Wordless Wednesday – A Shot from Dominican Republic

Jennifer Donovan is representing 5 Minutes for Mom in the Dominican Republic with Compassion Bloggers. Click here for a list of all her Compassion International posts.

Thanks to Keely, the Compassion International photographer on the trip, for this beautiful photo of Jennifer with a mother and daughter from the Dominican Republican.

Thanks to Uisce for creating Wordless Wednesday.

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    My eldest daughter has recently returned from a year in Mozambique. There’s nothing like a glimpse of other people’s lives to make us all that bit more compassionate.
    Best wishes

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    We need to see more photos like this in the world. If people could only forget themselves in compassionate service, they would forget their own problems.

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    That is a beautiful picture! I have to appreciate the little girls hair! It looks like someone took the time to make her beautiful!! Lovely!!!

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    Great photo. For some reason I wasn’t able to leave my link. But mine is up. Your sidebar is covering up the links and the button to add my link. You might want to look into that and see if it is doing the same thing for other readers.

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    That is a wonderful photo shot.

    I have been quite nostalgic this week, so I pulled my entry for the week from hours after our Little Bit was born. Four hours old, I do believe. :)


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