Praying for Baby Stellan

stellan icu

UPDATE: MckMamma tells us how their night went…

It’s the middle of the night in the midwest and MckMamma has given in to exhaustion and fallen asleep.

Her last tweet reads:
“I’m exhausted, just finished pumping & going to bed now. I’m down the hall; not allowed to sleep in his room”

Praying for StellanShe’s exhausted because her little baby, lovingly nicknamed MckMuffin, has been battling a life-threatening bout of RSV. He is still struggling and family, friends and bloggers from all over the world are lifting him up in prayer.

Please join us as we echo a loving mother’s prayers for her precious child:

“Thank you, Jesus, for Stellan. Thank you that You never leave us and that You have Your almighty hand on our son. We trust You with his health, ask You to please help him turn the corner with his illness tonight, and thank You for the opportunity to give all glory to You, no matter what happens.”



  1. says

    Father God – You created this miracle, this child of yours. Today we ask for healing from this nasty illness. Touch Stellan’s body and make it well again. Be with his Mom as she naturally longs for his wellness and worries over him. Give her peace, rest, and comfort. Thank you God for hearing our prayers and for the miracles you place in our lives through our children.

  2. Jamaise says

    Poor little guy. I can’t even imagine how hard this must be on him & his Momma. The family is in our thoughts and prayers.

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