How Long Should You Spend on That Post?

by Janice

checklist-angela-englandTime is money. And I am broke.

Like most mom bloggers and social media mom influencers, I am usually scrambling to meet my deadlines — both kid and work related.

Some of my online friends write so quickly and work so efficiently, I feel like I am the tortoise with her backside still touching the start line!

But my problem is, I am a perfectionist. I tweak and edit every post I write, working far too long on each one. How can I speed up my publishing process? Should I be taking so long editing?

Recently I was reading a fantastic post by Angela England, 15 Tips to Cover Before Publishing Your Post, and it made me wonder, how long would Angela tell me to spend on a blog post?

So, I jumped on skype to get the inside scoop and ask Angela herself:

MC: Angela, I often feel like the slowest blogger out there! I spend considerable time editing, polishing, and going through my own “checklist” like the one you posted recently on your site. Can I ask you, how long would you say you spend on an average post?

Angela England: I can spend anywhere from one hour to ten or more on a blog post depending on how I’m able to focus. Sometimes it is better to just stick a post in drafts and come back to it. Other times, just WRITE first, and then go back and check your work the next day. On average I would say about an hour per post.

MC: What would you say are the most common “mistakes” of bloggers rushing to publish too quickly?


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