When a dream comes true, a girl’s gotta blog about it…

I think some of us come out of the womb looking for a good book.

Growing up, you could find me ingesting everything from Agatha Christie novels to World War II historical fiction. I was constantly reading — at age eleven and twelve, I even went through a SVH and First Love by Silhouette stage! Fortunately, after I read about a 100 of those, (not even exaggerating!) I moved on to Jane Austen.

Looking back, Susan laughs, wondering what on earth she was doing all that time I was reading. (She read an average amount I suppose, but was definitely not bitten by the book bug like I was.)

It was not until I was fourteen, though, that I knew I wanted to be a writer. Along with about a million other young readers, I was completely captivated by To Kill a Mockingbird. Just a few pages in, I knew that telling stories was what I wanted to do.

As my teen years turned into my twenties, I realized I was never going to become a Pulitzer prize winning novelist. But I loved to write inspirational pieces, sharing my faith through every day moments and reflections.

I dreamed of writing devotional books, and perhaps writing inspirational pieces for magazines like Guideposts.

When I became a youth minister with Youth for Christ, I used my writing daily, developing talks, Bible Studies, devotionals and newsletters. But even though my writing was an integral part of my job, (and really, deep down I believe a person IS a writer if that is the medium they use to express and process the world around them,) I never felt I deserved to be called a “writer.”

When I discovered blogging in the beginning of 2006, I was thrilled. I had found the perfect platform for my style of writing. Short, conversational pieces inspired by daily living. I could use my experiences as a mom to not only remember my days as a young mother, but to hopefully touch others too.

But, as fulfilled as I am as a blogger, a part of me still longs to be recognized as a “writer,” to have an editor give me that approval, that “welcome to the club.”

Tomorrow that dream comes true…

Tomorrow, Guideposts will publish the first installment of my new weekly column on Guideposts.com. It will be featured on the home page of Guideposts.com. Having grown up reading and admiring Guideposts magazine, I am honored, thrilled – and yes, just a bit giddy!

It is a dream come true for me — a good, old-fashioned, dream come true.

Just in case you want to celebrate with me, we will be publishing a teaser to my article tomorrow and it will link over to Guideposts for you to read the complete piece there.

And yes, I will have a huge smile on my face as I thank my Lord for letting this dream of mine come true.


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    That’s a major and wonderful accomplishment. Congratulations! I can’t wait to read your piece. … I’ve always loved Guideposts.

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    Awesome! It is so exciting when those dreams finally do come true! Congratulations and I’ll definitely check out your column tomorrow!

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    Oh Janice That is so exciting!! I am so happy for you. I have always dreamed of being a writer, so I can imagining how thrilling this is for you! God is so good. I love how He delights to give us the desires of our hearts!

    Congrats!! Can’t wait to read it tomorrow!

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    How wonderful! Looking forward to reading your articles soon. :) I didn’t even realize that Guideposts was online, lol. Shows how much I pay attention.

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    Awesome ! Congratulations…
    Nice blog. I surely will be back again to read your articles. By the way, thanks for following my blog. :))

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    From another bookworm who secretly longs to one day have an editor welcome her as well… Congratulations! That’s a wonderful magazine. What an awesome reminder, as someone else here said, that God does give us the desires of our hearts.

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    Congrats! That is so exciting!
    I have wanted to be a “writer” for a long time now, too – and like you said, I guess that’s probably why I blog. I would love to have a similar opportunity that has been given to you. I’ve just got to get my confidence up and get out there!

    Kudos to you for making it happen!

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    Congrats on a great post! (I’ve been to Disney World without my kids, too. That’s a weird feeling!)

    Now, tell us HOW you did it! :)

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    I have been experiencing a Ephiany of sorts myself. I have a love for writing and sharing events both good and bad in my life and my family. I love to read inspirtional stories, I will look forward to reading yours. I have been praying for many purposes, I pray for my family, and to find new friends who can guide me in the right direction. I have been accompanying a close friend of mine to a Womens Ministry that is Christian, (I am Catholic). But I have met other friends through this alliance, the other people are also Catholic, but love what they get out of the Ministry. It is a great out-let for me, as I continue to meet new and interesting women, and that will hopefully get me to find new friends, and new interests. I will look forward to your success and your inspirational stories.

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    I’m raising my virtual glass of champagne (er…sparkling cider, that is…I’m nursing a 3-week-old baby at the moment…) to you in celebration. What a wonderful thing it is when a dream comes true.

    Congrats, Janice!


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