Finding the Bright Spot

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I am no longer used to having all 5 kids at home. Since my youngest started school last August, I have been able to have a few hours every day to concentrate on my work. I got into a good routine and stayed busy while they were in school. And now that they are all home for the summer, I am still just as busy….but with much less structured time on my hands.

I admit that I have had my moments of frustration since school let out last month. Not only is it harder for me to stay on top of my work, but 7 people in a small townhouse all day, every day inevitably leads to fights. Some days I want to banish the kids to the back yard and not let them come back in to the house until dinner is ready.

And then I found a picture like this on my memory card from last week and it made the challenge of juggling work and kids and fighting and messes all worth it:

This week, after feeling my mix of emotions over the family time we had, I came across an article on our sister site, 5 Minutes for Special Needs by Kimberly, author of The Simple Life. I can completely relate to her sentiments.

The Bright Spot

Yesterday was rough all over. I’m still recovering from our trip last week – behind on everything. My semi-chronic neck pain is back with a vengeance thanks to the long hours of driving. I barked at the kids about little stuff but didn’t have the energy to keep them occupied and out of trouble. I even burned the broccoli. I turned on the burner to let the broccoli steam, then went to check my e-mail which hadn’t been working earlier in the day. While I was doing that I noticed a long overdue project sitting on my desk and started working on that. Sometime later the aroma of blackened broccoli wafted in. Of course usually I would have had more broccoli around, but not yesterday. This week I had decided to just use up what I had on hand because it was the perfect amount. It fit the rest of the day…

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Written by 5 Minutes for Mom managing editor Lolli. You can find me blogging at Better in Bulk and tweeting at @1momof5.

*Photo by Lolli*


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    I totally understand your frustrations. I too was struggling at the beginning because both of my babies are home for the summer as well, but I just wrote an article at Moms Wearing Multiple hats about some of the tips that i’ve been using to keep me from going insane. Thanks so much for sharing.

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      LeTersa, I’ll have to go check out your tips! I used to do really well when the kids were younger and park play dates were an easy way to keep them entertained. Oh, and back when I wasn’t working, the kids were easier to keep busy, too. :)

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    Girl, I have NO idea how you handle 5 kids on ANY day, much less all summer long. Thank goodness you have a back yard.

    What a fabulous photo… I’m so glad it reminded you of what an amazing job you’re doing.

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      Thanks, Susan! I still can’t believe how busy I’ve kept the kids (and ME) this summer. And yet, after taking them to a camp-resort and traipsing all over town with Grandpa for the weekend, my oldest daughter still claims that we haven’t been doing anything this summer. Argh!

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