Pin It Friday – Link Up Your Favorite Pins

Pinterest is fabulous.

If you’ve given in to the temptation and started using Pinterest, you already know how awesome it is. But if you’re new to this visual bookmarking craze, use our Pinterest Resource Page to get started.

To help you continually find and share awesome Pins from your blogging friends, we’re starting this new weekly blog carnival called Pin It Friday where you can add a couple of your favorite pins from the week.

Feel free to add a link to one of your Pins that is based on your own content AND add another link to one of your Pins that links to someone else’s website. Make sense?

Here I’ll show you…

We love this pretty picture of Olivia dancing that we published a few weeks ago.


Pin It

And we have Pinned that original post at

So in the Linky below, we’ll add the url
and the name “Dance Like No One is Watching.”

I’m also going to add a second entry in the linky list for one of my favorite Pins that I discovered during the week. It is a Butterfly Lollipop Kids Craft.

Get It? Okay, now add a couple of your Pins… and then enjoy browsing and clicking your way through the list. Tell all your friends to link up, on Twitter use hashtag #PinItFriday

Thumbnail Linky

Pinterest doesn’t allow Linky Tools to automatically pull the image, so to use the thumbnail linky, first download the image to your computer and then use upload from File.

Basic Linky

If you don’t want to add an image with your link, use this linky…

Remember to tweet out and tell all your friends to get pinning and link up here. Use hashtag #PinItFriday


Written by Susan Carraretto, co-founder of 5 Minutes for Mom
I answer to the name Mommy Blogger, but prefer the term
Mom Blogger.
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    • says

      Thanks Helen. I find new social media platforms can be overwhelming at first if you don’t know who to follow. It’s best if you can connect with some friends right away.

  1. says

    Oops I did it wrong…of course.
    I will do it correctly next Friday. Love, Love this idea. Wish there was a way to link it back to your blog so we can all share our blogs on Friday too!

    • says

      So glad you’re joining in.

      If one of the Pins you are sharing includes content from your own blog, you are indirectly sharing your blog. If we all browse through, look at the Pins, and click through the Pin to the original content, we’ll find each other’s blogs too.

      See ya next week!

  2. says

    Great idea, but I did it wrong the first time, sorry. Number 40 isn’t linked to my pinterest account but to my blog by mistake. I fixed it for number 41 because I couldn’t delete the other one.

  3. says

    I am SO completely addicted to Pintrest (you know it;s bad when I have more followers there than I do on Twitter 😉
    Just did a blog post about it as a matter of fact.
    LOVE that you;re doing this linky… found some great things to like and pin already 😉


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