Mother’s Day Giveaway – HP Pavilion dm1

Okay ladies — start crossing your fingers for this one…

We have one HP Pavilion dm1 to give away this Mother’s Day!!!

HP Pavilion dm1 — Power AND Mobility

I have a very large laptop. It is huge and heavy and its battery lasts barely an hour. Sure it is great when it stays put on my kitchen table, hooked up to a power strip. But you should see me lugging it through airports and conferences. Not fun! And, with very few airplanes having power supplies, I am hooped when it comes to working on long flights.

So, when HP emailed me about testing out their new HP Pavilion dm1 for Mom 2.0 Summit, I was thrilled.

The HP Pavilion dm 1 has the POWER of a notebook with the MOBILITY of a netbook! — JUST what I need!

I have used “minis” before and they just don’t have enough ummph to get the job done for me. I need to run Lightroom, Photoshop Elements, and more when I am working. And I need enough space to store my photos and files too!

The HP Pavilion dm1 with VISION Technology from AMD has a full processor and so, despite its sleek, small size, it has the power of a full size computer.

The dm1 features an 11โ€ display, it weighs just over 3 lbs and is about an inch thin. It also has a built-in webcam, which is essential these days!

The battery life on the dm1 is excellent. It lasts up to 9 hours — and I found I could get about 4-5 hours of hard core usage out of one charge — running Lightroom, Firefox and other programs at the same time.

It also features CoolSense technology that knows if the notebook is on your lap or the countertop and adjusts its temperature accordingly. I love this feature! I often work in bed, next to Olivia while she sleeps. The dm1 stays cool and with its advance design, I don’t have to worry about it overheating. Brilliant!

It doesn’t have a CD/DVD drive, so that is a con if you want to use it play DVDs. I usually rent my movies online and download them anyway, so it isn’t too much of a problem for me. There is also an optional external CD/DVD drive for installing software or Blu-ray drive for watching HD movies.

In all, I am impressed with the dm1. I can easily slip it into my purse and yet still get the power I need to work.

Here are some other features included with the HP Pavillion dm1.

  • Integrated Wireless- for access within range of a hotspot (Bluetooth is optional)
  • VGA webcam for staying connected with friends and family
  • VGA port for connecting a monitor
  • Three USB ports for connecting accessories
  • A multi-format digital media card reader for Secure Digital and MultiMediaCard
  • A dual-core AMD Fusion processor E350 for fast Web surfing and smooth HD video
  • Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium
  • Dolby advanced audio and Altec Lansing speakers for premium sound
  • ENERGY STARยฎ qualification

The dm1 is available at HP Home & Home Office now at a starting price of $449.99

We have one HP Pavilion dm1 with VISION Technology from AMD to give away to one lucky mom. To enter, please leave a comment below. We would love to know how the dm1 would make your life easier. Additionally, we will give you an extra entry for following @HP_PC on Twitter.

This giveaway is open to US Residents only and closes on Saturday, May 7th. We will announce our winner, along with our other Mother’s Day Giveaway winners, on Sunday, May 8th.

This giveaway is part of our Mother’s Day 2011 Giveaway event.

While HP provided one HP Pavilion dm1 for review purposes and an additional unit to giveaway, all opinions are my own.


  1. says

    This would be amazing to win! I need a new laptop so bad…right now I am anchored to the wall with the plug because it does not recognize the battery. So in order to move to another room I have to power down, unplug, move, plug it in and then power up. It is really a pain!

  2. says

    would make it easier to take my laptop with me. I too have one of those big bulky ones from a several years ago.
    scrtsbpal at yahoo dot com

  3. Katie says

    This will so make my life easier because I will give it to my husband! He is losing his computer from work and is bugging me to buy a laptop we can’t afford… so this is perfect!

  4. says

    I have to enter this for my wife! The dm1 would make both my life and her life easier! For me, I could quit having to make continuous hardware repairs to her current laptop. For her, a more mobile laptop that doesn’t have serious hardware issues would make life a lot easier!

    mattschmunk at gmail dot com

  5. Alison S. says

    Right now all I have is a desktop computer. I would love to have something portable so I can be where the kids are and still be able to do stuff online.

  6. says

    My current laptop is horrible! It can’t do much of anything without slowing way down or overheating or just in general being a piece of junk – and this one sounds amazing! I love the capabilities and the small, portable size would be wonderful!

  7. says

    My current laptop is also pretty bulky. I think I could be a lot more productive with a smaller one. Plus a built-in webcam would be great for using Skype with my parents so they can see their grandbabies! :)

  8. DeAnna Jones says

    IF I won this, then I could give the one slower one I’m using now to my sulky 17 year old son, LOL! He and I both would be VERY happy!

  9. Jessica says

    Our current laptop had coffee spilled on it by my 5 year old. The letters A and Z do not work and the mouse on the laptop also does not work. Luckily we discovered an onscreen keyboard that we can use to type the A and the Z (do you know how many times the letter A is used? ALOT!). Plus we got a mouse to plug into the computer. It is a mess, but it works; however, a new laptop would be AWESOME! :)

  10. says

    Having my own laptop would free up the community computer my boys use for their virtual school. The portability would be fabulous when we’re out and about! Great giveaway! :)

  11. Kelly Ann T. says

    I was just notified that I was awarded a scholarship at a local university so I can complete my bachelors degree, and a laptop would help me with my homework and taking notes in class.

  12. marina says

    My 11 month old has drooled on, pounded on and food smeared my present laptop that’s loaded with too many files and terribly slow….this laptop would be such a blessing!

  13. Amy Brewer says

    I could use this because I have 2 daughters who need to do homework and other things on my desktop and I could use this for my bedroom. It is really hard for my children to use the computer at the same time and I would let them use this when they needed too also. I wouldn’t hog it all myself (although I would love too!)

  14. Laurel says

    I would give the netbook to my sister-in-law because my neice (her daughter) dropped her notebook a couple years ago & it’s never worked right since!

  15. says

    I wouldn’t be chained to my desk! I’d be able to take it with me when I need to {though I wouldn’t compromise family time, I promise!}. Will be nice especially with the nicer weather :)

  16. says

    I’ve never own a laptop, and been confined to my computer desk, so owning one would make things so much more simple. Hove to work on my families videos too so I’d love the HD viseo.

  17. says

    My 3 kids and I use the laptop I’m on, and it’s slowly going downhill… I really should have my own, but who can afford that? Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. says

    It would make my life easier to have a more portable laptop to lug around the house when I’m working and watching the kids, instead of being attached to the big one I have on my desk that’s too cumbersome to move around much.

  19. says

    This would make my life easier because I don’t have a laptop. I currently use our desktop – sure can’t take that to a blogging conference!

  20. says

    I would love to have one of these! It would make life easier do to its size and portability! Not to mention I love the fact that it won’t overheat easily. I love using my laptop in bed too!

  21. says

    This would make my life so much easier as I could continue working while waiting an hour (no exaggeration) in the pick-up line at my daughter’s school. :)

  22. says

    I don’t even have MY OWN computer, but would LOVE one. I do my work from the computer I use for work. :(
    I’ve had a Twitter account for over a year, but never used it. Today I started by following @HP_PC.
    I’m so excited!!!

  23. says

    I would love a laptop like that. It would be so nice to be able to SKYPE with my mom who lives over 300 miles away and to use it to keep in touch with friends and family when I’m traveling.

  24. says

    The portability would be so beneficial. I have 4 kids – all school age – and am constantly on the go with them. I would love to have something like this that is both powerful and portable to help with my workload.

  25. says

    Oh, the joy a laptop would bring to our house– the computer I have now is my work computer and is usually with me wherever I am. However, because it also doubles as our family computer, it is used by my kiddos at home, and seems to be coated with a thin layer of something (jelly? snot??) and actually missing buttons from the keyboard. What a mother’s day gift it would be!

    Also, following HP_PC on Twitter

  26. says

    I actually have a laptop, but the best Mother’s Day gift to me would be knowing my husband has a laptop to take when he deploys so we can stay connected as well as we can. All he has is a desktop. With those stats though… I think I’d send him with mine and keep this beauty for myself.

  27. says

    It would be great to have something smaller yet fast to carry around to all the school meetings I attend. 5 boys…3 schools…lots of meetings :) Thank you for this opportunity

  28. says

    This would make life so much easier when traveling! We currently do not have a laptop for personal use (my hubby has one for work, but then if something happens to it he would be responsible for it so we don’t usually take it with us) and I would actually love to be able to go to a blog conference soon. It might be a bit hard without a laptop! (and no smartphone either!)

  29. ivy says

    I would love to win this. I could use it in the kitchen instead of running back and forth to the nearest computer (I hate printing recipes before I know if they’ll work for our family — feels like I’m wasting paper). It would also help so much with traveling or whenever the kids come visiting and we need another access point.

  30. says

    I would LOVE a new laptop!!! Mine is a hand me down and old! The battery doesn’t work so I must always be plugged in. This would be wonderful!

  31. says

    This would make my life easier because I wouldn’t have to share our computer with my husband, or even my kids when they are needing to do school work. I’d LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have a computer to call my own :)

    Michelle @ FTSN

  32. says

    I would be able to do things, other than just let my boys play on the computer (all three of them)! The older the babe gets, the less time I have.

  33. says

    This would be immensely helpful when I go to hospital appts for a week or so for transplant. John could continue to work on the road.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  34. Lanelda says

    I love the idea of a laptop that is both powerful and easier to carry around on trips- especially with since carry-on luggage only is becoming more the norm!

  35. says

    Well, first off anything would be better than my current laptop. When I bought my current laptop I spent months and months saving my pennies to buy a laptop I could afford. Over the past two years it has gotten slower and more often than not my screen freezes and starts to go all fuzzy. I usually have to smack the back of my screen a few times to get it to work again. But sometimes I have to re-start the whole thing.

    One thing is my laptop is heavy and bulky and lugging it on trips or even to use during my kids activities becomes hard, not to mention my battery lasts 20 minutes! yep! Unplugged my battery which says is fully charged dies after 20 minutes. *tear*

    The dm1 not only would make blogging on the go easier for me, but I would be able to get more stuff done quicker and have more time leftover to spend with my family. With my current laptop it takes me a long time to get anything done because how slow it has gotten and the fuzzy screen (it just went fuzzy on me. ugh).

    Thanks for the amazing opportunity!

  36. Amy Austin says

    This would make my life easier because I have no idea what to get my husband for fathers day, and if I win, he can have my old laptop! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  37. Donna says

    I would love to win it for my daughter who loves my laptop but doesn’t have one of her own and then she could send me grandson pictures!

  38. says

    I have a teenager who currently is enrolled in high school on line. His current netbook is brobken. This would make our live so much easier!

  39. says

    With the dm1, I could use it and give my son my current laptop, since he’s been asking for a laptop for awhile now. He likes to use mine for homework help and school projects, which I don’t mind, but it would be so nice for each of us to have our own laptops.

  40. says

    With three children in the house and one bulky desktop…. that HP would be such a great help!!!!! I have had our desktop since 2005 and it was top of the line when it came out….now not so much. Having a laptop for me would give me the opportunity to do the things I need to get done and free up the desktop for more learning for my children.

  41. Tina says

    Would love to win this :) I need something lighter to do my work and easy to carry around. This sounds like a wonderful product and HP has a great reputation and superior customer service. I have six children, some small and some older. The older ones are always calling asking me to look up directions while the younger ones are needing help with homework done on the internet. This would really help with my flexibility instead of keeping me homebound.

  42. Gretchen says

    I would love to have this to have access anywahere. I use my phone for facebook and such but that doesn’t give me the capablilty to actually accomplish anything when I am away from my computer.

  43. says

    The HP Pavilion dm1 would make my life easier because of how light it is! It would make it so much easier to blog and work from anywhere if I had a laptop like this!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  44. says

    I would use it for so many things, blogging, making cooking videos, entering my cooking contests that I love, sharing pics with family members that all live far away, I might even share it with my husband. This would be a great gift for this Mama of two.

  45. says

    I currently haul my hubby’s 10 year old laptop around when I need “mobile” technology. It no longer even has a working battery and it has to weigh close to 10 pounds. It’s definitely a dinosaur. I would LOVE to have something just for me that I didn’t need to share with the kids either. My desktop is great, but having the mobility to work anywhere (home and while out and about) is definitely appealing!

  46. HappyMomC says

    It would make my life easier for me so that I don’t have to share my computer with anyone…and I can have some “me” time!

  47. Rena says

    I totally need a smaller more compact and faster computer. This will help me organize my photos, pay bills and do my taxes more efficiently.

  48. Natalia says

    I wish I could win this laptop! It will make my life much easy! I could then do a lot of stuff online: shop, pay bills, organize pictures and install Skype to talk to my Mom(who lives in Europe)

  49. John D. says

    After my hip surgery it is difficult to get around… so with the help of HP I could do a bunch of things online… but most important – communicate with my friends and family!

  50. Isabelle says

    I don’t have my own PC, so this one will be everything to me. I could shop online, download music, upload pictures etc

  51. says

    What a prize! The HP Pavillion dm1 would be wonderful because its portability would make things so much easier to get projects done! I have three beautiful young children, aged 3, 2, and 1…things can get pretty hectic sometimes! ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’d love to be able to have a little “me time” wherever we were!

  52. debra b says

    Oh too be free of my desk and PC! Would love to win this HP laptop, how nice it would be to get online anywhere in the house or even outside in the yard. It would afford so much freedom for me.

  53. Carolyn Franzen says

    This will make my life easier so I don’t have to always kick my husband and kids off the computer to do things for me on Facebook and get some me time.

  54. says

    My family is always loyal to HP products and this HP Pavilion dm1 will be a great gift for me on Mother’s day. My kids often use my laptop. It would be so much easier if we have an extra one.

  55. says

    Cool! I would love to have a computer where all the keys work! My cat knocked something heavy on my keyboard and then picked a couple of keys off. It has been a trying time for my computer… Following HP on Twitter now…

  56. Ann C says

    This is the prize of my dreams right now! How great.

    Thank you, and Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms out there!

  57. Mel says

    Good Morning, Hope this finds you well and in Great Health.
    I am so Interested and Excited about this PRIZE!!
    I follow you on Twitter and Facebook and have suggested you to the Mommies that I know as well, Thank you

    I would love to WIN this Because i do Alot of Charity work for a Few Organizations, Make Mommy Playdates and always on the Go with the 5 Children i Have. It is very difficult to try and look things up at the centers for the Mothers we are trying to place into their own homes to find housing, furniture, Clothing and much. For this i say it would cut down my time by 1/2 because i am always waiting on a computer opening where ever i am that day to do research. Or just say i am with a client at the Dr. office or visiting a Battered Women that is entering our program at the hospital , I could be helping 24/7/365 :) God has truly Blessed me with the Charity work and My Family i have. Thank you so Much for Considering Me.
    Have a Glorious Day!

  58. Vilmarys says

    This would make my life so much easier seeing how I don’t have a computer at home. Thanks for the opportunity! Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms everywhere!!

  59. says

    Having this computer would make my life so much easier because I’m trying to write a book. I already spend hours a day at my desktop on my other projects, so I really don’t feel motivated to spend any more time there working on the book. But with a laptop, I can envision myself sitting up on some fluffy pillows on the bed or the couch and tapping away on the keyboard! I think I’d be so much more productive if I had the freedom to move around instead of being tied down to my desk.

  60. Jaimie K says

    I’d love to win this!! My computer is years and years old, freezes up, sporadically connects to wireless internet, can’t handle more than a few windows open, must be plugged in since battery is shot, is huge… I need a new one! Thanks!

  61. Liz says

    I am getting ready to have baby #3 and would love to have this to email and facebook while I’m sitting and nursing!

  62. Michelle says

    This would make me life easier because my laptop only has one working USB port and is starting to run slow.

  63. Kathy Stevenson says

    This would make my life so much easier because I wouldn’t be tied down to a desktop computer!

  64. says

    My husband and I currently fight for time with our laptop. This would make life so much easier! Plus my work laptop is an HP and I just LOVE it.

  65. CaroleM says

    Oh my I would love to win this. How would it make my life easier? My computer is so close to dying – the harddrive randomly doesn’t engage. Makes any computer use a little challenging!

  66. says

    This would be an amazing Mother’s Day gift! We only have 1 computer and sometimes that creates an issue when hubby and I both need to use it. It would be great to have my own laptop… all to myself!!

  67. Anne says

    I’d give this to my daughter to take to college. It would be perfect for that with the long battery life and size. It would make her life easier because right now she only has a netbook which has very little memory. So she has to use the college computer labs for most things, and this would enable her to work in her dorm room and hopefully get her assignments done sooner. O.K. she would probably still wait until the last minute, but I can dream.

  68. Shari Alligood says

    I currently have to take turns or schedule time to use our home computer having one of my own would help me with extra sleep time so I wouldn’t have to stay up late after everyone else went to bed or wake up extra early . That way I’d be more bright eyed when looking for ways to save my family money instead of being half asleep and missing some..

  69. Marci says

    This would make my life easier as I have never owned a lap top so I am confined to a desk top. When we travel I am at the mercy of the hotels if they have a office computer I can use.

  70. says

    I currently have my husband’s old laptop…shouldn’t need to explain more but it is SLOW! I would love something that is portable and that loads up in less than 15 minutes!

  71. says

    I only own a desktop, and I would love a laptop. It would be so GREAT to not be away from the computer when I go out of town. Would love to have it portable also to be able to work on the computer no matter what room of the house the kiddos are in. Would be so much easier for me.

  72. Cathy G says

    I have been saving for a laptop, but it seems something more pressing always comes up to use the money on. I have never owned a laptop and would love to own the HP Pavilion!!

  73. says

    This would make my life easier by adding another computer to the family so my husband and I could stop arguing over who gets to use it when! We both blog so itd be awesome to have 2 laptops!!

  74. says

    OOOOH… this would be so wonderful to win!

    I’m an HP addict and my laptop just died after 5 years of faithful service… so this one would definitely be a GOOD THING…

    My girls would be so happy for mom to have her own computer back so they’d get more computer time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I follow @HP_PC on Twitter… my account is @hsmomsworld

  75. nancy says

    I would love to win this! I have a really really really old pc desktop and that’s it. This would help me so I can bring it around and use it instead of waiting until I get home…

  76. Danyell says


    Having a new computer would change my life personally and professionally because, my computer is a turtle and not the delicious, chocolate covered kind. I have paid to have the memory upgraded and checked for every (cootie) virus known and still ssslllllllllllllllllllllooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww.

    Thank you!

  77. says

    What a wonderful giveaway especially for mother’s day. I have a laptop but it is big and hard to take with me to the many activities I’m sitting waiting for my kids. My battery only lasts about an hour if I’m lucky. The HP Pavilion dm1 with VISION Technology from AMD would be great to take with me everywhere. Oh the stuff I could accomplish!

  78. Lori Smith says

    I am a home school mom of 3 and a wife of a full time student. It is hard sometimes with just a desk top. This would make my life easier to have the extra!!

  79. Kim Trahan says

    My family would really benefit from a laptop. We are homeschooling our three children and our laptop broke. We currently don’t have a laptop and we have borrowed one from a friend. We will have to return it soon. Many homeschool curriculums require the use of a computer and the internet. Our kids would be very appreciative if they won the laptop.

  80. Tiffany Johnson says

    Oh my, this would be GREAT!! My desktop crashed so all I have is my phone(samsung vibrant) which only lets me comment when it feels like it!! This is my sixth phone in 4 months, ughhhh. I could really use a laptop and this one seems very cool. Thanks for the chance to win! You guys rock!!!!

  81. says

    Oh…this would make my life SO much easier! I love Blogging and using Twitter. But once my laptop went kaput last fall, I realized just how vital having technological mobility is! So this would be instrumental in getting me “back in the saddle” again. Thanks for such a great contest…I really hope to hear from you!

  82. says

    This would be fantastic, especially considering the amount of time we can spend traveling. I can always find a reason I need to get connected when we are away from home.

  83. Melanie says

    This would make my life so much easier because my letter “r” fell off my laptop over a year ago, and I have never had the time to take it to get fixed! I have been pressing the letter “r’s” little nub instead of a button for what feels like FOREVER. LOL

    Also, my hubby recently became disabled and will no longer be working, nor have his company laptop, so an extrap laptop would be awesome!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!! HP has always been my fave!

  84. Marisa Moore says

    I have never had a laptop of any kind, and my desktop is sooooo old and slow. Oh how I would love a brand new laptop as I use my computer every day for communicating with family and friends!

  85. says

    Hi! What an awesome giveaway. Thank you for the chance to win a laptop! I currently have to use the school computer for everything I do. This would be great at a big help in documenting my little girls life!!

  86. says

    My laptop sounds a lot like the one you described that you have! Old, big, and the battery doesn’t last long. I would love to be able to carry something this small, and light weight with me. I carry a big purse so I could drop it in there. Thanks for this opportunity!

  87. Kathleen says

    I would love to win this! My 5 children have taken over my computer! I have to check your website at work all the time because I never get the computer when I get home!

  88. says

    Hi what a great giveaway.

    I would love to have this . It would make my life so much easier, as the one I’m currently using keeps going black on me and I believe it’s ready to die .

    I would hate to lose all of my content before being able to transfer it to another computer. I might not be able to get another one fast enough .

    My children do a lot of research on the computer and I’d hate to lose that.

  89. says

    Oh my gosh. As a mommy that’s nursing, working full-time in office and full-time in my health & wellness ministry this would be fantastic. I would be able to do more and in bless more people.
    Remember to live life as a gift and give that gift away everyday!โ„ข
    La Chica Organica

  90. Melissa O. says

    This laptop would be awesome! I am a mom of 4 and I do some web design on the side. I have to use our big old 1998 computer to work on. I need something modern, and portable so I can do more and better work to bring in more income to help my family.

  91. Helen Stockwell says

    This would make my life easier by allowing me to communicate more quickly and efficiently with my nephew, Hunter. I do not get to see him very often because of the distance and would love to have this HP Pavilion dm 1 so I can talk with him more regularly since my current desktop is on its last legs. I appreciate the opportunity!

    Thank you!

  92. Janelle says

    Currently my one job has three offices and I also can work from home when the kids need me. It would be so much easier to get the job done if I had a very portable computer that could go with me.

  93. says

    What a fabulous Mothers Day Present! I would love to win this. My Laptop is 10 years old and giving me tons of problems. I love HP products and AMD is a very good product too!

  94. says

    This would make me life easier so I can be more mobile and not stuck in one room. I could use it anywhere and let my daughter use it for school projects to. I could look up recipes online well being in the kitchen and wouldn’t have to print anything off. Plus it would take up a lot less room then a desktop would which would make life a lot nicer. I would use the webcam to keep in touch with my dad who lives out of state.

  95. Mia Dentice Carey says

    The HP Pavillion dm1 would make my life easier with their VGA webcam & integrated wireless/access within range of a hotspot because my hubby & I are separating and this will help my son keep ‘connected’ with his father.

  96. says

    With 6 kids, I need to lug around as little as possible. This sounds like the perfect way for me to accomplish everything I need to, without taking up a ton of space. And if it fits in the diaper bag, it’s perfect! :)

  97. Steph says

    The dm1 would make my life easier because as a mom of two kids, I would like to be able to do some work outside while they run around and get some exercise out back on the swingset. Multi-tasking is a good thing. :)

  98. Kellie Terrett says

    Holy Cow-moly!! This would be so awesome to win! Our newest computer is 7 years old & I’ve been wishing for a new one for so long so that I can get all of my pics & videos off of SD cards & onto DVDs, do some scrapbooking, start an ebay business…Oy! Soo many things I could do an a brand new laptop…the possibilities are endless!

  99. Rachael says

    OOOOHHHH, a new laptop! I would absolutely love one because the one I’m using was a hand-me-down from 5 years ago…I’m just waiting for it to stop turning on one day. I love to use photoshop on it but I have lots of priceless family photos on there too because it doesn’t burn cd’s anymore :(
    I also would like to be able to maintain my business website on it so I can stay involved with cooking/family and not stuck in my home office away from everyone!
    Winning would be AWESOME!!! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

    girlsandcurls2(at) yahoo {dot}com (just in case).

  100. Mirtha Santiago says

    i received a laptop for mother’s day about 6 years ago! – it is the best gift ever! use it every single day! – but now it is very very slow and I do not think I will ever be able to get another one! – but one can always hope.

  101. Lachelle says

    I am lucky to work from home – but not so lucky in my computer that I have to work from home with! This one looks amazing!

  102. Sonya says

    I would love to have my own computer. We have one desk top we share between me, my husband and son. I usually let the guys use it because I can get on at work. But, I would love to have one of my very own, of course I can never get on social networking sites at work so I miss alot and have alot to catch up on when I do get on at home. A computer of my very own would be a wonderful mothers day gift.

  103. tamara says

    subscribed. a win like this would put my whole family over the moon! We have 1 computer that we all take turns. Another computer would be awesome-please enter me.

  104. Jenn C says

    Oh how I could use this! I currently still just have a desktop computer which is just not cutting it when I’m trying to get stuff done online while also watching after my 3,1 and 1month old children. It would be so nice to be able to move around the house!

  105. Denise S says

    This would make my life easier because I wouldn’t be chained to my computer desk.
    lazybones344 at gmail dot com

  106. cathy miller / rewcath says

    HP Pavilion dm1 with VISION Technology from AMD would make my life so much easier, to have something portable and easy to carry around and bring with me for easy access in the car or at appointments. what a fantastic giveaway and something i’ve wanted for a long while


  107. Jenny says

    I have to admit I would love to own this laptop for me. I am a mom of four very busy kids and would love to have this laptop to use at the end of my busy day. My reason? It is lightweight, has an amazing battery life of 9 1/2 hours (enough to maybe even share…), and of course the idea of owning something that is mine and not my husbands or the kids would be fun in itself!

  108. Kathleen says

    This would make my life easier because I have a hard time sitting at a computer desk to get my work finished. A laptop would help me out so much!

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  109. Janet N says

    I’ve never owned a laptop. I’ve always been tied to the same desk, convenient or not. Most of the time it’s not. I would love to own a laptop.

  110. Margaret Smith says

    The DM1 would make my life easier by being able to bring it with me wherever I go. In addition, with have only one desktop computer for my whole family, I have to wait until my kids get their homework done before I get to go on the computer. So having this Dm1 would also give the added benefit of being able to go online whenever I want.
    Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway.

  111. Laura Etherton says

    The dm1 would be helpful for our move out of state. I have a lot of research to do and we have 1 computer we share in the house. I also would love to use it to edit and store photos of my son.
    Thanks for the chance to win

  112. alycep says

    I have a small business doing funeral ceremonies and do not have a laptop. This mini would help me so much when I go to clients and get info for the services-I would not have to write it all down and I could do my billing on it too!

  113. eva kieu says

    I would love to win this for my mother, because she is a busy mother and a laptop is easy to carry as well as easy to access information with so many places that offers wifi. Furthermore, she really needs one, because she doesn’t have one of her own.

  114. Julie Jones says

    This notebook would make my photography easier. I could upload my media cards on site and make sure i have all the shots I need. Thanks for a super giveaway!

  115. vickie couturier says

    It would help my life by giving me more mobility,,,I watch my grandchildren a lot an this way I can be in the same room with them while Im on the computer


  116. Cee says

    I’m an online student, and my current HP is finally reaching the end of its life. It’s been very good to me, but a new laptop would help me finish up my degree. Thank you for this giveaway.

  117. Shelagh says

    Winning this computer sould make my life easier by allowing me to have a fast computer that I don’t have to fight with my husband over.

  118. Amber says

    This cute laptop would make my life easier because it would allow me to stay connected nad get school work done even when I’m traveling!

  119. melissa says

    this would be great for my mom. when we go out of town it is hard for her to rely on using other peoples computers. She would love it.

  120. says

    It would make my life easier because I would be able to have my kids quickly video conference with the grandparents from the laptop and not have to set it up at another computer…and the processing is much better than what I have now.

  121. Linda Kish says

    I would be ever so happy if I was lucky enough to win this. It would make my life easier by being brand new and not mucked up by a bunch of nonsense slowing it down.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  122. Connie says

    This would be great! The computer my 3 kids use for their homework just died and I’m out of work so can’t afford another one anytime soon. I never win anything but it’s always exciting to see good giveaways knowing someone will win!

  123. hippie4ever says

    Oh I would love an HP! We are down to one computer and we always both seem to need it at the same time. Also we travel quite a bit, so this small, sleek style would be perfect! ANd who doesn’t need room for more adorable pictures of children ๐Ÿ˜‰

  124. says

    wow! My husband was just asking me the other day if I wanted a new laptop (mine’s a brick and about 6+ years old…). I told him no as I can deal with it…but it’d be great to win a new one – sure would make it easier to take back and forth to work if it was lighter and faster!

    April is Autism Awareness Month. I’m dedicating my blog all month long to Autism.

  125. says

    It would be so much easier for me to be on the computer and in different rooms. It would just make blogging a whole lot easier :) This is a great giveaway! I’m soo excited!

  126. Stephanie V. says

    been fighting cancer last 7 months and really could have used this baby while in isolation having treatment – wow. Will be working again soon and now need this beauty for travel and work.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  127. Aisling says

    I would so love to have this to be able to work away from my desk. Gave my laptop to my granddaughter for school a couple of years ago and have been missing it ever since! This HP Pavilion notebook is a great size and it would do everything I need. Got my fingers crossed!

  128. April says

    This would be a wonderful thing to win! I am a single mom w/ a 22 month old who just got layed off from the bank I was working at 3 months ago. I need a new computer so bad because not only can I not afford one but I’ve had the same one for 7 yrs. and it is seriously about to fall apart!

  129. Chris says

    I would give this to my wife – she is worried about using my computer(s). Having one of her own should help with that.

  130. theresa jenkins says

    I have a desk top and being grandma nanny to 4 soon to be 5 grandkids…the kids are never where the computer is.This HP Pavilion dm1 would help me keep in touch with life while keeping an ‘eye’ on the grandkids….AWESOME giveaway…thanks

  131. nickie says

    I would love to win this for my sister. She is starting college next year and could really use this.

  132. says

    this laptop would make my life easier, because I can do my contests where ever I want. I dont have to be chained down to a big pc.

    itsjustme62613 at

  133. says

    I would LOVE to have this laptop to give to my mom. I have a laptop that i bought in December, but my mom doesn’t have one at all. I would love to be able to give her something really nice like this to repay her just a bit for being an awesome mom!

  134. Debbie C says

    The HP Pavilion would be lighter to carry around than my usual laptop and my aching shoulder would appreciate that.

  135. says

    I would love to have this as a mother’s day gift to myself. Being a fulltime mom, full time wife and full time work as a nurse means being mobile is a necessity!
    thanks for the opportunity to enter for this.

  136. T. Lawson says

    With 4 computer users in my house, it is often hard to get computer time. Having this would definately help solve that problem. Plus being able to take it with us would help us stay connected when we travel.

  137. Suzanna60 says

    being disabled and home basically all the time this would make life easier for me a s i can not sit at a desk for long periods of time with this HP i could sit in a easier place-couch or chair i would have more freedom

  138. says

    Right now I share my computer with our 5-and-a-half year old son. I use it for blogging and steady freelance work while he uses it for both schoolwork and educational games. He surfs the web with a special browser, but when I let him study Spellquizzer, Jumpstart, or other software, I always have a fear that he is going to delete important files when nobody is paying attention. He knows better, but he is 5yo and sometimes does inexplicable things.

    I would love to give him my old computer and use a new HP Pavillion. I can’t afford to buy a new computer at the moment, but it would be great to win one.

  139. addrienne mertens says

    the feature dual-core AMD Fusion processor E350 for fast Web surfing and smooth HD video, ive been dabbling with video and trying out youtube. a fast processor would help out with all aspects of pictures and video uploads and watching!

    zippy573 AT netscape DOT net

  140. says

    This would be great for me, I make jewelry and do craft shows, would be easy to take along and keep track of inventory and contacts.

  141. Mary OBrien says

    This would be so handy for checking email when traveling, and getting directions when we’re just running around town.

  142. Kathy Dunaway says

    It would make my life easier because I could move around and take it with me.It would be nice not to be stuck in the corner of the bedroom.

  143. says

    This would give me the opportunity to make use of all that time spent in waiting rooms while my son is in various appointments and therapy sessions – blogging, of course, in addition to keeping up with all the many to do items on my list!

  144. Ashley says

    This would really make balancing grad classes and being a mom much easier! I could do work at school and not rely on the school computers or I could do work on the couch and not be tied to my desktop!


  145. Elena says

    The HP Pavilion would make my mom’s life easier–she is currently using an older laptop that I gave her–now the lid of it won’t close! Thanks for the great contest!

  146. Laura Warren says

    This laptop would make my life easier; I do consulting for school food service and my current laptop is a large 17″ HP (which is also very old and not running so well); it’s very heavy to drag back and forth to work and carry all day. A netbook/mini laptop would be much easier, particularly as I feel my laptop is about to die.

  147. Homero Gutierrez says

    My current pc I keep in a relatives room, and when he goes to bed I have to jump off, so would love to just pick up my pc and move somewhere else. A laptop would be very helpful.

  148. says

    I also have a laptop that is great when it’s hooked up to its cord on my desk, but it is a PAIN to take anywhere. This HP would make my life easier in that I would love to have a computer that is easy to go places!

  149. LOIS PAYTON says

    I follow everyone on google and I am hame all the time because of losing the use of my right side, so setting in hard chairs hurts me, so I hope to win, GOD BLESS YA’LL

  150. Lynda E. says

    We have to get a laptop for my son who is going to college next fall and I don’t know where I’m going to get the money, so this would be great!

  151. MJ says

    I use our clunky old desktop for EVERYTHING- tv,dvds, music, social networking and more. I don’t have a tv or even a cell phone. And I’m expecting my second baby in a couple of months. I would love love love to be able to watch PBS videos on my bed while feeding the baby, instead of being tied to the living room. Ooh, I could do exercise dvds wherever worked best! I could even check my email and Twitter at Starbucks for a change…

  152. Horace says

    My wife would just love to have this one. It’s everything she needs to get online. I love that it’s somewhere inbetween a laptop and a notebook…just right.

  153. Heather M. says

    This would make my life easier because I wouldn’t be tethered to my desktop computer. I could take this in the kitchen, the living room, bedroom, etc. and use it for work and my side business.

  154. says

    I am also a coupon blogger and my current computer that I use for work, it is incredibly out-dated. A new labtop would be just the thing for kick-starting my blog!

  155. says

    As someone that is branching out, a more compact computer like the dm1 would allow me more flexibility.The webcam would also make vlogging easier. Thanks for the opportunity.

  156. brandlyn says

    I am a student, and a stay at home mom. This computer would definitely help me with my term papers for my college classes and organizing my families home budget.

  157. says

    I would love to win it because I have not had a new computer for myself in ages. I get the hand-me -down computer from my Hubby all the time, he needs the better ones for his work. This would give me a better computer to use that would help me keep up with my friends, family, twitter, Facebook and might actually let me watch videos on the web.

  158. Kristen H says

    This laptop would make my life easier because then me and my daughter wouldn’t have to fight over computer time lol. I could use the laptop while she plays on the computer.
    aeris321 at gmail dot com

  159. Bonnie says

    I am a bit of a computer dinosaur, I thought that a pavillion was like a gazebo. Help I am turning into my parents. Yet my young daughter goes to a cutting edge technology school. They were written up in Macleans. Maybe I should go to school all over.

  160. Joy F says

    Sounds like a great laptops. I do not own one but would love to have this one. My computer is very old and slow. This would save me so much time. Thanks.

  161. Patrice says

    I have never had a notebook or netbook, only a desktop computer. It would be so nice to be able to use a computer anywhere I could, instead of only in one room of my house.

  162. Amanda says

    My mom is sick, so when me or someone else is online, she can’t research her condition (Labyrinthitis) as much as she’d like. So, this would help her get all the information she would need!

  163. Diane R. says

    It would be so helpful to have a small computer that I could take with me to use while I’m waiting for the grandkids while their at their music lessons or swimming lessons.

  164. Marlena U. says

    This would be a great tool to use for summer road trips. It would also be nice to take with me so I can download and edit pics on the go. Thanks for the chance at winning!

  165. says

    Whoot! Please enter me in this awesome giveaway! This laptop sounds ideal for me. I work solely online, and I know it’ll help me in all my daily tasks!

    Thanks for having such a great giveaway!

  166. Angela James says

    Wow! This HP is amazing! I would love to have a computer that I could easily move from room to room… checking email, viewing recipes, paying bills, etc…

  167. says

    I would love to win this HP laptop! I am a busy Mom of three boys and I have my own on-line business. The portability of the laptop would hopefully let me find a quiet spot to answer e-mail, work on my website and blog. Thanks! โ™ฅ

  168. Jeremy says

    It would make my life easier by allowing my family to unchain from the desk when we want to use the computer.

  169. says

    Having something mid size that’s more powerful than i mini but not as bulky as a full size notebook would definitely give me mobility and the power to get the job done

  170. txhottie_86 says

    This would make my life easier because it would be much faster than my current computer. I could get things done in less time, making more time for other more important things. :)

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  171. Jaime says

    Having a laptop would be so helpful so I am not confined to my office and I could be more mobile, like my 9 month old daughter is starting to be!

  172. Ellie W says

    I’ve never had a laptop so I’m always chained to my desk. This would make it so much easier, especially since I’m always on the go toting the kids from one activity to another.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    eswright18 at gmail dot com

  173. martha gunter says

    would love to have this for college i could stay home and study instead of driving to school.would save lots of money :)

  174. says

    Oh my goodness – this would definitely make my job of running 5 kids to different activities, church duties & working SOOOO MUCH easier! So sleek looking too!
    Our laptop has the same problem with power, it’s definitely fustrating to constantly be running low & keeping an eye out for a power source!

  175. Ann F says

    The HP Pavilion dm1 would make my life easier because my old Dell laptop is constantly crashing and runs very slow.

  176. Elizabeth says

    My business is based online and having busy children this would come in handy. I currently have a desktop that is downstairs in the basement office so I am constantly running up and down the stairs. This would come in very handy for me.

  177. Brittany Peavy says

    A new computer would help me out so muchh, mine broke right before my son was born and i havent been able to afford another one but i’ve been trying to get one to finish my schooling online

  178. george ashmore says

    I would make my daughter very happy. She is 10, in 5th grade, advanced classes since 3d grade, and has to get by with her mother’s laptop. She cant keep doing that as she hits really advanced classes in middle school.

  179. Timbo says

    Being a student, the dm1 would make my life easier as my old laptop just finally broke. The screen won’t turn on and all my data’s still on there :(

    Please feel free to contact me at – allrightyes at gmail dot com

  180. Timbo says

    I am following them on Twitter ๐Ÿ˜€ @TimboSquad

    Please feel free to contact me at – allrightyes at gmail dot com

  181. says

    I recently started my own business and am in desparate need for a laptop or notebook to help with all the paperwork, scheduling, blogging, keeping up to date with all the other glorious business stuffs and marketing, etc. I never win anything but I would so love to win this…so I can really follow my dream and be successful.

  182. Christine Jensen says

    As a busy mom of 5 children I feel like I am constantly on the go. Having a small computer that is easy to take with me, would allow me to keep up on my church and other volunteer responsibilities while I am waiting at dance practice or soccer games.

  183. angie says

    I would love to win a laptop. I do not have one. This would make work a lot easier and a great back up to my desktop. I also can take it and work anywhere.

  184. Heidi Gail says

    I would love to have a laptop for my mother for her birthday this year. She has an ancient Dell desktop model that is giving her fits. She’s turning 71 this year and can’t always spend much time sitting at her desk. She could use this laptop while reclining.

  185. denice p says

    This would if won be a replacement to the laptop that my husband currently uses which is a broke down gimpy netbook running windows xp. it works ok but he likes to play games on line and it takes for ever for them to load on the computer.

  186. Kristin Jones says

    This would make my life easier as I would be able to do things on the computer from upstairs and not in the basement!

  187. happi shopr says

    This would allow me to do my school, work and blog anywhere. How wonderful that would be to now be tied down to the desk!

  188. deana c says

    The dm1 would make my life easier because like you my laptop is large, heavy and does not hold a charge that long! calvad at aol dot com

  189. Annette D says

    Owning this computer would make my life so much easier because I could use it to keep myself organized. I am a really busy Mom of two sons and am always on the go!

  190. says

    It would help make my life easier by taking it on the go. My son has lot’s of appointments and we travel to his grandmother often. It would help us so very much!

  191. nan says

    i don’t have a working laptop right now so it would make my life easier to have this i could take it anywhere in the house or yard while watching my son
    nannypanpan at

  192. lindsay gillis says

    I would love to be able to win this laptop to be able to go back to school and get my degree, i stay home with my son now and im nervous to put him in daycare, but just cant afford a laptop to do my schooling. If i was to win I would be able to get my degree at home while still taking care of my son. It would be the perfect mothers day gift. Thankyou

  193. Amanda S says

    I’m dying over this giveaway! It would simplify my life because I need a more portable computer for school.

  194. says

    I don’t have a laptop, just a tired old desktop that I think Moses might have used to write down notes about those commandments God gave him! :) I would love this!

  195. Mel says

    I would LOVE a laptop. My husband and I looked into getting one a while back, but finances just didn’t work out. I currently run a daycare out of our home and while I am always on the main floor of our house, the desktop is downstairs in the basement. We finally got am iPad, but unfortunately, it doesn’t allow me to unload pictures from my camera, use flash player to watch videos, print or many other functions that would be so convenient durning nap times!

    I have also followed HP PC on Twitter (@melpilchard)

  196. Debby says

    Oh my goodness. What an awesome gift. This would be like winning the lottery. I would be in totaly shock to be able to use an updated computer!!

  197. Suzanne K says

    The dm1 would make my life easier by ending the battle for who gets to use the computer… my daughter for schoolwork (and facebook, I *know* she’s there a lot) or me for sweeps and emails and surveys and trying to find a job!

  198. Andrea A. says

    Wow, a laptop would be awesome for the upstairs while my LO can play in his room. It’s hard to pay bills, check emails, print coupons downstairs on my hubby’s PC downstairs while holding/entertaining LO :) It would definitely be welcomed in our home. I’m sure with this HP laptop, I can program to print from upstairs and pick up my coupons from my printer on the way out to the garage downstairs! Triple Kudos for this sweeps :)

  199. Michelle W says

    This would make my life so much easier because I will give it to my mom, which means she won’t be jumping on my computer all the time.

    mlynnw83 at gmail dot com

  200. Ashley says

    Oh man this would be awesome! My current computer is about 5 1/2 yrs old and well you know its ancient and so slooooowww. This would be great since I am starting to homeschool my son next year! Thank you so much for the chance!

  201. says

    This would make my life easier by letting me work while my daughter watched videos on our other computer. Currently, we’ll share a screen – mostly movie, and a quarter screen for work. Not ideal!!

  202. Paige says

    I would love a laptop i dont have one & neither does my mother I would prolly give it to her of course if she wanted it.

  203. Meredith says

    I desperately need a new laptop… my screen display jumps unless I push the screen all the way back (flat on the table) and then stand above it to see! Winning this HP would allow me to sit while using my laptop! Thanks SO much for the chance!

  204. Jacob LaFountaIne says

    I like that it has premium sound built in. One thing I hate in computers is sound so tinny that it annoys

  205. elizabeth p says

    This would make life easier for my husband when he has medical appointments, he could take this with him.

  206. says

    Y’all know me, always online. :) With the new baby coming, I’m sure I’ll be doing a lot of work while nursing, and trying to hold both the baby and this huge laptop is going to be a tough job! A smaller machine would be AMAZING!

  207. Rosanne M says

    I have a computer which I am very thankful for but my son asked me to try to help him get one. When he is with his children we are able to Skype so we can see them since they live out of state if he had a working computer.

  208. christa p says

    This would be amazing…….our 2 year old thinks that our current laptop looks better with 1/3 of the keys missing…….of course he would not be allowed access to the new one! :)

  209. says

    This would make my life so much easier. I have an online store and would love a way to keep in touch when I have to be away. Also, when people pick up their orders, they ask questions about other items and I often have to run in the house and check the desktop computer in the office.

  210. says

    My daughter, who is a single mom with two precious little boys of her own and who is also helping raise her nephew (long story!), is getting ready to start College classes in August. She needs a laptop for school and we’re struggling to figure out how to make it all happen. Winning this one would definitely take some weight and worry off her shoulders.

  211. 216amyc says

    The dual-core AMD Fusion processor would make my life easier because I can do things like read my emails and shop online faster!!

  212. Shera says

    What an amazing computer, it would be such a blessing to have something like this. In our tiny house we can’t have a desktop.

  213. Nancy W. says

    My desktop is acting stupid and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before it gives up and I need a new one so winning this laptop would be perfect .

  214. amanda h says

    this would make my life easier because my current computer is so slow… it’d be easier to work from home with this! thank you!!

  215. Tara says

    My husband takes our laptop to work. I get to use the netbook during the day. And though I am very thankful, it just doesn’t have much memory and doesn’t do some of the things I’d like. A new notebook would be great!

  216. says

    I would love to enter this giveaway for the notebook – I guess I AM entering this giveaway for the notebook!! I would use it to take with me on my July trip to Guatemala (it’s a mission trip) to record all of my impressions in order to share the information in my blogs after the trip!

  217. Angela says

    What a great gift! I have created photo share sites for my family (one for the whole family and one for just my little boy’s adventures) as well as my little boy’s ball teams. I also have an at-home painting business where I need to showcase pictures. In short – a great deal of my life revolves around a computer and great photo editing software. I would love to have a computer that is “all mine” that I can take with me wherever I go. Love it!

  218. says

    This would be great for my husband, who currently shares our desktop with 3 kids – needless to say, it gets slower and slower every day. I know this is for Mother’s day – but it would make my life easier if I didn’t have to keep “fixing” the desktop to make it faster for him. lol

  219. Rose says

    The hubs and I share one computer…and he uses it often for work. It would allow me to get my “computer” work done without bugging him! :)

  220. Melaina Krupp says

    I would love to win this labtop for my mother she really is such an amazing women not only has she raised my sister and i both she also has helped me through labor and becoming a single mother teaching me whats good for my child and whats not all in the past seven months. My mother really does desver something great

  221. Jenilee says

    This would be wonderful! My 2 boys ( almost 1 and almost 4) get into EVERYTHING and having a laptop to get things done online instead of a desktop would be wonderful… I used to have a laptop, but my oldest (almost 4) broke it :(

  222. Patricia Greer says

    If I won this, I would give it to my sister, who doesn’t have a computer. She would love
    this gift. Also she was born on Mothers Day.

  223. says

    I would LOVE this computer! I have 5 kids and I am CONSTANTLY taking pics and scrapbooking them. Everything I do is digital, therefore I NEED the computer for it. I have to share my computer with my husband and 5 kids, and they are always loosing my pics, deleting, or just plain not giving me time on the computer. LOL. I would love to have my own space in my world where everything is shared with my munchkins and hubby. I would be one Happy Mommy of 5Kidz If I won this! Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  224. says

    I’m a busy working mom of 3 boys under the age of 6. I have a laptop for work but nothing at home. So each night I lug my work computer home so that I can get online, or so that my boys can use sites like Starfall. I’d love to have a personal laptop for home use because I know it would make my life easier, and my aching back sure would appreciate it too! The HP laptop sounds like the perfect fit for me — I take lots of photos with my boys and would love to download them easier using the laptop’s media card reader. And the webcam has been on my wishlist for a LONG time so that we can stay in better contact with parents, grandparents and cousins who live far away.

    Thanks for the contest!!

  225. says

    This computer would make my life SO much easier! I think the number one thing I would use it for is blogging. Right now I’m stuck to a desktop because my last laptop died on me! I would love, love, love for this one to replace mine!

  226. Fritter says

    The dm1 would make my life easier in many, many ways! First and foremost- a laptop is my lifeline to the world. I have 6 month old twins and a 2 year old, and they basically keep me hostage. I manage to feel somewhat human with being able to stay in touch on FB and twitter- but the laptop we have is old and outdated and dies easily. Not to mention- the whole ‘5 Minutes for Mom thing’ is taken pretty literally around here! I have 5 minutes- IF THAT on a daily basis to jump on the computer- so freezing up, crashing, etc usually takes up that entire 5 minutes. Lastly, the webcam would be great for getting relatives off my back. Haha- well- it would. We live 12 hours from our family and they are constantly begging for pictures and whatnot of the boys. This cam would help me keep in touch with them as well. Thanks for the great giveaway!! Now…back to my hole I go….

  227. says

    It would make my life easier because I would be able to take my computer where the kids are instead of having to lock myself away in a room. I could sit on the couch with my husband and work online. This would be great!

  228. Wadhapal says

    Having this HP Pavillion dm1 would sooo make my life easier! I have a 7 year old Macbook that has been slowly but surely dying on me. First the DVD drive busted, then the battery went kaput so I have to keep it plugged in, now the fan has decided to go on overdrive anytime I use the computer for more than 5 minutes, so I hear a loud buzzing practically the minute I open the darn thing! Would really really love a new laptop! Thank you!

  229. Stacey says

    My computer died and I have not replaced it yet because of money issues. This would be a great gift for me to win!

  230. mandy says

    I would love to have the new computer for our homeschool! We have 2 boys who will need a computer for the next school year!!!

  231. Jay Lownsberry says

    My wife is a wonderful mother of three that is going to school for her nursing degree. Having a laptop would free her up from library to do homework at home which she would dearly love.

  232. says

    That would make my life easier because I’d have another computer for my kids! We have 7 people in our family and only 3 computers…we home school our children, and I work from home, so it makes it hard to only have 3.

  233. Ami Jordan says

    I can’t even tell you how many ways this would make my life easier. The convenience would be amazing!!

  234. Michele R. says

    This would make my sons life so much easier! he is in highschool and needs a laptop but i cant afford one right now. so please, enter me into this giveaway!

  235. Darcy Matheson says

    I have never owned a laptop before, so this would open a whole new world! As a matter of fact.. my husband and I are going on a trip (without the kids) and were looking at getting a laptop so we could skype while we were gone. So this laptop would be great!

  236. ferriz says

    having one would allow me to type notes in class and do homework between classes so i can finally graduate and get a job that pays well instead of the one i have now!


  237. Lisa Carr says

    The dm1 would make my life easier because I waste more time waiting for my current laptop to un-freeze when I try to multi-task. It’s so frustrating, and getting worse. lisacarr7 ataol dot com

  238. SaraLee E says

    I would love to win this so I can be where my family is at. I hate no being able to have my family and my computer together. I feel I miss out because I’m stuck where the computer is.

  239. Andrew says

    I’d like to win this for my mother. This would make her life easier because she doesn’t currently have a working computer, so she uses those available at the public library.

  240. says

    I have an old netbook and it’s so slooow and clunky. I would love something with a little more oomph to use at my writer’s group and for blogging!

  241. says

    What a super nice giveaway. It would be a great addition and easy for travel and writing my books and blog posts on the go. I follow HP on twitter too – Happy Mother’s Day.


  242. says

    Great giveaway! With 2 upcoming surgeries, I will be spending quite a bit of time in the hospital… and then on the couch! LOL The HP Pavilion would make my life much easier to manage my blog, update my family members on my progress, and not have to get up and down to go to the desktop. :) Thanks for the chance!


  243. says

    This would make life so much easier! Due to the fact that we are raising 5 teenage boys, VERY rarely can we ever afford to buy ourselves anything!

  244. says

    Hi, I’m a new follower, and I am SO glad I came across your blog!

    My mother has been a teacher for the past 20 years. She is a hard-working, endlessly unselfish woman who LOVES her job, and performs her duties with much enthusiasm. The only computer she has had has been a desktop that is seven years old, and having a laptop to prepare her lesson plans as well as for email correspondence with parents, and other teachers would be a HUGE help! She has severe arthritis in both her knees, and she has to walk all the way to the computer lab at the other end of the campus in order to get anything done, and this would be a great help in alleviating her need to walk that far. Above all, her orthopedic doctor has been recommending a knee replacement surgery for both her knees for 2 years now, but she’s been postponing it because she wants to make sure to save up for it, since she only gets paid 10 months of the year – winning this would just make her YEAR!

    Thank you, yet again, for hosting such an AMAZING giveaway! ๐Ÿ˜€


    Email: Enamoredsoul(at)gmail(dot)com
    Twitter: @inluvwithbookz

  245. Georgia says

    This would be so nice because we have one computer to share between 3 people. I also have a sciatic nerve issue and I would be able to lay in bed instead of sitting in a chair to work on the internet. This would be fantastic all the way around. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

    gmissycat at yahoo dot com

  246. says

    Winning a HP Notebook would be so fantastic! I am in need of one desperately – I teach coupon classes and need a notebook to present. My current laptop has a short and power has been flakey of late. I want to be able to present anywhere – help people learn how to help their family budget – and a notebook will allow me to present with confidence! Thanks for considering me.

  247. says

    WoW!! This would be so wonderful because I would send it to my son, who is currently deployed for a year to Afghanistan with the US Army. He only has a tiny netbook and it doesn’t work very well. This would allow him to reach out to all of us here at home. His wife is currently pregnant and we could all skype with each other and tell him how much we love him and miss him.

  248. Gabriele Wood says

    HP Pavilion dm1 with VISION Technology from AMD would make my life so much easier by helping me stay connected with my sister back home in Germany ( I am in Vermont ). We video chat weekly and my laptop is getting old and knocks me off all the time which cuts into our time together online which is very important to both of us. Havening a new laptop would make a huge difference and also would make my mothers day a great one. We will be video chatting that day to :) thanks for the chance to win!!!

    I already follow HP_PC on twitter @inky08

  249. Amy nevills says

    Great review! The battery life sounds amazing. We homeschool and the portability of his laptop would certainly make our homeschooling easier when we are on the go.

  250. Judy Bradley says

    I would love to win this. I travel a lot to babysit for grandkids (I have 29) and this would be so helpful to carry with me to keep up on all my computer things!

  251. Christina says

    Just like everyone else, I’d love to win this computer! I do music, book and movie reviews online and it would be very helpful! I don’t have a blog or a site so I can’t link, but thanks for letting me enter!

  252. Sarah Morgan says

    I would love to win this laptop. I don’t currently have one (I know, join the times!!) So I am in desparate need of one and this would be a perfect one for me.

  253. says

    I’m a Mac girl through and through but in researching options for my soon-to-be homeschooled little one I’ve pretty much decided that a PC is the way to go – simply for cost effectiveness and ease of educational software use – this would be perfect!

  254. says

    A laptop would make it possible to update my blog, Twitter and Facebook status from anywhere instead of being chained to my desktop. It would make my online life a lot easier.

  255. Velvet says

    The dm1 would make my life easier because I could take it on the go with me seeing as how I am constantly on the go it seems

  256. says

    The dm1 Notebook would make my life so much easier. I do home parties and instead of waiting until I get home after a party, I can input everyone’s orders right then and there.

  257. says

    i would LOVE to win this. I’m still on an old desktop from 1998. Seriously. It’s about to die any moment.

    I would love to have this for many reasons. The size and the power are the perfect combo! It would make my life easier, b/c I could take my computer WITH me when I’m not at home. As it is, I’m stuck at my desk with my huge, old monitor. I don’t even have a flat screen. :( The integrated wireless and the 9 hours of power would help me work on my online business from anywhere for a considerable amount of time without having to plug-in!

  258. Annette D says

    Wow! I would love to win! I am a busy Mom of two sons and this computer would help me to get better organized! Thanks for the chance!

  259. says

    By winning this notebook, I would be able to sell my laptop and kickstart my Total Money Makeover (Dave Ramsey style!). Plus, I just really like new technology and this sounds like fun :)

  260. Dina S says

    this would make it that I could co anywhere and have so much fun. Right now I share my desktop with grandkids so they can learn, so I’m not able to use it when they are on it.

    also follow on twitter. :)

    Dina s

  261. Lisa Marz says

    I currently have a desktop computer. The HP would allow me the freedom to access all of my files from where ever I am. Which would help so much raising 4 boys and always on the go.

  262. Nicole Morrison says

    As a mom of three boys (ages 5 years, 2.5 years, and 3 months) I can really use this to write out all my joys and frustrations, memories and poems! It could be a space just for me, anywhere I could find a quiet spot!

  263. says

    I would love to win this. I have been wanting a lap top for a long time now. It would make my life so much easier as far as business goes because I could take it to shows where wi-fi is available and help customers enter their orders right then on my website so I wouldn’t have to keep track of order forms and such. This would really help to boost my business if I could have it with me at events!!

  264. says

    This would make my life easier by not having to share our (my) laptop with my husband! Especially when I go back to school this fall, it would be nice to have a laptop I can take with me to classes.

  265. says

    I am going back to school this fall, and this little baby would be perfect for carrying to class and taking notes, plus it would be invaluable for writing all those papers that will be assigned.

  266. Kari says

    YESSSS!!!! Would love to win this! We have a iMac desktop and don’t allow the kids to play around w/ it too much since it’s our only computer! Would love to have the portability of this computer as well as something the kids can use under my supervision!! Thanks so much!!! :)

  267. Angela A says

    We currently are using a 10 yr. old computer that is slow and ragged. I hate using it. I hope we can somehow find the money to purchase a new one or win one! My kids have so many projects to do and a new computer would be a helpful solution for us.

  268. says

    I would love to win this computer! I am a paralegal and have to be away from my family for 6 weeks at the beginning of the summer for a trial – this would allow me to stay in touch with them so I won’t miss their entire summer!

  269. Becky says

    We are a military family and a new laptop would mean everyone gets to Skype with daddy while he is in the desert! How wonderful! He wouldn’t wait in line for hours to talk to us for ten minutes and I would see his face and know he is ok. :)

  270. says

    I only have a desktop computer and if you want to use it you have to isolate yourself away from everyone in the office. I would love to have a portable computer to use in any room of my house. Finger crossed on this one!

  271. Christine says

    With my older children flying the coop – each heading off into their own directions, staying in touch is so important, from skype, FB, email it’s quickly becoming my lifeline to them. With a new granddaughter pictures, events, to be able to hook up and see her (and my daughter) is PRICELESS.
    The HP Pavilion dm1 would bless my life by offering me the gift of ‘connection’ . Plus, that sound system – i am a MUSIC freak, yeah I be the girl RAWKin no matter where I am – Thanks HP and 5

  272. says

    I like that it stores so much info! It would make my life easier since it is lighter! Ok, ok, really it would also make my life easier b/c we would have two laptops at home and I wouldn’t have to share!!!!!!!!! Oh, terrible I know!!!!!!

  273. says

    Wow! Thanks for hosting this giveaway! A new laptop would help me so very much in homeschooling my two boys and a friend of theirs. We are always on the go and it would be so much easier to keep track of everything!

  274. says

    This would give our family a second computer so I would not have to share. I am a graduate student and all my classes are online. My oldest also has autism and his Dr.’s recommended some programs to put on our computer for him but they are rather large so this would mean I could give him the old one to run his programs on. Also it being smaller and lighter means it would be easier for me to take with me to use as I wait while he is in his many appointments. My current ones battery makes it hard to take with me. :)

  275. says

    I feel as if I am connected to my laptop! It would be nice if I could find something a little more portable so that I can stay connected but still be able to get all the events I need to go to.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  276. says

    Like you, I need oomph and power on the go with a smaller device. This would compliment and help with my travel and marketing businesses when here, there, and everywhere but my home office. Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  277. says

    This would make my life so much easier by breaking me away from my constantly crashing computer that no one seems to be able to fix! I will no longer be bashing my head on my desk and my stress levels from losing blog posts will decrease dramatically!

    Thanks for the chance!

  278. Tamara B. says

    With the Integrated Wireless- for access within range of a hotspot would really make my life easier since I am always on the go.

  279. Elizabeth W says

    I’m a homeschoolin momma to 6 boys. The notebook would make things easier for me because i would have my very own computer! I would not have to share. With anyone! No more moved or misplaced files. No more being interupted so someone can work on a paper. It would be mine, all mine!

    K, so I probably would share but we most certainly could use another computer in the house.

  280. Kimberly says

    This would make my life easier because right now we only have a desktop computer (I know, we’re stuck in 1999). I would love to actually be able to do work while mobile.

  281. says

    What the heck, I’ll throw my hat into the ring. I haven’t entered a 5MfM give-away in a long, long time. I’m always too behind in my reading to get around to it. But here goes. I’d love to win something newer, sleeker, and faster than my 2001 desktop Dell. Which is slower than an arthritic granny in the dead of winter. Crazy slow. Which might be why I’m so behind in all my reading and writing and other computer stuff. Just writing the bulletin for church once a week becomes an exercise in Extreme Patience and Tolerance for Frustration. I could get a gold medal for THAT if it were a sport.

    Anyway. Count me in. I hope I win!

  282. says

    I would love to have this! My husband is currently without a laptop…because I broke his! Unfortunately we can’t afford to replace it right now. He’d love to be able to have a laptop to bring with him to meetings and such again!

  283. Darlene Judd says

    The dm1 would make my life easier by using it’s VGA webcam so I could connect with all my extended family. We all ive so far apart and I long to see their smiling faces.

  284. says

    I would love to win to HP Pavillion Laptop! How could it not make life easier with all the features is has to offer!! Plus my laptop now has been giving me major issues… the keyboard isn’t working correctly and it doesn’t have the card readers : ( I would love, love, love to win!!

  285. says

    I’d love to be able to sit outside with my daughter this summer and work from home while watching her play. Talk about the best of both worlds!

  286. says

    I currently lug my work laptop back and forth so I don’t have to fight my daughter over our home computer. Having a mini like this at home (and for travel) would make my life easier by lightening my load during my commute (with an oversized purse, briefcase, gym bag and laptop bag – every little bit helps!) and would make me a hero in my daughter’s eyes to boot. That alone would make it worth its weight in gold. :)

  287. says

    I’m living out in the country with my parents (my kids and I are) we don’t get high speed internet (just dial up) and as it stands, I can only get online to do my blogging if I can get a lap top to go in town and hook up to wireless hot spots. This would make my life so much easier to win this.

  288. says

    Hi, I am an orphan advocating, volunteering, homeschooling mission loving mother of 5.( hopefully soon to adopt more) It would be terrific to have one of these for homeschooling. I also love to email info about orphans that need homes and try to raise money fir families trying to adopt. It would be wonderful to be able to do this anywhere. In 2009 my little 2 year was diagnosed with Aplastic Anemi