Instantly Share Baby Photos with Family and Friends with ZangZing

Kathryn Corro is one of the Co-Founders of ZangZing , a company focused on redesigning photo sharing. She is sharing some great insights for how busy moms can instantly share baby photos with family and friends by just sending one email.

Simplifying the newborn stage

A new baby brings lots of new things – sleepless nights, diaper duty, feeding and napping routines, as well as lots of rewarding firsts – the first bath, the first smile, the first roll, and the first step. As a new mom, you make every effort to catch these moments, usually on your smartphone, which tends to be the handiest camera available. Since these precious photos accumulate rapidly, what is the easiest way to share baby photos on an on-going basis with your family and close friends?

Imagine taking a photo, sending it to one Share Baby Photosemail address, and having your entire group of friends and family automatically notified of the new photo. Then, they can view the baby photo or the entire baby album in a beautiful service free of ads.

And, they can comment, download, or purchase photo products, too.

Could it really be that easy?

How to Share Baby Photos with One Email

First, create a new album on ZangZing. Add a photo or two to start the album, and name it whatever you’d like. It could be as generic as “Baby Album” or just name it after your child, “Elizabeth’s World.”

In the Create Group & Share step, choose your privacy settings. Your photos can be as public or private as you want. Then, Create a Group and add the email addresses of the group of people that you want to keep up to date with new baby photos. Remember to check the box to automatically update the group whenever new photos or comments are added.

Share Baby Photos Group

When you finish creating the album, just send photos to the email address of the album which consists of the album name and your username (the format is Also, ZangZing will send you an email letting you know that your photos have been added to the Baby Album. We recommend that you save the vcard attached to that email in your address book. Share Baby Photos EmailThis way, whenever you get a great baby photo, you can quickly send it to the album email address which was saved in the vcard.

That’s it. Now, when you get a great baby photo with your smartphone, just email it to the Baby Album. As soon as your photo is uploaded, your entire group of family and friends will receive an email with the new photo. Then, they can view the photo or the entire album and make photo comments, download original resolution photos, or purchase photo products for themselves or as gifts. It’s that great combination of easy and fun!

Family and Friends can Share Baby Photos in Your Album, Too

If you want, you can also let your family and friends add photos to your Baby Album. In the Create Group & Share step, just designate them as Contributors.

Then, they can email photos directly to the album, too. Or, they can also add photos over the web from just about anywhere – Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox, Kodak Gallery, Instagram, PhotoBucket, MobileMe, Picasa Web, Shutterfly, and SmugMug – and of course directly from your computer, iPhoto, or Picasa Desktop.

Share Baby Photos Album

ZangZing is redesigning photo sharing to make life just a little simpler and a lot more fun.

Kathryn Corro is one of the Co-Founders of ZangZing, a company focused on redesigning photo sharing. She was inspired to create ZangZing so that families and friends, that are busier than ever these days, can easily share photos is an beautiful way to stay in touch. To learn more about how to organize and share photos, check out the ZangZing blog or email Kathryn.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post, but regardless we think it’s cool enough to share with our readers!


  1. Richa says

    Hello! I have been using ZangZing for few months. I absolutely love it. I also want to point out that it is super easy to import all your photos to ZangZing from sites like Flicker, Picasa, Facebook, etc. ZangZing has surely simplified my world!!

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