We’re having GIRLS!!!

Okay – I have to confess – I have been keeping it a secret. But only because we weren’t totally sure yet and I wanted to be really sure before I made the big announcement.

My regular 2D ultrasound eight weeks ago showed that I was having a girl. When I told Jackson he was devastated! He burst into tears, screaming and bawling for half an hour with his overwhelming disappointment. (He has been begging God for a brother since he was two!)

Susan’s ultrasound, two weeks later, was more inconclusive and the report said it only might be a girl…

Jackson has being going through many of the stages of grief and is firmly stuck in denial. He keeps insisting that they will be boys when they come out.

So – off to the 3D ultrasounds we went to get some rock hard evidence that these growing bellies are holding girls and to help prepare Jackson for when they arrive. (We learned our lesson with Julia. Jackson was in tears after Julia was born because she wasn’t a boy. He had been praying for a baby brother – he was three at the time and insisted that this was his sibling not cousin – and I think he thought God brought the wrong baby! For these babies, we want to help him accept it ahead of time, so that he can enjoy the arrivals of his new sister and new cousin.)

Today was the big day. I don’t think the ultrasound techs will soon forget us twins and our big entourage. (Susan’s scan was first and her husband Rob, as well as Julia, Jackson and I were all in to see the big show. Then it was my turn and Rob left and my husband Phil came in.)

The moment the screen lit up with the 4D pictures of Susan’s baby, Jackson declared, “This is the best movie ever!” Although, he soon grew restless and thankfully the room came equipped with toys for the kids once the novelty had worn off.

It was such a fun experience – but I had been really nervous about this day.

Susan and I are thrilled to have girls. We are so close and love being twins, so we are excited for these cousins to both be girls and get the chance to hopefully experience a bit of the “twin” life we have had.

But, I know that Jackson is crushed. At the very least, he was really hoping that Susan would have a boy. To get two girls out of this deal must seem too cruel to him. (Although he adores his cousin Julia – he really wants the brother experience.) So as his mother, I want to give him the brother he so desperately wants.

And after the first meltdown when I told him we were having a girl, I was picturing quite a scene in the ultrasound office when he found out that the babies really were girls.

But he did ok! He was a bit disappointed and said they still might come out boys, but he was thrilled with seeing his new babies.

Now the only problem is that he is begging me to have another baby after this one so he can have another chance at getting a brother.

Here is a picture of Susan’s baby. (My baby was covering her face with her arms and so we couldn’t see her face. But the ultrasound office will let us come back and try again. So hopefully in a couple weeks I will have a picture of my little girl’s face to show you.)


I think she looks just like Susan (and a lot like Julia too.)

ps. This is Susan here now… I just had to add something funny that Jackson said during the ultrasounds… I said to him, “Do you think the baby gets bored in there? She hasn’t got any toys.”
And he replied very seriously, “No, they play with the blood supply.”


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    Congrats! How cool is that! You are twins and both having baby girls. I wish I had my 2D when I was pregnant 4 years ago but my little one was too camera shy.

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    Concratulations! How wonderful that you can share your pregnancy with your sister! What a great time in your life!

    Praying for little Jackson!

    God Bless,


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    How special! Bubbie walks around saying that he is having a baby girl….I hope its a girl, for his sake! I’m afraid he’ll have a hard time accepting a brother….Hee Hee! I’ll take whatever!!

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    Congrats to both of you on having girls!
    What a cool picture. Its so amazing that you can see the baby that way, I would have loved t have a ultrasound like that. Im so excited for both of you!

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    Congratulations! I’m sure those two precious girls will just love growing up together and Jackson will be a wonderful protective big brother/cousin to all three girls.

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    Oh my gosh…I’m in tears here! How beautiful! Congratulations to one and all! I know Jackson will adore all the little ladies in his life, but my heart does break a little for him. My daughter’s now 10, and still gets bummed out that she never got the sister she wanted, just a couple of little brothers who treat her as if she were queen!

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    Congrats on the girls! I think it’s so cool you could get the 3D ultrasounds too! Pretty amazing technology! What a gift to see your little ones so beautifully formed in the womb. (I have to chuckle b/c when Janice got permissions to my blog she asked if I was one of the many pregnant women. I think there’s something out there in blogosphere. I was suspecting we might be pregnant at the time but it wasn’t confirmed. I’m now 3 months along. It’s been a while since I touched base.)

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    Aren’t those 3d pictures amazing! What a beautiful baby girl! And even tho’ Jackson wants a bro, how cute will he be leading 3 little girls around?! A great big “brother” to all of them!

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    Poor Jackson, not getting a brother. I didn’t know a child could want something so desperately. He knows another pregnancy could bring another girl but he still wants to “risk” it. TOO CUTE.

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    What an awesome picture! Aren’t those 3D pics amazing? When I was pregnant with J5, I couldn’t take my eyes of the picture we had of his face. It just made it all the more real – not that the foot in my ribs wasn’t evidence enough… Congrats you two!

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    Congratulations. I love those new ultrasounds. They are so neat. Jackson will come around, he will be all those girls Knight in Shining Armor. Just wait and see

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    Miraculous picture! I never did 3D ultrasounds but I remember feeling like an ultrasound junkie after we went for our regular doc’s visit. I wish we could always have windows into our bellies when pregnant!

    As for Jackson, I’ll be praying for him in his distress. I’m confident he will be the best big brother that this little sister could have. I always wanted a big brother. :)

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    Congratulations!! (I think having my sisiter in Law preggers at the same time as me ~2nd pregnancy~ was the best ever!) Let Jackson know that younger sisters are better than younger brothers….explain he’ll always have someone to “take care of” as opposed to someone to copy him and try to take all his stuff!!

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    congratulations! Those two girls will have an amazing time as cousins. Jackson will be thrilled when little baby sister comes out. He’ll jump into the protective big brother role just fine when the time comes.

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    How neat! They didn’t have the 2D when I was having babies. How much fun it will be to buy pink girly stuff together! Hopefully Jackson will come around in time.

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    Ah, your families are having my girls. We’re being blessed with another (already super active!) boy! Nicholas isn’t quite old enough to be excited as he doesn’t yet get the word “brother” but he can say his brother’s name, “Parker” over and over as he kisses my tummy. I’m so happy that these two will get to have that brother bond. I pray that your two girl cousins will get to have that amazing twin bond that you spoke of, even in different homes. :)

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    What an amazing photo! Brings back a flood of memories. Jackson will have a big role as the protector of all these little girls. That’s a big job!

    Praying for quick, healthy deliveries.

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    Hi. I’m new here.

    Congratulations on your baby girls! I’m expecting a baby boy very very soon but everyone in the family, from grandparents to BIL still hope baby will be a girl (we don’t have any girls yet!).

    There’s only a month left so I guess I have to start making them accept that after 2 ultrasounds showing it’s a boy, the chances for it to be a girl is almost nil!

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    Aren’t those 4D ultrasounds fun? I first had one with my last child who was also our first boy. It was wonderful to know that after six girls we were finally having a boy. So let Jackson know, it could be worse!

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    congratulations!!!!!!! how exciting! my daughter and niece are 6 1/2 weeks apart, and even though we live an hour and a half from my sis, it is so sweet to watch them grow up and for them to have a cousin so close in age.

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    Yay! and congrats. Girls are fun and very pricey. You’ve seen all those pretty clothes in the stores! :-) Hopefully your girl won’t scare you with her daring antics like mine does. She is absolutely fearless!

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    Such great news!! I am sure the excitement is brewing around your homes!!! I so want to be pregnant right now. I miss the baby bump!! Anyway, I am sure Jackson will step up to the role of protector and I pray someone will have a boy for him!! :) Many blessings to you both – you are clearly blessed already.

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    Congrats on the girls to both of you! LOL I laughed at the situation about Jackson, I know how he feels, I was so hoping for a little girl at first, but I’m expecting a boy (who coincidentally will be named Jackson! :-)

    I especially laughed about the thing he said about the baby playing with the blood supply.

    Just darling! Congrats again!

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    When I was pregnant with my 3rd child, my oldest, a girl was wanting a sister VERY MUCH!, she already had a brother in my 2nd child. When she found out that I was having another boy, in her words she was “Absolutely MAD!” That lasted for about 6 months until she found out my sister was having a girl — What she didn’t get in a sibling she got in a cousin.

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    WOW what a great experience – and WOW what a WONDERFUL picture – here in the us you gotta pay BIG to get a 3 D ultrasound!

    CONGRATULATIONS ladies – what a Blessing from God!

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    OMG… Jackson is too cute. The blood supply. That has to go in the baby book for memories.

    Congrats to you both Janice and Susan on your new baby girls. I can’t wait to see pictures of them both and how exciting you both are pregnant at the same time and can experience this together. That is priceless.

    Please keep us updated. *hugs* to you both!

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    LOL.. I just had to comment. There sure must be a lot of “Jennifer’s” out there. I submitted my comment and seen Jenny, Jenn and Jen. Hehe… to funny!

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    I love the 4D thing – we don’t have those up here. Can you imagine how far down the abortion rate would go if all women had those done before their decision?? Incredible!!

    Congratulations to the both of you!

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    how exciting
    LOL Jackson is funny with his last comment
    Im praying he gets over having a little sister
    Id emphasis how special it is to be a big brother I always wanted a big brother

  30. Liz C says

    Congratulations to the both of you!! And Jackson’s comment sounds so smart and cute. He deserves a baby brother, eventually. LOL! :)

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    Oh this is such fun news! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! How blessed you are as sisters and how blessed these baby girls will be. Poor Jackson, but he’ll get through it. He’ll suddenly become the best big brother and cousin when the girls arrive. He’ll be so protective over them. His comments were just too cute. What a great family you both have. I’m so very excited and happy for you.

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    LOL (“play with the blood supply” — too cute)

    Congratulations to you both! These girls will be best friends! :)
    And she’s a beauty!

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    My daughter, the oldest, desperately wanted a baby sister. I tried, I tried again, and I tried a third time. She has three little brothers….

    She begged me to try again.

    Instead, I bought her a doll. 😉

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    How much fun is that? My daughter is the only granddaughter on both sides of our family. She was the first female in my husband’s family in 60 years. It’s funny how many men seem to either make all girls or all boys.

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    wow!!! both of you having girls!!!!! congratulations!! we find out next week what we’re having. but all of my friends and family have boys, including me, so i’m thinking the chances of a girl are slim for me! we’ll see!! congrats to both of you!! i just love finding out, it gives me a chance to bond, not to mention, plan out that cute nursery. yayyy!

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    Whoa, that 3D ultra sound is waaaay cool. And playing with the blood supply just cracked me up. You might remind Jackson that he is going to be a prince among women. They will all think he’s the cat’s meow.

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    What a blessing for you and Susan to share pregnancies and daughters to grow up together. Your families will continue to be close, and even Jackson will be fine. He’ll discover (a little later) that being the boy amidst females isn’t so bad. 😉 The related females will ultimately spoil him.

    With our family it is reversed…one lone niece, she-cousin, sister, granddaughter amongst the boys.

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    I’m tickled pink for both of you. I have baby girl on the brain right now too. We just found out we’re getting our second grandbaby next March and you can bet I’m hoping for a girl. I wouldn’t be disappointed if it’s a boy – I’d love another little boy around here – but my goodness, we’ll all be over the moon if it’s a girl. Congratulations to you both!

  39. Cathy says

    Congrats to you both!! This is wonderful news!!

    I am jealous I have three boys!! maybe I’ll be lucky next time and have a girl. Don’t get me wrong I adore my boys.

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