Blogs can be such beautiful things…

by Janice

Reading blogs can be a crazy “follow your nose” kind of thing – a pleasant path hopping from one link to another, from one person’s life to another’s.

Tonight I started hopping through the web and I landed on this heart wrenching, make-me-cry-real-tears blog named Debutaunt. The most recent post said that she was closing it.

I read through her recent posts to understand why and my heart just broke. I am sure you will cry too as you read of her fight with cancer and her love for her sweet six year old daughter Zoe. (If you want to read about her relationship with her daughter Zoe, you can go to her categories section and look under Zoe Baby.)

As a mother, you probably agree the thing that terrifies mothers the most is to not be with our kids – to not hug them, see them grow, or kiss their tears away. Reading Debutaunt’s agony being separated from her daughter during her leukemia treatment just made tears pour out of me.

There should be some natural law that makes it impossible for mothers to get sick or die until their kids are at least twenty five.

So take a moment to read her story – I am not sure if she will keep her blog up or not. And maybe send some prayers her way too.

I love blogs because they expand our worldview and introduce us to people we would otherwise never have met. Their stories enhance our lives. We cry and pray for people we don’t even know.

I love blogs because they are real and often they are just beautiful.

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