Playing in the Rain {Guest Post}

Today’s guestpost is from Jamie and Lindsi of Toys in the Dryer. Leave a comment and let us know what you think of this post. Chime in!

 As children, we see rain as something beautiful and fun.  We beg our parents to go outside and splash in puddles while water from the sky soaks our clothes.  We find the rain refreshing and exciting.

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 Getting wet (and even muddy) is not a nuisance, but rather a normal part of life and play.  Rain is not an every day occurrence and running around in it is a special activity.  We let go and live in the moment.

As adults, rain becomes something to be avoided.  It isn’t so bad when we can just sit a home, but having to venture out is an issue.  Rain ruins our hair and clothes, interrupts our schedules, and is difficult to get around in.

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 Getting wet (and dirty) is not ok.  We have places to go and things to do, and we must look put-together.  Thank goodness rain is not an every day occurrence and we can not wait for when the sun shines again (or at least the rain stops).

The minds of children are not yet crowded by thoughts of the way they should look or time schedules they must abide by.  They see things such as rain as an opportunity to take a time out from life; to enjoy the little moments even if the adults think they are bothersome.

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 When was the last time you let out your inner child?  When was the last time you stopped worrying about looking put-together or let the time schedule pass without notice?  When was the last time you did this with your kids—truly lived in the moment with them?  When was the last time you played in the rain?

Toys In The Dryer combines the humorous side of being moms with our desire to provide fun, cheap, and creative outlets for our children.  Activity and snack ideas, laughable posts, and expert advice blend the best parenting.  We are hoping that Toys In The Dryer encourages us along with our readers to spend more quality time with our kids.  Here’s to hoping you don’t find too many toys in your dryer!  


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    I loved splashing in the rain as a kid, but by the time I got into Boy Scouts, and was out camping, I learned to dread it, and to keep an eye always on the horizon for impending storms. There is NOTHING worse than being stuck out in the wilderness soaked, with night coming on.

    So, if I’m not far from the house, I don’t mind getting wet; in fact, it makes for some great sports playing. But I lost a lot of my desire to be out in the rain because it always reminds me of those times when it became a factor for comfort (and even survival) when out in the woods. Always have a poncho! Be prepared! Setting up a tent in the rain sucks! It’s been a hard habit to break, and my wife thinks I’m such a big pansy that I typically don’t like to get wet…but I know from experience working on a Search and Rescue team that getting cold and wet is a great way to die of exposure. And she wishes that I’d stop bringing that up, since I always say it when we’re safely nestled in civilized places.

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      I’d say you definitely have an excuse for not liking the rain! However when you are safely nestled in civilized places, go out, let go, and live in the moment! If you have kids, have them join you! Teach them the safety issues surrounding rain but let them enjoy it as you did when you were a kid :)

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        I’ve got a 2-year old, and she’d love nothing more than to play in the rain. We’re waiting for a good rainy day (not a lot of those in SoCal) to test my neuroses…I’m gonna try to keep it fun, with minimal comments about how rain can kill people.

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    Last year I got caught In a freak rain storm on the walk to my grocery store. I had no option but to wait it out or walk home in it. Who knows how long I would wait? So I walked it.

    I and my groceries were soaked when I got home. It made me laugh how drenched I was. The humor of it was one silver lining.

    The other silver lining? I bought soup fixings while I was at the store.

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