“The Talk” Ultimate Giveaway

I have a small group of girlfriends that I’ve known since high school (many years ago) whom I still get together with from time to time. There are six of us total, all very different in our life circumstances, and, because we each live in different parts of the state, we only get together a few times each year. However, despite how long it’s been since we’ve seen each other last, we are able to just pick up as if no time has passed at all. It’s amazing and so wonderful!

We’re kind of like the ladies on “The Talk”. Ok, maybe not exactly like the ladies of “The Talk” (after all, there really is only one Ms. Sharon Osbourne) but we do like to chat about some of the same topics. And we do laugh just about as much as they do!

"The Talk"

If you haven’t seen it yet, “The Talk” is the newest talk show to hit CBS. “The Talk” features six fabulous women (Julie Chen, Sara Gilbert, Sharon Osbourne, Holly Robinson Peete, Leah Remini, and Marissa Jaret Winokur) as they share their thoughts and feelings about parenting, politics, health, marriage, the latest in celebrity happenings, and more.

"The Talk"

It truly is like six girlfriends getting together to chat and spend time together. Six very funny and sometimes pretty opinionated girlfriends! What I particularly enjoy about The Talk is that these ladies are who they are. Their conversations are open and candid. I had to laugh today as I watched Sharon Osbourne sit on the couch as she interviewed Nick Lachey barefooted! Love it!!!

You can catch “The Talk” on CBS weekdays at 2pm ET (check your local listings). And be sure to check out “The Talk” online where you can watch videos of past shows, learn how to get tickets to the show, and even enter some pretty fabulous giveaways!

Speaking of giveaways….

We are giving away a pretty fabulous prize package here at 5 Minutes for Mom courtesy of “The Talk”! This Ultimate Giveaway is valued at over $1385 and includes all of the following:

I know, your jaws have hit the floor! This is an AMAZING giveaway that is going to start someone’s New Year off to a fun start!!! To enter, simply leave a comment below telling us if you’ve ever watched “The Talk” or your favorite co-host from “The Talk”.

One winner will be randomly selected from the comments posted by December 31 (US residents only please). Please see our site’s terms and conditions for our complete contest rules.

I did not receive any products from “The Talk” or CBS in conjunction with this post. “The Talk” is providing the winner with the prizes listed above. All opinions stated above are my own. Photos courtesy of “The Talk” and CBS.


  1. says

    I have not watched the Talk, but I have heard of it. I work during the day so I don’t get to watch many of the daytime shows; however, I am expecting a baby in January and will be taking a maternity leave. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch the Talk during that time!

  2. says

    I’ve only read about the show but haven’t seen it yet. I imagine I would like Sara Gilbert best- I’ve always liked her acting and she seems pretty down to earth.

    Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!!

  3. says

    No, I’ve never seen the show – I’m at work when the show is on, but I might have to DVR it now that I’ve heard about it b/c I love all those ladies!!

  4. Janet says

    I have watched a little bit of the new show. My favorite show host is Sharon Osbourne. You never know what she’s going to say.

  5. Selene says

    I have watched “The Talk” and I wasn’t impressed. I don’t enjoy panels where everyone talks at once. The ladies involved are not favorites of mine to begin with.

  6. ivy says

    I haven’t watched it yet, but of the hosts, I like Sharon Osborne. I watched her and Holly on Celebrity Apprentice and just loved her straight-forward demeanor.

  7. says

    I’ve never watched the show but Holly Robinson Peete has always made me laugh. It looks like such an interesting group of ladies! I may have to set my Tivo today. :)

  8. Courtney says

    I work during the day, so I haven’t had a chance to catch the show, but I think I’ll DVR it! I really enjoy Julie Chen! Everyone could use a few good laughs! I have a group of friends from my high school days just like that!

  9. Amanda says

    I am a working mom so I haven’t seen the show yet, but I really like Leah Remini in “King of Queens” and I think the mix of hosts provides for well rounded discussions.

  10. erica sandwall says

    I love the Talk, and it is on CBS. I don’t have cable either and watch it when I can. My favorite is Leah Remini. Actually I like them all, it is so funny to watch them.

  11. Amy Crump says

    I get to watch “The Talk” 2 days a week when I am off from work. As a child I loved watching Sarah on Rosanne, Holly on Hangin with Mr Cooper, and Leah on Saved By the Bell. I also loved watchin Leah on King of Queens.
    I love this show with some wonderful Ladies. Merry Chirstmas & Happy New Year.

  12. Lynn says

    I ♥ The Talk!! Whoever decided on the hosts did a great job . . . it’s a really good fit! Leah Remini is my favorite!! She cracks me up! She tells it like it is, straight with no chaser! Wish I had the courage to be like that. :)

  13. says

    I’ve caught it a couple of times (I work during the day). From what I saw, I like Sara Gilbert – and of course Sharon… It was a very touching episode when her daughter came on and they discussed Sharon’s illness.

  14. Marilyn says

    I also have never watched “The Talk” but I bet they are a lively group to watch and listen to. Please enter me in your wonderful give-away!

  15. says

    I have never heard of the “The Talk” and we don’t have cable or TV channels so I can’t even watch it. :( It sure looks like a fun, sprightly set of women! Favorite? Sharon? She is certainly fun!

  16. says

    I have watched “The Talk” a few times- it’s really great!! I love Sharon Osborne and Sara Gilbert, but I think Leah Remini is my favorite. I used to love watching her on King of Queens- she had such a great character.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!! :-)

  17. Emily Kubik says

    I’ve never heard of the show. But I’m gonna have to start looking for it. I love all the girls on the show! I bet they have some good advice too!

  18. Jennifer B. says

    This is my first time hearing about the show, but I’d love to see it as I’ve admired several of these women. Every woman needs a group of girlfriends like this!

  19. says

    Yes I’ve heard and seen a preview — and hands down SHARON OSBOURNE is my favorite co-host … period! I wish I had, even for a day, her outrageous funny loving honest this is my life and I make no apologies for it — ness…

    I’ve asked my daughter to TiVo this show for me…


    I haven’t had the opportunity to watch this show since I am at work, but looking at the cast I know I would love it, especially with Leah on there.

  21. says

    I tried watching The Talk when it first came on. I was a little discouraged with it. Not because it was bad, but it just seemed a little overwhelming. So many ladies talking at the same time. Just seemed a little chaotic at times.
    I should try again to see if it’s gotten better.

  22. Celeste says

    Never seen it, but that’s not surprising since we don’t have a TV. Honestly, I’m not into celeb shows, so I’m not sure this would be my cup of tea! :)

  23. says

    Okay I’m going to be totally honest here and tell you that I haven’t watched the show yet, but…BUT…I’m in love with Sharon Osbourne. Ozzy was the first concert I ever went to at the ripe old age of 9 years old and I just love her direct, stern, caring approach to EVERYTHING.

    Now I’m going to sit here and cross my arms, fingers, legs, & toes in anticipation. :)

  24. Nyssa says

    I NEVER miss an episode of “The Talk”. I love the banter between all of the women and how they emphasize the importance of being a mother and a strong woman. My FAVORITE co-host is Leah Remini. She is a no nonsense, say-what-she-feels kind of girl and I LOVE HER!

  25. says

    I haven’t had a chance to see The Talk, but I am tuning in today! It looks like it is a hoot!!! Where can it go wrong with Leah, Sharon, Holly and Sara. (I am not as familar with the other two) Can’t wait!!

  26. Dottie W. says

    I have watched it a few times & am a big fan of Sharon Osborne. Plus I have watched Sara Gilbert grow up & wanted to see her on a talk show.

  27. says

    No, I haven’t seen it…but I’d like to! I work, so it’s probably on when I’m not home. I love all those women though and think they are great examples of moms!

  28. says

    My first time watching the show was when the mom brought her daughter on that had been in pagents all her life. What made me really like the show was that the host were real! The spoke as moms themselves and the concerns they had. They didn’t sugar coat it as if all hollywood moms were like this mother. i just over all like the “realness” of the show. Great job ladies…

  29. AutumH says

    I’ve been meaning to watch it and have caught part of the show but haven’t been able to sit through and catch the whole thing. I love Sharon Osbourne, she’s funny,charming,brash yet strong and opinionated in a good way so she would have to be my favorite host.

  30. Trish says

    Unfortunately I do not get to watch the show as I am at work when it is on but I wish I could because I love Holly Robinson Peete whenever I see her speaking on TV and follow her on Twitter. Love her opinions and her dedication to her family.

  31. Deanna says

    It is my hour break every day, I try not to miss it. Working at home it is nice to watch some girl talk, and I think they are fair on most topics. Loving Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen today!

  32. PamelaK says

    I’m watching The Talk right now! Watch it everyday. Leah is my fave, but I enjoy all of the ladies. What a great prize package!

  33. says

    I haven’t had the chance to watch it yet but I LOVE Sharon, Julie and Leah so I’m sure it will be great when I do get the time to watch. Great giveaway!

  34. says

    I have not seen the Talk. I had not heard about it before this post. I’ll have to go check it our. My favorite would have to be Sharon. She holds herself with such class. I really admire her.

  35. says

    I have to admit I haven’t watched the show. With 2 under 4 and one of those not napping any more if I have the TV on it’s kid shows. (Lame!) I love the giveaways, though, and wouldn’t mind winning, even if that means I have to watch the show with my boy in headphones listening to stories at least once! It sounds like a very fun show!

  36. Debra B says

    I have been able to watch it a few times and really like Sharon, but they are all great women. It really is a good show!

  37. says

    I LOVE The Talk!! I used to watch it all the time until we turned our cable off (trying to save some money). I would have to say that Sharon Osborne is my fav!!

  38. says

    I have never caught this show. I am most familiar with Sharon Osborne out of all the co-hosts. Interesting mix of women! Thanks for a chance at another great giveaway!

  39. Gretchen says

    I just heard about the show, have it set up on my DVR now. I love all of these women I can’t wait to see the chemistry between them.

  40. Mandala says

    I have not seen this show – but it seems quite interesting. I will watch out for it. Thanks so much for the great giveaway :)
    mandalarctic at gmail dot com

  41. Marni says

    Have never seen The Talk, but it sounds awesome! I will be sure to be on the lookout for it now! Id love to give it a chance! I’d also love to win this package of goodies!!

  42. says

    Mornings are usually pretty busy for me, so I don’t always get around to turning on the TV – I haven’t watched this show. Looks like fun, though!

  43. Steph says

    I have not seen it yet, but do follow them on Twitter and read up on what is going on. My favorite gal of the bunch is Sara Gilbert.

  44. Stephanie B. says

    I have never seen the show, but now that I have cable I will definitely check it out. I love Sara Gilbert and Sharon Osbourne.

  45. says

    I’ve never watched The Talk. Can’t ever seem to be around when it’s on. Would like to watch it someday. Has a great cast of hosts. Thanks.

  46. Melissa R. says

    I’ll be honest I never even heard of it before. I would have say though I love Sharon Osborne so I would totally watch it for her.

  47. MJ says

    I’ve never seen “The Talk”, but I really admire Sharon Osbourne. I’ve read some of her work, and she’s smart and insightful.

  48. Jaimie K says

    Oh WOW… is this for real??
    I have never watched The Talk. Sounds fun though. I don’t know many of those ladies but I did like Holly Robinson on Hangin’ With Mister Cooper and 21 Jump Street. :)

  49. Sheila Hickmon says

    I have seen it, and I love it! My favorite is Sharon Osbourne, she’s great!
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway!!

  50. Marie says

    I’ve never actually watched the show even though I have heard about it a lot. But having read this I think I need to give it a try — it sounds like something I would really enjoy!

  51. Stacy Miller says

    WOW! …What amazing gifts you have set up to giveaway! I would love to have any one of these items. I’ve seen the show a few times and these ladies are wonderful

  52. says

    I have never seen The Talk but will have to check it out as soon as I can convince my kids to turn Disney off. This is a very interesting mix of women. I love Sharon Osborne!

  53. Amy Brewer says

    No I haven’t watched it..I thought I have saw commercials for it though..Wish I had started watching it already..I am going to have to watch it and see if I like it. Television is usually on cartoons or nick jr if it’s on but this would be great for me to watch since I don’t watch too much tv anymore. Sharon would have to be the one I would like the most but I would have to watch it to be sure first.

  54. says

    I have been able to catch the show a couple of times & loved it. I really enjoy all the ladies but Holly is probably my favorite host. She’s not afraid to put forth a different and/or unpopular opinion!

  55. Karen S says

    I’ve never seen this show. Looks like fun! I am most familiar with Sharon Osbourne and Holly Robinson Peete. Thanks for the chance to win such a great give-away.

  56. says

    I haven’t seen it yet – but I love all of the hosts! I love Julie chen as the host of Big Brother, and I’ve always loved Sara Gilbert (she’s hilarious in Big Bang Theory!)

  57. says

    I’ve never seen The Talk, but now I know that must! It sounds like great entertainment! A group of funtabulous ladies chit chatting? It doesn’t get much better than that!

  58. Norma Rickwalt says

    I LOVE The Talk. Sara Gilbert and Sharon crack me up!!
    I am at work when it airs so my hubby records it for me…YAY he’s a sweetie!!!!

  59. CMC says

    I stumbled upon “The Talk” one day while channel-surfing. I didn’t really watch it long enough to say I’ve got a favorite from the show yet.

  60. says

    I love The Talk! I don’t get to watch it a lot due to work but I enjoy it when I can. I love that all the women are so different but mesh well. So good to watch!

  61. Aura says

    I have never watched the show as I don’t have a television but it does sound pretty interesting. I’ll check it out online.

  62. says

    I haven’t seen it yet, but that photo does make me want to. I have always like Leah Remini because she seems so real. I usually don’t have the TV on during the day (except for music), but maybe I’ll have to sneak a peak at this next week. Thanks for sharing such an awesome giveaway!

  63. says

    I have only seen snipets of the Talk, but I will be trying to catch it from now on. I often am told that I favor Holly Robinson Peete, so she would probably be my favorite host.

  64. Christina says

    I’ve never seen The Talk but have read so much about it in the papers that I hope that I can someday see it (it certainly has a number of truly evolved and interesting women on it!). I subscribe by email to 5 Minutes For Mom and am awestruck by this group of prizes – anyone who won all of these prizes would stay shocked (in a good way!) for life!

  65. says

    Sounds an awful lot like another show, where a group of women all talk about stuff from their View. Sounds like they may need to do some more advertising not many comments had ever even heard of the show. I love Sharon and will have to look up this show.

  66. D. Sullivan says

    The Talk is a wonderful program, hitting on subjects for both young to old (put me in THAT category ;))
    What a wonderful selection of prizes. Keeping my fingers crossed since I would love to share this bundle of goodies with the other women of my family (who also enjoy Talk).
    Blessing to each of you…and please accept my wishes for health and safe travel for the holidays and the days after.

  67. Frances Sherry says

    I watch the talk every day before i go to work at4. I love the down to earth values of the program. I am a 65 year old mother of 6 grand mom of 13 and great grams of 3 1/2 and really would be extactic if i could win some free gifts. I still work and Christmas is my favorite time of year and i feel i have to have a gift for everyone. I clean at an area high school and it is hard work for anyone . I would love anything . Thank you and have a special christmas Love and joy to all. Franny

  68. Beth C says

    I like to watch this show whenever I have a chance. My favorite is Sara Gilbert! What a super giveaway. Thanks!

  69. Chanelle says

    I have watched the talk and my favorite is Leah Remini. She has a very distinctive voice and persona which portray her as smart and strong; she reminds me of the women in my family. Thanks for a great giveaway girls!

  70. Eileen says

    I have not watched The Talk yet but I really think Sara Gilbert will add a lot to a talk show. And Sharon too!! Wow…guess I have been spending way too much time online, in the kitchen, and doing mountains of laundry…I have been missing ALL tv for weeks and weeks! Yep…my jaw is on the floor!

  71. says

    I haven’t watched it yet. No sick days yet. I do like the host lineup better than some of the other shows so I would like to give it a try.

  72. says

    I can’t get local stations, no CBS:( but I’ve heard my mom talk about “The Talk” to my aunt. They like Sharon on it, maybe I can catch it at their house when I’m visiting, it sounds great.

  73. Cheryl Young says

    I love The Talk. I watch it every day Monday thru Friday. You talk about the best topics and you have the best guests. My husband watches myour show with me most of the time. You people that don’t watch need to start watching. You’re missing a great show. Ladies keep doing the show the way you do. It’s fantastic the way it is now.

  74. Jennifer says

    Hi I just love your show , lol my grand daughter used to watch it until she went to school , she’s five now she used to want to watch it just to see Sharon , she thinks it cool to be married to kiss lol , anyways keep up the great work you all rock !!!!!!!!!!

  75. Christina Moore says

    I enjoy this show. I love holly Robinson peete. My favorite. All the different opinions of each lady is awesome. It has great topics and gives current events a good view.

  76. Lydia Mencias says

    I watch The Talk almost everyday. In an age when people are too busy to sit down and just talk, it is my time to sit down, put my phone down and enjoy one on one conversation. A time to listen and learn. To be able to look at the person speaking and be able to see their feelings on their face. A time for me to remember that people need human contact. That’s why I watch The View

    Lydia Mencias

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