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Expectant mothers have never had so many options and resources available to them during their pregnancy, from prenatal yoga classes to stylish maternity fashions. But especially for new moms-to-be, navigating through all the information available, considering your childbirth options, staying fit, eating right, and deciding what baby gear you need can be overwhelming.

bump-logo.jpgThe Bump (which recently joined forces with the wedding supersite, The Knot) aims to consolidate all that information and be the ultimate guide to pregnant living. By browsing its online resources or leafing through the pages of The Bump’s local print guides, you can learn how to build a fashionable maternity wardrobe, throw an eco-chic shower, or find tasty, healthy meal plans for your pregnancy. The Bump in Your City provides links to regional retailers and resources, and a variety of experts offer tips on fitness, nursery design, nutrition, and other topics.

Kara Forney, CEO of The Bump and its founder, shared more with me about The Bump and its offerings:

Please share with 5 Minutes for Mom readers about how The Bump got started and its mission. What sets The Bump apart from other pregnancy-related magazines and web sites?

I started The Bump out of personal experience. During my first pregnancy, I had a demanding career that involved travel and long hours. The last thing I had time for was leisurely exploration of the local maternity/baby scene in my hometown of Phoenix, AZ. I found myself checking various web sites, phonebook, friends, and other information sources just to figure out where I needed to go and for what. It amazed me that there was no comprehensive, consolidated source for information about the local marketplace for such a lucrative and important target audience. There were local guides galore for wedding planning, but none for maternity and baby planning. So, the idea was “born” (forgive the pun) and I began outlining my plan for an upscale, savvy, fun publication that would speak to hip moms today and provide them with a clear snapshot of the products, services, and businesses serving them right in their own backyard.

The local component is the key to our guides. We have the look and feel of a national newsstand magazine, but with the local information and flavor of your hometown. We speak to moms-to-be where it means the most to them–where they eat, sleep, shop, and where they will be raising their families. Our mission is to provide to-be and new moms with the most comprehensive snapshot of their local maternity scene, coupled with informative articles, tips and advice. We become experts in each market we serve and then pass our knowledge on to our readers.

Where can women find The Bump print magazine? How does the print guide differ from The Bump web site?

The Bump resource guides are distributed mainly through OB/GYN offices, so women can get it at their first prenatal visit and use it throughout their pregnancy and as a new mom. We have a list of participating OB offices on each of our city sites at The Bump. Additionally, we have retail distribution in each city through some of our advertisers as well as through partnerships with babystyle and Right Start stores. All distribution points are listed on each city web site. mirrors our print guides in that it provides comprehensive market-by-market information about local businesses serving the mom-to-be as well as direct access to business websites for more information. The web site also has great content and articles, like our guides do, and additionally it is where women sign up to be a part of our Bump Rewards program. This is a great perk for the mom and mom-to-be–simply sign up and receive your Bump card in the mail, which is good for great promotions and savings in your city (and online) on anything from prenatal spa services to baby gear and clothing. Best of all, it is FREE! Our readers love it.

What are some of the biggest mom-to-be trends right now?

Going green is one of the biggest. The amount of products and services catering to the green market has exploded just in the last several years, and moms are taking advantage of the availability of these eco-conscious alternatives. There are books out now about having a green pregnancy, a green baby, and an overall green family lifestyle. Organic cotton layette items, organic bedding, phthalate-free bottles, and all-natural house cleaners are just a few of the options for to-be and new moms.

Another great trend gaining momentum is the BabyMoon vacation. This is that last romantic getaway with your spouse/partner before the baby is born–and couples are going all-out, as indicated by all the BabyMoon packages popping up in 4- and 5-star resorts these days. Couples can enjoy everything from a beautiful tropical retreat in Hawaii to shopping for the baby layette in Italy. There are a number of websites dedicated to BabyMoon vacation packages. Two of my favorites are (great information on European packages) and, which focuses more on US market offerings.

The other “trend” is really not a trend but is more of a societal shift. Pregnancy today is exciting, sexy, stylish, and out there. It is something to flaunt and have fun with. And the marketplace is recognizing that and responding–just look at the fabulous clothes, the accessories (Mia Bossi diaper bags, anyone?) and the services (dedicated mom-to-be spas, baby planners, etc.) that really have hit the market just over the last 5 years or so. It is an amazing time to be pregnant, and I think it will just keep getting better.

In what ways do you think that moms-to-be, particularly first-time moms, can get informed about pregnancy and motherhood without becoming overwhelmed by all the information available to them?

Well, of course the first thing they should do is get their hands on The Bump guide in their city! That will help them understand and navigate the resource maze out there in their local marketplace. Secondly, they should get a good book or two on the subject; we have a bookstore on The Bump where we list some of our favorite reads. Lastly, she should relax, have fun, and trust her instincts. This is her time to plan, dream, and anticipate all the wonderful things to come. She should learn as much as she can to feel informed, but not worry about knowing EVERYTHING, because that would put too much pressure on herself. When I was pregnant, it was always a comfort for me to remember that women have been doing this for thousands of years and I would be just fine.

Thanks, Kara! Visit The Bump to sign up for its newsletter and Bump Rewards program and get information about upcoming events in your area.


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