A Fun Green Eggs and Ham Giveaway

Did you know that it’s the 50th anniversary of Dr. Seuss’ classic book Green Eggs and Ham? That means that most of you, like me, remember the book from your childhood and have also shared it with your kids (I’ll bet that some of you even remember the book from your childhood, shared it with your kids, and now look forward to sharing it with your grandkids!).

In Seuss’ classical repetitive and rhyming style, the unnamed character who will not eat green eggs and ham is pursued and coaxed by Sam-I-am until he finally consents to try them. Of course he tries them and he likes them, which is a lesson that we all hope our picky eaters will learn from, right? That makes it a wonderful story to share — a fun lesson told in a way which might drive the parents crazy is a wonderful way for kids to learn to read and to experience the fun cadence of language.

I’ve shared the story with my kids, but I know that my 6-year-old son Kyle could read it on his own now, and I think he’d get a kick out of that, so it’s time to pull it out and put it in front of him.

Click the image for some fun pork recipes inspired by the book.

In honor of the anniversary, I have a fun giveaway for one of you to encourage you and your kids to get in the kitchen and try some of these recipes (U.S. shipping addresses only):

Just leave a comment here if you’d like to win. Just for fun, tell us what your family thinks about ham, or let me know which of the featured recipes above you might like to try (I have to say that deviled eggs with ham and avocado sounds delicious!).

We’ll announce the winner in this column on December 27.

Disclosure: I received my own fun prize pack in exchange for posting this post and giveaway.

5 Minutes for Books managing editor Jennifer Donovan loves books and she loves food, which makes this a perfect post for her. When she’s not reading or writing reviews (which isn’t very often these days), she also blogs at Snapshot.


  1. Dawn Hild says

    I would love to win this to share with my grandson Max. I remember how much my two boys adored Dr. Seuss books when they were little… aah the memories :-) My husband loves, loves, loves ham. The boys and I lean more towards turkey. But, we all love eggs!

  2. Stephanie Brown says

    My whole family loves ham. We love Dr. Seuss. I have read the books so many times to my children that I know them by heart!

  3. Judi Eckes says

    My 15 year old and I love deviled eggs…avocado / ham ones sound so interesting. My 5 yr old twins like ham, LOVE Dr Suess, and most of us love eggs. Not a bad tally, all in all. 😀

  4. keisha says

    Hi, I am a new homeschool mom and I love your site I have a 2 and 4 year old, who loves eggs and ham. They both also love Dr seuss’ Green eggs and ham book. The 2 year old already reads it by himself…lol. The 4 yr old loves to play Amazing Green eggs and ham game on the Seusville website. He also loves to cook. This would be my first year cooking green eggs and ham in honor of Dr Seus. So I would have to clear the recipe with my 4 yr old first…..lol. I hope we win!

  5. says

    We’re big fans of the book here and I’ve added green food coloring to my eggs to recreate it myself! I’d love the recipe for the deviled eggs and avocado! Sounds right up my alley!

  6. Nancy B from Many LA says

    I LOVE Dr Seuss! .I made Green Eggs and Ham for my kids when they were small. I’m hoping sometime in the next couple years I’ll get some grandkids to make this for too! If not, I’ll try it out on my dogs. I know they’d eat it! LOL!

  7. says

    Love love love love love Ham. We don’t get to have it often but when we do we make ‘pigs’ out of ourselves. The deviled eggs with ham & avocado does sound delightful. The Ham and Cheese Muffins sound good too.

  8. says

    I have never made my kids green eggs & ham…and I’ve only read the book once. We only own one Dr. Seuss book (sad, right?) but we borrow often from the library. I personally am not a fan of ham except hot ham at Christmas.

  9. Alison S. says

    We eat ham on occasion. Now that our son is getting old enough I think he’d probably enjoy reading this book and cooking some green eggs to go with it. :-)

  10. Cathy W says

    We love ham on sandwiches, as part of a casserole, or in soups. I agree that the Ham and Avocado Deviled Eggs sounds good, it’s on my to try list!
    cjwallace43 at gmail dot com

  11. Ruthie B says

    My kids are grown now but I remember making green eggs for them & I think I have to make some & read the book to my grandson too!

  12. Shari says

    Everybody in my family LOVES ham… except me. 😉 That’s okay, there’s turkey for me. But, I think I’d make an exception for those Ham and Avocado Deviled eggs, just because I adore avocado AND deviled eggs!

  13. says

    Green Eggs and Ham was always one of the first books my kids could read on their own. It’s an all time favorite! Michael Symon’s sandwiches look delicious!

  14. Debby says

    I have a grandson named Sam. I call him Sam I Am! I love Dr. Seuss books, I read them as much as possible to my grandkids. Great gift!

  15. says

    deviled eggs with ham and avacado? I’d love to try that!

    My kids are starting to learn where their food comes from. Like what animals gives us what food/meat. We just had ham for dinner last night (one of my favorites!) and they remembered it was from a pig!

  16. Beth C says

    We love ham! I’d like to try the ham sandwich with cheese & eggs. Thanks for the great giveaway. Very nice!

  17. Kathy Stevenson says

    I would love to win this for my husband so he can fix himself some pork! (I am a vegetarian but I love Dr. Seuss!)

  18. says

    What a wonderful giveaway and it would be so much fun enjoying breakfast and reading the book!! I would make deviled eggs ,add a touch of green and my granddaughter would have a blast!!
    Thanks for the chance

  19. Maggie Mason says

    I personally love ham my husband is pickier! Yummy avacados with anything, never thought of putting them with deviled eggs!

  20. Debby says

    Dr. Seuss books are always great. They never grow old, even reading them to my grandkids I enjoy his humor. Great gifts

  21. Debby says

    Wow, this is a wonderful gift. I once fixed my kids green eggs and ham. The only way they would eat it was because I read the book to them. HA HA

  22. Johnelle Haglund says

    This sounds like fun – I’d share with my grandsons that live close by! They love to have books read to them! And I love pork recipes, too.

  23. Maureen says

    Hi – my family (my husband and 2 boys) LOVE ham, especially honey baked ham. Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com0

  24. christina says

    Our entire family loves ham – one of my spouse’s gifts is an imported ham (that I’m hoping will last into January!)

  25. says

    all of the recipes look yummy! we always have ham and turkey for Thanksgiving because my grandpa didn’t like turkey…he’s been gone for a couple of years now, but we still have to always have ham in his honor (to be truthful, this year the ham was better than the turkey!)

  26. says

    My family loves ham so much we dont have turkey at Thanksgiving and Christmas, we just have a big ham! I think I will try the deviled eggs with ham. We raise chickens so we have a ton of eggs, and sometimes I make deviled eggs just to get the eggs eaten before they go bad!
    theblackat at hotmail dot com

  27. Vickie Couturier says

    We love ham,I actually just baked one for Sunday Dinner,its a huge favorite at my house,we find many ways to eat it


  28. Steph says

    We really enjoy ham but don’t eat it very often. Usually twice a year. This would be a fun thing fom me and the kids. They are at the age now where they finally like reading all our Dr. Seuss books.

  29. Elizabeth O says

    We actually eat Turkey Ham as a family but my DH and kiddos love pork products. My DH and I have been reading this story to our kids since my first was a yr old. It is a family favorite!

  30. Catherine says

    I LOVE ham…the deviled eggs with ham and avocado really do look amazing!!! I love this book and hope to give it to my son and dye lots of eggs for him to gross him out!

  31. katklaw777 says

    You must understand…this is my all time favorite book ever!! I was 6yrs old when this book hit the world and I am a gigantic Dr. Seuss fan.
    My parents read this to me every night for a year and I can still recite most of it by heart. I read it to my kids and hope to read it to my grand kids.
    Fantastical giveaway, thanks!

  32. katklaw777 says

    Sorry…I got so excited I forgot to say which recipe I’d try.
    Tho they all look like fun, I agree with you the deviled eggs with ham and avocado look divine!

  33. marina says

    What fun giveaway. I’m sure my 4 yr old would love it considering she’s a big Dr Seuss fan and says she will also be the Next Iron Chef, cooking besides Chef Bobby Flay

  34. CMC says

    I’d LOVE to win this! Yes, we eat ham here – typically with Swiss cheese but sometimes with fresh mozzarella. Even by itself, it’s delish!

  35. says

    Oh! I so want to win this!! We LOVED this book, me and the kids, when they were little. And then we moved to Africa, where we recognized Sam-I-Am’s selling techniques (i.e. follow nonstop and never shut up or give up) amongst the street merchants. This book is such a classic!! What a great giveaway!
    And yes, I have made green eggs with food colouring, but best was when a friend had unusual chickens and we got real-live green eggs from them!

  36. Brianna Beers says

    I like ham and eggs, so good together! Add some green dye to the eggs and the kids get a kick out of it, wanting me to read Dr.Seuss after breakfast!lol

  37. Adele says

    I would love to try the Ham and Avacado deviled eggs. My son is the Ham lover in our family and he would get a big kick out of this.

  38. Susan P. says

    Dr. Seuss books were a staple in our house. My girls learned to read with Green Eggs & Ham as well as Hop on Pop, Cat in the Hat, etc.

  39. Danae says

    Green eggs and ham is such a classic Seuss tale. I love dying eggs green after reading this story with my kids. Oh, and ham is our must-have Christmas dinner meat!

  40. Jody says

    We love the book “Green Egss and Ham,” Dr. Seuss has always been such a favorite. I would bet the Ham and Avocado Deviled Egss would be delicouss. One of our family’s favorites is a 15 Bean Soup with chunks of baked Ham. Yummy.

  41. Eileen says

    Ham lovers we AM!!! I grew up on a farm and we were so spoiled. Now…it is a treat! We are planning to have for our family celebration on New Years Eve day with the 6 kids and 3 grand kids…and having HAM because it is something EVERYONE loves and I love to make home made scalloped potatoes and ham with leftovers, ham and cheese omelets, provolone and ham grilled sandwiches…oh boy, I am drooling!
    My lil’ grand kids would love this book and the adorable apron and chef hat set! WOW…50 years…I was just born then…had no idea I shared this “anniversary”!

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