Libre Tea Glass for Mother’s Day

When I think of my mom, I think of hot tea, English breakfast to be exact. My mom is a tea drinker, and I spent many mornings, as a young girl, enjoying a hot cup of tea with her. I still enjoy tea, but seem to make it less often.

However, the other day I was reading about the health benefits of green tea and realized that I need to get myself back into the habit of drinking tea.

The antioxidant properties of green tea may help protect against atherosclerosis, mainly coronary artery disease. Researchers believe that polyphenols in green tea help kill cancerous cells and halt their progression with breast, bladder, colorectal, esophageal, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, prostate, skin and stomach. Green tea also lowers bad cholesterol while raising HDL cholesterol.

A study at the University of Pittsburgh states that, that although more studies are needed, the antioxidants in the green tea help protect the bladder against inflammation or injury. Green Tea may help reduce the inflammation in the bowels for those with irritable bowel disease. Losing weight is a little bit easier with green tea as it increases your metabolism which in return helps burn fat.

Libre has a great way for you to enjoy tea, and it is PERFECT for Mother’s Day. Libre’s loose leaf tea glasses are specifically designed for tea ‘on-the-go’ and are made with a built-in stainless-steel filter that keeps tea leaves in the glass and out of your mouth.

The Libre Glass ’n Poly tea glass has a durable polycarbonate exterior and a health-conscious glass interior for practicality and clean taste. It is also beautiful!

I was thrilled to take my Libre Glass ‘n Poly out of the box and try the organic Ming Mei green tea that was also sent my way. It was delightfully easy. The organic Ming Mei tea comes in individual packs. I simply opened a package, emptied it into the filter, filled my glass with hot water, twisted the filter back on, turned the glass upside down for 90 seconds to brew and voila, my delicious green tea was ready to drink.

With the Glass ‘n Poly, there is also an option of emptying the loose leaf tea directly into the glass, adding hot water, and letting it steep.

This Mother’s Day, one lucky reader will enjoy a relaxing tea moment…anytime, anywhere! We have one Libre Glass ‘n Poly plus package of organic Ming Mei green tea to give away. Simply leave a comment below to enter. If you “Like” Libre on Facebook, you can earn an additional entry.

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This giveaway will remain open until Saturday, May 7th. We will announce our winner along with our other Mother’s Day Giveaway winners on Sunday, May 8th.

Please be sure to check our main Mother’s Day Giveaway post for our list of giveaways. New ones are added daily.

Thank you to Libre for providing two Glass ‘n Poly with organic Ming Mei green tea pouch for review and giveaway.


  1. Ana triano says

    It’s hard to find a travel tea container that doesn’t change the taste of the tea….this item seems ideal :) fingers crossed! A very classy design.

  2. Rachael Peffer says

    Mmm, just love loose tea but I haven’t seen this before…it is really cool! Thanks for the opportunity!

    girlsandcurls2(at)yahoo (dot)com

  3. Krissy says

    I love tea, especially good loose leaf tea. This looks like a better way to brew than my old tea bulb. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy this on Mothers Day 😀

  4. Rachael says

    This article describes all my memories of mothers day through my childhood now a mother my self I can perfectly see my self and my family on our bed having morning tea, on a picnic : ) enjoying each others company over a hot cup of tea this would suit me more than words! Like on facebook !

  5. Shelagh says

    What a unique product! I could use an incentive to drink more tea and I think this product could help me with that.

  6. Vilmarys says

    I’m am constantly getting told that I need to drink more tea. This would be a great way for me to do that. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. Christine ( says

    I have heard so much about Libre Tea and am eager to try it! Winning it would also be pretty cool! Thank you for the opportunity.

  8. Alison says

    I would love to give this to my Mama for Mother’s Day. I tease her all the time about carrying her tea with her everwhere she goes. This would be a great gift and I would love to win it.

  9. Stacey says

    I would love to give this to my Mother in law. She drinks tea all the time. I would be a great gift for her.

  10. Shawna says

    I drink tea all day long. Would love to take it on the road in a “tea mug” instead of a coffee mug:)

  11. Sarah C says

    My husband would tell you that tea drinking is my hobby! This would be the perfect way to take tea on the go!

  12. Jesselyn A says

    Wow – with the exception of of the Laptop computer and the Office 2010 for PCs – which I would thrilled and profoundly grateful to win for my most deserving Honey/Hubby (and the Keurig Single Cup Brewer would be very welcome as well!0 …

    Anyway, so many of your truly fabulous, thoughtful and generous Mother’s Day Giveaways seem almost tailor made for MY MOM. She loves Flowevers, Journek-Keeping (SnapFish) and the Shari’s Berries (which would HAVE to be SHARED BY ALL>

    And now youhave yet another perfect giveaway for MY 89 year young MOM who has been an avid Tes drinker ever since I can remember (I inherited my Coffee habit from my Dad!) SO it’s would be a great pleasure to give the Libre Tea Glass to my Mom – who is very difficult to shop for – which is why it’s so amazing that you have managed to come up with so many giveaways so ideal for her. Thanks again – and Happiest Mother’s Day to You and Yours!

  13. Chrisie Stanfield says

    I have been trying to change over to a healthier lifestyle and would love to win this!

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