Reminiscing already…

by Janice

Olivia is nine months old today – or eighteen months if you count it all.

For nine agonizing months she grew inside me. From the second I found out her tiny life was forming, I worried and waited for the day when I would finally get to hold her safely in my arms. Honestly, most of me thought that it would never really happen. I would never actually get to be so lucky to have her. I pleaded with God, begging him to keep my baby safe. I think I worried about as much as a mother can.

But then it happened. She came. I actually had my baby girl – alive and in my arms. Relief and complete joy. Holding her was as good as life gets.

And for these nine months since that wonderful moment when we first met her, I have been in maternal bliss. She is a doll. A dream of a baby. She is sweet and easy going and full of life and laughter. I call her the Jackson encore – she reminds me so much of him. She lives and laughs with such intensity, squeezing every drop of fun out of life.

I was looking through my photos today (on my computer of course – I am so busy I never get my photos printed, framed or scrapbooked,) and decided to post these shots I took of Olivia in April. Life goes so fast in baby days – she has already changed so much since this impromptu photo shoot in her Happy Panda onesie – so these photos are already memories. I loved those days when she discovered her feet and with complete concentration would “talk to her toes.”


Olivia, my beloved baby girl, I hope you always laugh this hard and love life this much. I adore you and I can’t believe I am so incredibly blessed to be your Mom. I wish I could slow it all down. Each moment with you is so delicious. I can’t bear for it to go so fast. I love you, Mom.


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