Colic Anyone?

by Janice

Colic. Mention the word to my mom and she still shivers.

My mom’s second child, my older brother, had a terrible case of colic that started when he was about three weeks old and lasted until he was three months old. At 6:30 every evening he would start screaming and the agony would last until about midnight. My mom tried every trick in the book, but not too much helped – except time. Eventually, he grew out of it and both he and my mother finally got some relief.

Four years later, when my mom found out she was having twins, all she could think about was, “What if they both get colic?!?” The fear haunted her throughout her pregnancy and our first few weeks of life. But, thankfully, she got lucky and Susan and I never endured the tummy torment.

With our first children, both Susan and I were also lucky and did not have to deal with colic. But this time – I am not so sure. Just after Olivia hit three weeks old, she started having terrible tummy aches in the evenings and nights that have had my husband and I walking the floor with a fussy, extremely uncomfortable baby.

Monday I went to the doctor to get her opinion on what I should do and what changes I should make to my diet. I was wondering if I should remove dairy from my diet, etc. She said if I stick to non-fat dairy, such as non-fat milk and yogurt, then that should be okay. She also told me to stay away from apples, tomatoes, and other acidic foods and, of course, make sure I don’t eat broccoli, cabbage, etc.

I had been eating a lot of apples, raw veggies, cheese and high fiber food, such as beans and bran, so I am trying to be more careful now. (I will still be eating some bran, but I will skip the beans and concentrate on flax for my fiber needs.) I am not sure if the changes are making too much of a difference – but so far tonight has been better than the past few nights. I am hoping that this is just a little stage and Olivia doesn’t get a full blown case of “colic.” I think she is gassy and has pain in her bowels and hopefully if I make some changes to my diet it will relieve her pain.

But I was wondering what tips and words of wisdom you all have for gassy, tummy-aching babies. Have your babies had tummy troubles or colic?

I would love to hear about your experiences…

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