Are You Speaking Your Baby’s Language?

We pray, we push, we scream, and then we hold our breath until we hear it. Our baby’s first cry. That first wail is an answer to our deepest prayer. It is relief. It is hope. It is the future.

We hold our baby close and we promise to love them forever. Eventually they are quiet, sleeping on our chest. We hear their little labored breaths and feel their chest rising and falling. We are in total peace.


Until those cries come back – again and again. Sometimes we know without a doubt what our baby needs and we immediately respond. But sometimes we are helpless, trying to decipher our infant’s desperate cries. We want to help them, to understand them. If only we knew what they were saying.

To imagine that someone could tell us what they were saying – to teach us their language – is almost unbelievable. Isn’t a newborn’s cry a language without translation?

That was what I thought. Of course, I could tell some difference in my babies’ cries. I got to know them and could hear subtle changes. Some cries were angry and desperate. Others were merely letting me know they needed a bit of attention.

dunstan-priscilla.jpgBut until I heard Priscilla Dunstan share her breakthrough in infant language, I had never noticed that my babies, and all the babies around me and all over the world, were actually saying words – distinct, predictable words that tell us what they need.

Babies are communicating with us – and now we can understand what they are saying!

According to Dunstan:

“Every newborn communicates from birth to 3 months uses 5 distinct sounds that signal hunger, tiredness, need to burp, lower wind/gas and discomfort. This is regardless of the language their parents speak. It is not a learned language. Rather, it is a natural way for every baby to express their physical needs.

The ‘words’ that form the basis of what we have called the Dunstan Baby Language, are sounds that are based on baby’s physical responses. These are called reflexes. For example, when a baby is hungry it will start to suck, and as sound is added to the reflex, the ‘word’ for hunger is produced. These are the baby’s first communications, which occur before actual crying develops. The sooner the ‘word’ for hunger is identified the sooner a parent can respond by feeding, resulting in less crying and less discomfort for baby – and for parents..

The Dunstan System will teach you how to tune your ear to the 5 ‘words’, take you through settling solutions, and gives helpful advice for parents. You will also view Priscilla Dunstan in a ‘live lesson’, teaching new mothers the System – with immediate results.” read more

I just wish I had had Priscilla Dunstan’s DVDs when I had my son six years ago. What a difference it would have made to me.

In my first few months of being a mother, I was so intimidated by my baby’s cries. I wanted him to speak to me clearly and let me know what he needed from me.

When Olivia was just about three months old, I saw Priscilla on Oprah. I was stunned. I quickly threw a video tape in and recorded the show. Then I watched it over and over until I clearly could hear what words I should be listening for.

And it worked. I completely could hear the “words” from Olivia. It is was thrilling!

Now that Olivia is older, I hear them much less. (Babies primarily speak this language between 0-3 months.) But my son still coos to her, “Olivia are you saying ‘Neh?’ – Are you hungry?” It is so sad to hear the language disappearing now. I LOVED hearing her talk to us in her first language.

dunstan-dvd-system-300-pix.jpgI highly and enthusiastically recommend this DVD set to new parents. What an incredible gift to give to a mother and father – and to their newborn – the gift of understanding babies’ first language.

It is incredible!!!

“9 years of observation and intervention research then led to 3 independent international studies, confirming the existence of a universal baby language – the Dunstan Baby Language.”

We are giving FIVE of you the Dunstan Baby Language System. Just leave a comment at this post to be entered to win. (We will announce the winners on March 18th.)

If you or someone you love is expecting or has a young infant and you don’t win a copy, I highly, highly recommend you buy the Dunstan Baby Language. To learn these five powerful ‘words’ is priceless!

Dunstan Baby is offering 5 Minutes for Mom readers a 10% discount when you purchase online from their website. The Promotional Reference Code is USDRP.

“The Dunstan System truly empowers parents. Seeing crying from this new perspective – one that translates infant cries into meaningful communication – is a tool that can contribute to the roles of each and every one of us as caregivers. What better way to support new families.”

Dr Maureen A. O’Brien
Published Author, Ph.D. in Child Psychology and mother of twin boys.
Director of Education, Dunstan Baby


  1. says

    I used Dunstan Baby Language with my daughter and was AMAZED at how it worked. It really saved me from having some less-than-stellar parenting moments when she was an infant. I was able to tell what she needed, tend to it, stop the crying quickly and resume a nice happy life. I highly recommend this!!!

    If I win, I will most definitely give it as a gift to one of my seven friends who are pregnant right now!!

  2. says

    I’ve heard vague mutterings of a “newborn language” but had never seen it in action, or even referenced…so this makes me very excited! I am due on May 26th with our first child, and am anxious about how to understand and meet her needs.
    I would love to win this DVD set!
    Thanks for ALL your reviews and recommendations!

  3. says

    I would love to have this personally and as a tool in my lending library as a Doula. What an amazing gift to be able to have to understand newborns!

  4. says

    This contest is so timely, as last night I was up forever, crying, because I didn’t know how to sooth my baby. Thanks for considering me.

  5. Whitney A says

    This would’ve helped me the first time around. I’m sure my son and I would have cried less because I couldn’t understand his language. I’d love a chance to try it the second time around!

  6. Cindi Hoppes says

    Hello! Another marvelous giveaway! I have heard and read great things about this program. Please enter me in your drawing. I do appreciate it! Thanks,Cindi

  7. Robyn says

    I’ve seen Priscilla Dunstan on Oprah. I wish I would have had her video when my first was born. After I saw Ms. Dunstan on Oprah, I started listening to my sons cries and I could decifer his ‘neh’, the hunger cry. I wish I could have caught onto his other four cries, but even knowing the one was a huge help! My friend is now expecting & I know this would be a help to her, as well.

  8. says

    When my second daughter, Ally, was born my then 2-yr-old, Julia, would tell me what Ally was saying as she was crying. I always thought it was a cute and just something Julia claimed to know about her new baby sister. But now, Im wondering if Julia actually understood what Ally was ‘saying’. Maybe because Julia was so young she remembered speaking that way? Please do not enter me in this contest, my daughters are 6 and 8 now and this prize would be lost on me. I just wanted to share my story. Thanks.

  9. Kari A. says

    I have seen the “testimonials” for this and I must say that I think they may be on to something here. I am not sure if it is only memorization – meaning they show the same cards in the same order each time – but I am dying to try it out!

  10. says

    A. This post is beautifully written…especially the first two paragraphs. Thanks for reminding me of the beauty and wonder of those early moments.
    B. I saw part of the “Dunstan episode” on Oprah and I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical. “Could it really be true?” I wondered.
    C. I value your opinion and I would love to give the system a try when I get pregnant with #2. Please enter me in the contest.

  11. says

    I would love to have a copy of this to loan to all of the mommas and babes I work with as a doula. I think this would help moms so much on those first 3 months to understand their babies and for everyone to experience a lot less stress.

  12. says

    My son is past infancy stage but I’d love to try this one if and when the second one comes. Or if that’s too far away, I’d love to share this with my cousins.

    zamblogspot at gmail dot com

  13. Beth Kuligowski says

    sounds interesting! it would be a great help to be able to understand the cries of our new little one arriving in may. thanks for the chance to win! -beth

  14. says

    I would love to win this and try it out! It’s hard to believe something like this works, but then when you look into it, it really makes sense! Thanks!

  15. Karen says

    I saw her on Oprah, too, and was amazed! I definitely want to learn more about the “baby language” for my next baby! :)

  16. says

    I would seriously LOVE to win this! I have heard of this just recently, and boy oh boy did it spark my interest!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  17. Beth says

    Oh my goodness, I’d LOVE To win this!! My mother-in-law was actually just telling me about this lady the other day. i missed watching her when she was on Oprah. Pick me, pick me!

  18. says

    It is a wonderful thing to know the baby’s language when it cries or laughs. Its good to here now have got a product for that. All the mom needs it very much and its a good idea for purchasing it and also a worthy product.


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