and this way I can kinda have my own. I sent this to friends.

  29. ~ alli ~ says

    I’ve been shopping for a new computer for months. I just haven’t been able to spend the money yet. Maybe this will be my lucky day!?!?

  30. says

    We are in need of a new computer! I’ll be starting classes again over the summer and this would be perfect for class/assignments while we’re on the go. If I don’t win…the price is right :-) Plus our desktop is a HP – we love that brand!

  31. Lindsey says

    This is such a cute little computer! We SO need a new computer! This would be perfect!

  32. says

    ooh, i could really use a new computer. scratch that…my own computer. right now i am always on my daughter’s + that doesn’t make her very happy!

  33. Sylvia Bortman says

    I have always loved HP! They make the best computer and they have the best customer service!

  34. Cindi says

    This is one sweet Mother’s Day Giveaway Prize Drawing! Useful and fun! Please enter my name in your fabulous giveaway drawing. Many thanks!

  35. Claire says

    I really need a laptop and this one is CUTE! I would so name it and cradle it like a baby and call it all my own!!
    I so hope I win!! Thank you!!!

  36. says

    I have been stalking these computers in stores for a while. I would certainly love to have one at home so the ones at the store can sleep peacefully knowing that I’m no longer going to visit them. LOL!

  37. stacey dempsey says

    i would soo love this as everyone else i am sure , hoping some luck comes my way , what a great gieaway

  38. says

    oh my! i just saw this today…one of my clients brought it in to show me. i have to admit i was drooling a big :O) what a wonderful giveaway!!! thanks so much for the chance to win

  39. Kimberly N Williams says

    I have been wanting one of these. Would make life so much easier at times. =)

  40. says

    Ohhhh, this would be perfect for me. Our only computer is my hubby’s work laptop, so many days he goest to work with it, and my daughter goes to school…it would be SO nice to be connected to the world. 😀 Thanks for the chance to win this great computer!

  41. Denise says

    That is so stinkin adorable and would love to have one of those around for my many visits to the hospital with my daughter. =)

  42. amber says

    Wow, I would love a netbook! These new Minis are fantastic. I’m using an old refurbished laptop, so I’d love to win this to use with my new at home business I am starting. Thanks so much!!

  43. says

    And I shall call him George!

    It’s a very cute computer and the fact that it works is even more remarkable. I hope I win!

    I added your button to my sidebar and linked to this post (and blogged about it) from my blog. I already receive your newsletter and follow you on RSS.

    Have a fabulous day!

  44. gretchen smith says

    i have a MAC laptop, but would LOVE a new mini as well. does that make me an apple traitor?

  45. says

    My kids have taken over my laptop even though the dinasour is their computer. This would would be awesome for the new blogger, FBooker, tweeter, etc. And it is super cute!!!!

  46. says

    I cannot believe you are giving one of these out! I have been eying this at Costco since Christmas! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

    gigglesandlollipops at gmail dot com

  47. says

    This would be such an awesome Mother’s Day gift! I go to my son’s baseball tournaments (even one on Mother’s Day), and this would be so cool to use it there in between baseball games! I put this on my blog too! Thanks for the opportunity!

  48. says

    I have been shopping the ads in Sunday paper for the last 2 weeks because I am looking for a new laptop. This would be so cool to win.


  49. says

    I would love to win this and send it to my sis who is in desperate need of this for her classes. She’s floundering now because she has a rather old laptop that she’s trying to use…not to mention very out of date software.

  50. says

    I’ve heard good things about this system. I don’t have a laptop. As I get busier on my blog it’s hard to do everything from our home PC. My husband is being very patient but I know he’d like to be able to use the computer more then he does now!

  51. says

    I’ve linked in a post and put a button on my sidebar~oh gosh I want this PC so bad! Using this pre-2000 Frankenstein desktop is functional but not pretty…I’m crossing my fingers!

    Thanks ladies for hosting such awesome giveaways :)

  52. says

    nice giveaway…sad to note that only from US and Canada are eligible to join..don’t you have giveaways open for us Asian?..he..he…love to join and win someday…

  53. says

    I also subscribed to your Feed, signed up for your Newsletter, and Twittered (Tweeted?)you. [I would really love a laptop, can you tell? Not that your site alone isn’t worth signing up for/tweeting about!]

    Thanks again ladies!

  54. Susan says

    I’m an email subscriber-thanks for the chance to win this wonderful item!
    Happy Mother’s Day everyone!!

  55. Sheree Warner says

    The HP 1000 is adorable. I love the light weight size making it easy to carry! I would give my hubby my HP which is much larger and I would take this HP if I am blessed enough to win!

  56. says

    What a FAB giveaway!!! I was just telling my husband and dad about this little HP and how much I needed my own laptop! Sweet!! Good luck to all! Thanks!

  57. Janet says

    This is my dream win:)TY 4 sponsoring such an awesome giveaway and ty 4 the entry:) Good luck All!:)

  58. says

    Wow! This is exactly what I was asking for mom’s day! too bad it’s not in our budget… so winning it would be awesome!

  59. says

    My mom would love this. She spends all day with my grandpa at the nursing home and always gets stuck watching awful t.v. with him because she has nothing to do. I think this would make her mitzvah (good deed) that much more pleasant.

  60. beverly isaacs says

    i could sure use this computer in my work at home business i have. i really would love to win this . my other computer i have has so many problems i can hardly use it.

  61. Jessica says

    This is such an awesome giveaway! My laptop is HUGE and ANCIENT and doesn’t run on battery power alone! This would be so great!

    jessbedard7 at gmail dot com

  62. Addrienne Mertens says

    they really are nice! ill probably wait till they get cheaper. also the cheaper ones dont have enough speed or hard drive room to be worth getting. thanx for the opportunity.

  63. Tracy says

    This would be great for my mother! She loves to get on the internet to see her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

  64. says

    I would love to win this! I have been wanting a small laptop for awhile now, just haven’t been able to fit it in the budget yet!

  65. Joanne Schultz says

    I’m not a blogger.
    My friend’s husband just got one of these. They are great. I’d love having one- it would be so nice to be able to travel with a nice light, small computer!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  66. Danielle says

    This would be a wonderful thing to win, seeing as our home computer clunked out on us and we are borrowing a laptop from someone!

  67. Tiffany Linkous says

    This would make my Mother’s Day the greatest if I was chosen as the winner!!

  68. Jon M. says

    I work 24 hour shifts (as a Paramedic) and this size mini-laptop would be perfect to take to work and use during “down time” / between calls(we have Wi-Fi at work).

  69. says

    oh wow it is sooo cute!!! this would make my day cuz i broke my husband’s laptop a few weeks ago and now he’s driving me insane using mine!

  70. says

    If I won this I would give the laptop to a dear friend from Trinidad. Her mother is extremely ill and she would use this to keep in touch with her by email and skype. It would mean so much to her and her mother :)

  71. says

    I am all linked up in the original Mothers Day Giveaway 2009 post.
    This little laptop has more features than what I am using now-in fact my laptop is so ancient-I dearly need a new one.


  72. says

    I have never wanted to win a giveaway so bad. I’ve been dying for a purse-sized laptop, but we really can’t afford to be shelling out that kind of dough right now. I would LOOOOVE this little one.

  73. Teresa Baker says

    Wow – what a great prize! I would love to bless my daughter with this as she attends her college classes. Thank you SO much. :-)

  74. Celia says

    My best friend is struggling to keep an “antique” Dell working. I would love to surprise her with this.

  75. Mike S says

    I’ve wanted a laptop for awhile now. But it’s still a want and not a need. So many needs lately.

  76. says

    My hubby is getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan and this would TOTALLY ROCK to have so that we could skype each other while he’s gone! Here’s to hoping for a win! YAY!

  77. Susan M. says

    I would love to be able to use my computer on the go. There are sooo many times when I need one when I am away from home. Thank you for offering this.

  78. says

    I’ve tweeted, retweeted, blogged, added your button, and I suscribe to you in google reader. I will even kiss your feet if you’ll give me that laptop!!


  79. Piero says

    My wife has gone back to school to earn her degree in business. I would love to win this for her.

  80. says

    I would love to win – I’ve wanted my own computer for years and can’t afford it – this would be a great Mother’s Day present!

  81. says

    headed into the hospital soon to have baby boy #2 and this would be perfect to keep connected and blog away. i posted your button on my sidebar and get your feeds.

  82. Liz says

    My husband has been pestering me about buying this, so winning it would be absolutely wonderful!

  83. Lindsay V says

    I love laptops! They are so mobile and easy to use and light enough to take anywhere! Thanks for the giveaway!

  84. says

    I’m trying to hunt / track down the digital photoframe from Kodak but I’m getting lost.

    Well done on the fabulous list of giveaways.

  85. Nick D. says

    This might actually allow my three pre teens to be able to use so, that I can get on to my PC !

  86. says

    Oh, I want a mini! I actually NEED that mini right now. My computer has seen better days and I am pretty sure SHE will be dying pretty soon. If my computer dies then I won’t be able to blog and if I can’t blog then…..

    I may just die!
    Ok, Maybe I am being a little dramatic but I would be very upset. When I get upset I eat….A LOT! (Not a pretty sight, people)


  87. says

    Thank you so much for all the great pizes. While I am not so secretly hoping to win a fab coach purse – this would probably be more practical. Or the crock pot :) Or the gift card for the hotel for our anniversary in May. :)

  88. Jack Davis says

    This seems to be the perfect “Go Anywhere” computer. It would be great to have while sitting in front of the TV, or in the kitchen for recipes, or cuz it’s so small take it with you when you go out and use it wireless!

    I really want one!

  89. says

    Wow, that IS cute! I definitely need one. You know how people sometimes carry their dogs around in little purses? I could see doing that with the HP Mini!

  90. says

    I would loveeee to win this!!! I could really use my own computer because others in my family need to use this same one. It seems absolutely perfect!!
    thanks sooo soooo much!!!

  91. G Smith says

    I would love to win this to use when I’m away from home. I already subscribe to the newsletter.

  92. Ginger says

    Yeah!! What a great giveaway. Thanks for it!

    Busy moms everywhere should be equipped with one of these. I know I could use one–since my laptop just died! I must get my bloggin’ fix in at lunch at work…. Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

  93. says

    I’m dying to win a HP mini. Our computer is downstairs and by the time I get into doing anything online my boys are halfway up the stairs.

  94. christina singer says

    this would be wonderful for my son. He needs a new computer for school, but I’m out of work, so the money just isn’t there. thanks for the AWESOME giveaway

  95. Shirley Hodge says

    Have Dell laptop my son gave me in 2005 for Mother’s Day. Before that had a PC and was suspicious of the laptop but it has accompanied me everywhere from Hong Kong to Norway to Paris to Glasgow and back with narry a burp so I am hooked on laptops and would not trade mine as it has my life in it but am going to be off again after my eldest’s grandaughter’s wedding and would love to have this little HP as companion. Truth be told am getting a bit arthritic to be carrying a rather heavy early laptop and this little baby sounds just like what I need.

  96. says

    The perfect size notebook for my Mom’s 83 year old lap! Not heavy or cumbersome; HP is an excellent brand to boot! Thank you for a chance to win this awesome prize!

  97. Alexandra Hancock says

    awww, i’m never gone win with all of these entries…

    love it though!!

    alexandra dot hancock at gmail dot com

  98. says

    This would be awesome! I need a laptop, but can’t afford one at the moment…so, maybe I’ll just win one…perfect!

  99. says

    I really hope I can win this! My laptop is so old that I worry every day about how much longer it will last! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  100. Deborah S says

    It would be wonderful to have this cute little computer! I like that it’s a mini. So cool.

  101. says

    I was saving up for a laptop when we found out we were losing out job, so that went out the window. As you can imagine, this would be Amay-ay-zing! You guys rock with these giveaways!

  102. Sandra K321 says

    This would be the perfect size for me to bring along to my son’s soccer practices or music lessons. Great for bringing on vacations, too.

  103. Vicky H. says

    Awesome laptop, *and* it’s HP (my fave!). 😀
    Thank you for posting this giveaway~

  104. Ellen C. says

    My computer is slowly dying on me. I sure could use a new one. Thanks for the chance.

  105. kathleengrams says

    What a great opportunity to win a new “baby”. I am excited at the prospect!