Twitter and Social Awareness

As I was checking in with 5 Minutes for Mom’s sister sites this week, I was struck by a post by Kimberly from The Simple Life. In her post on 5 Minutes for Special Needs, she mentions a particular tweet that stood out to her last week.

Regardless of our own family’s situation, she brings up some very interesting questions. What is appropriate to share (and joke about) on twitter? And what is an appropriate way to react and respond when someone else tweets something you don’t agree with?

The ThiRd Rail

I’m still trying to figure out twitter. Can’t decide if it’s really useful for me or not. I’m trying out HootSuite which makes it more accessible, but still kind of overwhelming. Anyway last night as I was scrolling through the most recent tweets two words jumped out at me. Perhaps they would have jumped out at you, too, if like me you are raising a child with special needs and helping take care of an elderly parent.

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