She is telling her story and we need to listen…

She is a mom with two young children – an almost-three year old and a nursling. She blogs and revels in their life together.

But now she is speaking as loudly as she can to try and help one of us.

Six weeks ago, WhyMommy from Toddler Planet was told she has Inflammatory Breast Cancer. And instead of curling up and weeping silently to herself, she is getting the word out so that other women will be able to recognize the signs and symptoms – which often mimic mastitis – and get to their doctors as soon as possible.

With this aggressive and deadly form of cancer, early treatment is critical. But Inflammatory Breast Cancer doesn’t show up on a mammography. It doesn’t appear with a lump. So how do we protect ourselves? How do we know we have it?

Please click here to read more about her story and what she wishes she knew two months ago about Inflammatory Breast Cancer.


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    Thank you for posting and linking this. It will be going up at Slurping Life. I’m familiar with IBC, but the majority of women are not. I was shocked to read that so many doctors are unfamiliar.

    Bless this strong, beautiful mother.

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    Thanks for sharing your story WhyMommy. I am sure that it will make women more aware of IBC and what to do if they experience the related symptoms. You could very well save someone’s life by sharing this.

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    I had no idea. How very courageous she is and what a service she’s doing all of us by putting this out here. Truly, I never heard of this kind of breast cancer. Very scary.


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