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    We have some photographer friends who always shoot babies barefooted. The woman once said, “I think their little feet are as beautiful as their faces.” :-)

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    Oh!!! Yummy yummy! I just wanna eat um! :o) I pretend my kids feet are a phone sometimes when I play with them… I will dial numbers on the bottom of their foot and make a ringing noise, then I will put their foot to my ear and talk, they LOVE it!

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    Oh my gosh I love those toes! ALL my baby toe pictures came out too blurry.
    I didn’t leave my link here today. I was conflicted. Although the hubby loved it in all it’s innocent glory.

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    Olivia has lovely toes. I am happy to say that my daughter has toes like my husband. My family has less than beautiful toes – we check out the next generation’s toes carefully.

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    I love pics like this. I have a picture of my sons feet and hands when he was at his chubbiest. He asked me the other day, “Mommy why would you scrapbook a picture of my toes?”…oh little does he know how I love his toes.


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