Yawn for fitness

Feeling sleepy? Me too!

Being a mom is an exhausting job and one that leaves me yawning almost all day long.

If you find yourself reaching for a cup of caffeine to boost your energy, it is time to make those yawns work for you, instead of against you!

Here is the plan: every yawn before noon will earn you 10 push ups and every yawn after 12pm will have you doing 10 jumping jacks.

Ideally you want to do them right away, but if you are in line at the grocery store when the yawn hits, make note of it and do it as soon as you get home. (Here is where my 2 year old comes in very handy. He never seems to forget how many yawns Mommy has!)

If push ups and jumping jacks are not your thing, feel free to substitute lunges or squats instead. Just make sure that your body does as much, if not more, moving than your mouth.

Chances are, these little bits of exercise sprinkled throughout your day will give you the energy you need and you’ll find yourself yawning less and less.


  1. says

    Well now that I have just consumed my first vat of espresso of the day I can more or less guarantee there will be no yawns around here.

    And with advice like that, if I feel even the teeniest tiniest hint of a yawn I’ll just drown it with another vat of espresso.


  2. Alyssa says

    That’s cute, that your 2 year-old reminds you. Sometimes I think kids are the best personal trainers, lol!

  3. katelin says

    i wonder if it would be weird if i just started doing jumping jacks in my office, haha. but definitely sounds like a great way to wake up.

  4. says

    hey Lisa 😉 Going to be paying attention to my yawns from now on! Looking at tiredness in a different light may be just what this tired mommy needs to do!

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