Luna & Stella: The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift


A great way to show your love of being a mother is by displaying each child’s birthstone on a gorgeous mother’s ring or necklace. Several years ago, I fell in love with the idea of a birthstone necklace and still plan on purchasing one for myself someday. I wish that my children had prettier birthstones though, you know like diamond or amethyst, but what can you do?

We were recently contacted by a new jewelry line, Luna & Stella, and I am in love. Their moon & stars birthstone necklace is STUNNING! Moms, if you haven’t put anything on your wish list yet for Mother’s Day, grab a pen and paper, jot down, and hand it over to your husband! Just be sure he orders by May 2nd to have it in time for Mother’s Day.


Luna & Stella, designed by Suzanne Ellis, is a collection of hand-crafted birthstone jewelry that is both sophisticated and meaningful. Luna & Stella is Italian for ‘moon and star’ and conveys the precious relationship between ourselves and those we love. Each piece is made-to-order and custom set with the birthstones of children, grandchildren and loved ones.

The popular Moon & Stars Birthstone Necklace can be hand-set with the birthstones of children, grandchildren, partner, family or cherished friends, and will be ready to ship in just 5 business days for silver, or 10 business days for gold.

1 350 x 350This mother’s day, Luna & Stella has introduced the Crescent Moon Stacking Birthstone Rings. Designed to stack, each ring represents a family member or friend. If a new member joins the family, a new ring can be added on. It’s the ring that grows with your family!

We would love to gift one of you with a $50.00 gift certificate to Luna & Stella.
Just leave a comment below and if you’d like, share with us the birthstones of your loved ones.

If you need to double check, Luna & Stella has them listed here.

This giveaway is open to US residents and closes on May 4. Our lucky winner will be announced on May 5, along with our other Mother’s Day Giveaway winners.

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We did not receive any compensation for this post. However, Luna & Stella is providing the giveaway prize ($50.00 gift certificate).


  1. Tahlia says

    We have garnet, moonstone, opal, topaz, amethyst, diamond, and blue sapphire as the birthstones of our family. =)

  2. says

    the stacking rings are so cool! what a neat idea for a fabulous mother’s day gift for a mama or grandma!
    My kids birth stones are Citrine (Nov) and Diamond (April)

  3. says

    I love the stacking ring. I didn’t even realize my daughters’s birth stones are diamond (yay!) and emerald. So much better than my opal. Great giveaway.

  4. says

    Those necklaces are GORGEOUS!!!! I’m heavily into all things celestial, anyway, so that just floats my boat all over the lake. =) I also love the stacking rings, but my interest is DEFINITELY the neckwear. LOL I hope I win….but I wish us all the best of luck!

  5. says

    the stacking rings would be perfect for me since I just have the one little guy right now but plan on having more. My son’s birthstone is a ruby and red happens to be my favorite color!

  6. Kristen says

    I’m loving this jewelry…it’s all so beautiful! Found out June has another birthstone to go with pearl and alexandrite….the moonstone!

  7. says

    I would love this! Although the site says the stones are pink tourmaline & blue topaz. I know that they are usually Opal & Turquoise. But they are gorgeous rings for sure! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  8. says

    The stacking ring is a cute idea. I love the style of the necklace, too. I haven’t seen anything like these before.

    My boys birthstones are Emerald and Peridot, both shades of green, which has always made me shy away from birthstone jewelry. However, I think these would actually look nice with the green birthstones.

  9. says

    {I tried entering this one once but it didn’t go through – hopefully my comment doesn’t show up somewhere!}
    The stacking ring would be so perfect for me! I’m expecting our first but hopefully not last baby so these rings would work great! And if everything goes according to plan, our baby will be a Ruby gemstone!

  10. says

    I just realized I have no idea what the birthstone is for my son and husband. Hmm, guess I need to go google that. What are June and October?

  11. Jen says

    Great jewelry- so different. My kiddos are Amethyst, Aquamarine, and March- what is march? Hmm, need to check on that :)

  12. says

    Oh… I love the crescent in silver! How pretty! I had to look up my boys’ birthstones sadly. lol!
    They are moonstone and blue saphire! :) Mine is aquamarine.

  13. says

    I love those necklaces. According to their site, my son’s October birthstone is Pink Tourmaline, but I always use the more traditional Opal. Since they don’t have that, I would probably pick moonstone or something similar.


  14. says

    I absolutely love that necklace, and I could fit all of my kids’ birthstones on it: ruby, 2 sapphires, peridot, and pink tourmaline.

  15. says

    What mother wouldn’t love a piece of mother’s jewelry? My fav birthstones: Emerald for my oldest son, Ruby for my daughter, and Opals for my triplets!

  16. says

    I love the stacking rings!! I would want to get ones for everyone in my family–Mine: Blue Topaz, Husband: Lolite, Son: Aquamarine and Daughter: Pink Tourmaline.


  17. Deb Anderson says

    LOVE the Moon & Stars necklace!! I’d like to get one for my mother for each of her grandchildren – or maybe great-grandchildren. :)

  18. says

    I love the necklace! Of course with 7 children I don’t know how it would look – but the concept is great – and with kids born in different months I’d have –
    January, February, March, April, June, July & August :-)

  19. says

    You know I’ve always wanted a birthstone necklace, ring or anything but never have gotten one. Mine would be Amethyst & kids stones would be Virgo & Capricorn I believe. Feb., Sept., & Jan.

  20. Tara says

    I’ve been wanting a piece that incorporates the birthstones of myself, my husband, and my baby since he was born. Great giveaway!
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  21. Angela says

    I’d love to win! They are Precious!

    Mine are Ruby (yongest child) ; pearl (middle child); Saphire (for me); Yellow Topaz (oldest child); and Opal (hubby).


  22. Kirsten T. says

    I would soooo love one of these necklaces. As part of the bedtime routine, we take out 3 year old on the deck every night to see the “moon and stars”. I’d pick diamond and aquamrine (or bloodstone if they have) for my daughters’ birth months. Thanks!

  23. Snowflake07 (Audra) says

    My daughter’s birthstone is Topaz. Some interesting trivia I learned…Topaz may be colorless, yellow, orange, red, blue and green.

  24. Stephanie says

    That necklace is so beautiful and special with my two daughters birthstones. Thanks for the giveaway~

  25. Jess says

    These are awesome and so easy to add onto. My husband is Amethyst, our daughter is Citrine, I am Blue Topaz, and if Baby #2 is born by Friday, it’ll be a diamond, however after Friday we’ll be at an Emerald (I love both stones).

  26. Liz says

    I’ve got a ruby, pink tourmaline and blue topaz. I love the stacking rings. I think I would get them for my thumb.

  27. says

    What cool looking pieces, the necklace is so different than other mom necklaces that I own and love the idea of the stacking ring to that more can be added easily if needed, —My kids are Moonstone (have seen listed as pearl elsewhere), Ruby and Citrine, and them if I wanted to add myslef and DH to the mix it would be another ruby for him and Blue Topaz for me. Thanks for the chance to win for introducing me to this great company.

  28. says

    What a sweet giveaway- my kiddos are a ruby and a blue sapphire- very fitting for them!! Hubby and I are a ruby and a white moonstone- how fun!! Thanks for the great giveaway!! :-)

  29. says

    Hi 5 Minutes for Mom readers! This is Suzanne from Luna & Stella. Thanks so much for all of the nice messages, we are so happy you like our jewelry. We have created a free shipping code just for you: enter 5MIN4MOM at checkout. Orders placed by May 2 will arrive in time for Mother’s Day. Hope you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day!

  30. says

    My boys are May and July babies…not sure the stones…I have always wanted a mothers ring but thought I should wait until i was SURE That I was finished. I think I am finished now ( not willingly but what can you do?) so it is time!

  31. LaNette says

    I love jewerly!! I have twin boys that just turned 1!! They were born on April 1st, and it wasn’t a joke! (ha,ha) Their two angels sent from heaven!!

  32. Rachel says

    I would enjoy giving my mother a new ring. she has one but never got it rplaced,its been twenty one years. Her band on her ring is broken and my sisters and i would love to replace it. My dad would also be very happy because he planned on getting her a new one but more things come up. My sisters and i are August, November, and Feburary and my mother is a October (topaz).wow what a ring!

  33. Shawna OBrien says

    I just love this jewelry because of how it symbolized the beautiful and special connection between family members.

    My family is Aquamarine, Blue Topaz and Diamond!

  34. says

    I would love to win this, this jewelry is beautiful. My children are born in Feb. Amythest, April Diamond, October not sure what the birthstone is but I think it is a yellow/orange color ?, and June which I think is Opal ?

    My birthstone is turquoise (December)

    Would love to win, thank you for the chance 😉

  35. shawna says

    I LOVE the birthstone necklace! I’d love to get one for my mom with her grandkids’ birthstones!

  36. Colleen Saverese says

    I had a beautiful mother’s ring, not your typical one, it was stolen out of my house, This one is a close second to it ….. Peridot and Amethyst are my girls stones… Happy Mother’s Day all

  37. katklaw777 says

    My daughter’s is a Garnet,
    My son’s is a Citrine.
    My Hubby’s is a Pink Tourmaline,
    And I am a Blue Topaz. They would look pretty stacked together.
    Wonderful giveaway, thanks.

  38. Deborah K says

    My son’s is a Pink tourmaline, my daughter is a diamond, and mine is a peridot. A mother’s ring/necklace is one thing that just hasn’t been on the agenda lately. Would love the opportunity to have one.

  39. Rebecca says

    My Mother’s ring isn’t too colorful-5 children with 3 of them born in March, one in September and one in December-all blue birthstones

  40. Tiffany says

    With 3 March babies and 1 August one, I am always looking for creative Mommy jewelry- the traditional, all in a row design looks crazy with these stones!

  41. says

    I have six children. Two share the Ruby, two share the Peridot, one’s is Garnet, and the other is diamond. Thanks.

  42. says

    This would be a perfect gift for me! I have always wanted a family stone ring but never found one I liked..theirs are gorgeous!
    Our stones are Emrald, Peridot, Saphire and Aquamarine!

  43. kathy pease says

    Thank you for the Great giveaway please count me in :)

    my kids birthstones are

  44. says

    I’m not sure what my husband’s is (August), but my daughter’s is Emerald and mine is Amethyst. :) Thanks for the giveaway! I really love the stacking rings – LOVE them!

  45. Christine S says

    Birthstones for my children would be:
    April: Diamond
    January: Garnet
    May: Emerald
    For my mother – her favorite stone always was:

    Such beautiful things at Luna & Stella’s just beautiful!
    Thank you for this opportunity

    Button up on left hand sidebar at

  46. says

    This caught my eye because of my moon and star tattoo on my leg. Birthstones I would use would be Ruby for Connor and Moonstones for the twins.

  47. Chrisitna says

    My family’s birthstones are mostly garnets, rubies and citrines! I’m a Five Minutes For Mom subscriber and would love to win this ring!

  48. Eileen says

    I love the simple design…yes, it IS stunning! So many other “MOM’s” or “family” jewelry is so big or too cutesy in my opinion…I really like this a LOT!!!

    Kids Birthstones:
    Garnet, Sapphire, Ruby, Pink Tourmaline, Diamond , & another Sapphire.
    Grandkids are Moonstone, Emerald, & Peridot.
    Mine is Citrine & hubby’s is Aquamarine.
    Very colorful little family I have!

    THANKS for a chance to wear & treasure something so beautiful!

  49. says

    How beautiful! I love the necklace – it would be simple to add stones as our family grows! I currently have an early Oct. baby and one due any day now!

  50. Sarah Pacilio says

    I would definately give this the my mom. She works so hard on everthing and helps so much. I recently had surgery and who was there to help me with my daughter but my mom. My sister is planning a wedding and my mom is there every step of the way. We are her only two, both diamonds, we are her twins.

  51. Nicole says

    Ahh, would love this. I have four beautiful children. Garnet, Diamond, Amethyst and June not sure what that one is..

  52. Cara says

    My birthstone is topaz, my husband’s is peridot, and our kids’ are blue topaz, emerald, and moonstone. :)

  53. Ani says

    My babes stones are aquamarine, emerald, and pink tourmaline . . . but please don’t tell my boy he’s got a pink birthstone, I don’t think he’d go for that.

  54. Jennifer M says

    I’d love this necklace with a topaz, my birthstone, diamond and sapphires, my kids birthstones.

  55. says

    Mine is Amethyst, hubby is garnet, son is blue sapphire, daughters are blue topaz and Pink Tourmaline
    digicat {AT} sbcglobal {DOT} net

  56. Pamela S says

    My daughter’s birthstone is emerald which she loves! My son’s in ruby which I love! Both beautiful. thanks.

  57. A.ozair says

    My mom and my son both share the same month so both have the same birthstone which is diamond while mine is sapphire :)

  58. Kimberly says

    I love the stacking ring. What a pretty way to show you love someone. It’s really pretty in gold too. :)

  59. Jes G says


    We have an Emerald , 2 Rubies, and Pink Tourmoline in our home!

    Thanks for another GREAT giveaway.

  60. Jesslyn A. says

    Hmmm …LUNA & STELLA – what a perfect name! And I do love the Moon & Stars Birthstone Necklaces in both or either silver and/or gold.

    I must admit that I also really love the silver Stacking Eternity Rings!

    I don’t mind sharing my loved one’s birthstones: Amethyst/February, Aquamarine/March,. Moonstone/June, Peridot/August, Pink Tourmaline/October (And actually we also kind of have a Citrine/November!!!)

  61. Marty says

    Oh, what a great giveaway! I’d need three birthstones for my little monkeys…a Garnet, Peridot, and Pink Tourmaline to represent their January, August, and October birth months! :)

  62. Sarah Morgan says

    I would love to win this!! Our birthstones are ruby, diamond, and blue topaz. So they are red, white, and blue!! How cool is that???

  63. says

    I love these birthstone necklaces for mother’s day gifts and would really want one in Emerald for my sister! I am sure she will love it as much as I am when she gets it on this mother’s day!

  64. Kerry says

    I adore your stackable birthstone rings…I just had my second child and would love to get a ring for each of my kids! All of my friends are having babies now, what a great shower idea!!! My kids are blue topez and emerald;)


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