Boomama – Always Worth the Click

I am as addicted to Boomama as she is to Diet Coke. This girl consistently cracks me up, while inspiring me. She is a talented writer, with a natural sense of humor and an infectious faith in God. Some days I just wish I were her!

I never get to all the blogs I want to visit everyday. There is so much to read and so little time. But without a doubt, whenever I click on my link to Boomama I always come away not only chuckling, but encouraged.

Her latest post about her weekend visitors is a simple but beautiful tribute to real friendships and the stuff that really matters in life – at least to some of us. I loved it – and I know I couldn’t have said it better myself.


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    I don’t show my husband many blogs, but I had to have him, (and my sons, and my father-in-law) her WFMW post this week. Side-splitting!

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    Yes, very sweet Janice! I am a regular reader too. AND, I get the privilege to meet Boo herself – yes in person! I’m sooo excited and honored. I’ll be sure to blog about it!!

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    Funny, I was just there! I love the way she’s done the flowers on her site. She’s very Godly too. I’m sure BooMama appreciates your heads up!

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