Laughter: Way Better Than Medicine

The other day, I walked into the room where my three daughters and a friend of theirs were laughing uncontrollably. I had no idea what had inspired their fit of laughter, but soon I was laughing with them. It’s amazing how contagious laughter is…..and how good I felt after I had a good, side-splitting laugh.

I am so excited to welcome Annie, the new Managing Editor of 5 Minutes for Parenting, and author of to our 5M4M team. Her post this week left me smiling, and I know that she will continue to leave readers smiling over at our parenting sister site.

Carefree Laughter: a Daily Multivitamin

Laughter is a good medicine. It balms the soul when the waves of anxiety buffet.  It clears the mind when lists and deadlines loom. It reminds us that life is still fun even if we do not enjoy the responsibilities consuming our thoughts.

What is there to laugh at? A silly hat on a toddler’s head.  A preschooler magically turning into a doggie.  A dog scooting its rear across the floor.

When we let our lists and worries control our mood, we need to stop, drop, and laugh…..

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    I’ve heard that laughing is good for the bones–some wise fellow by the name of Solomon wrote that! lol What a darling story.

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    I smiled as I read your article, because it’s so true that laughing is contagious! I was playing with my 18 month old niece this weekend and watched as she would burst into laughter as the push car rolled away when she pushed it, or different music would sound as she pushed different buttons. Before long I was laughing with her. Ahhh… the simple pleasures a child sees all around them!

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